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Long & Tall Puzzles Animal Friends Growth Chart

3 Review(s)
$16.99 Price

Kids will love completing this four-foot-tall puzzle to see how they “measure up”! The Animal Friends Growth Chart Puzzle is a 50+ piece puzzle that features cute and cuddly animals and it has rulers on the edges so kids can track their growth. Your little ones will stay engaged for hours while sharpening their hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Puzzle measures 48” x 17”. Ages 3-6.

Puzzle Doubles! Find It! World

6 Review(s)
$16.99 Price

It's a great big world out there and the Find It! World puzzle will introduce your Preschoolers to our continents, oceans, and more. Kids will learn all about geography as they piece together this giant 50 piece puzzle. Once assembled, the border contains an additional game of finding its images within the puzzle. The puzzle measures 36” long x 24” high. Ages 3-6 years.

Play It! Hop To It

4 Review(s)
$16.99 Price

Hip! Hop! Don’t Stop! Until you reach the other side of the pond! Kids will enjoy learning the basics of coding and sequences as they navigate their frog through the color-coded lily pads to get from one dock to another. Hop To It! is an introduction to spatial awareness and directions – as you move your frog up, down, left, right, and diagonally. And if you land on a dragon fly you get a bonus turn. Be the first to hop across the pond to the dock on the other side to win. 2-4 players. Ages 3-6.