Kids Bank - Play Money Set

Kids Bank Play Money Set

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This "stash of cash" contains more than $5000 in realistic play money. Kids can sharpen their counting and mathematics skills as they play. The money conveniently stores in the reusable plastic storage tray. Ages 5+ years. 

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Product Information

AGES (6+) School years
Samantha Rose 06/23/2022

Such cute play money

My daughter loves playing in her play grocery store and we needed some pretend play money to go along with it ! She absolutely loves it , I also took it upon myself to teach her all about the currency and the cost of everything. So she’s also learning how to spend and what amount of change she needs back. I would highly recommend this to any parent!

Keepme_busy 07/21/2021

Great Quality Play Money

We love pretend play at our house and my little one is obsessed playing with money. This is a quality set of play money notes and coins. She loves this set and already have used it to play shop and bank. This can be used to learn about money values and we can't wait to use it in all our future activities. This set even have the $50 bill that is somewhat rare in day to day use and in most pay money sets. We love it.

Ana Hernandez 04/23/2021

Great for learning money

This is a great tool for my 7 year old to learn all her coins and bills. She had fun learning through play.

Maria 12/04/2020

Virtual learning

Plenty of money to go around! My son has been using for his virtual learning 2nd grade class.

J. Johnson 11/23/2020

$ lessons

Learning about $$

Lizel Gonzalez 11/20/2020

Awesome for learning and fun.

My kids love this game, <br /> it has helped them in learning how to count bills and coins. The money looks very realistic and made of good quality, its a very entertaining game that many kids can play at the same time.

Gabs 10/31/2020

I like it.

It’s a nice way to get my 7 year old to learn about money.

Annie ballard 10/27/2020


Great for school

Aimee W 10/09/2020


Great to for teaching money. Paper is thick like real money. Pictures are similar. Sizes of bills and coins are life like.

Colby Morgan 09/24/2020


We play cops and robbers with these, I’m usually getting my bank robbed.

Jenna 09/18/2020

Really helpful for teaching kids to count money

Good buy, my daughter enjoys using it to solve her money counting homework problems. We also bought a cash drawer to set it in.

Alicia 09/09/2020


Got this to teach my son how to count money and he loves it! He will play with it and learn that way

Sheena 08/24/2020

Great learning toy

I purchased this to work with my child on counting money and making change. This item is very life like and makes learning great fun. I highly recommend.

Jasmine Lasters 08/24/2020


The play money is very close to the actual thing. It fun and educational. My kids love it!

Ciera Harris 08/20/2020


My kids love it

Melissa 07/28/2020

Definitely recommend

Love it. Paper almost feels as thick as cardstock paper. I love that it reassembles real money in that the money has the amount in the same corners of real money.

Linette 07/27/2020


Llego a tiempo gracias ❤

Princess Solorio 07/27/2020


exactly what I was looking for like real money and super thick coins. My daughter loved it and good to teach her money with these i would buy again fast shipping.

Rapidsrider 07/22/2020

Excellent teaching tool

Bought this play money set to teach my granddaughter about money. Coins are realistic and lend themselves to counting and making change.

Mayra 07/14/2020

Excelente artículo

Igual a la descripción. Muy útil para enseñar a los nenes el valor del dinero.

Brittney 07/02/2020

Pleased! Great purchase for pretend money

This is GREAT play money that gives a more realistic appearance. The kids loved playing with it.Best thing is that it’s loaded with enough that if a few get lost or rip.. or anything that can happen with kids, it’s okay because it had plenty.

Crystal 06/19/2020

Great money

great quality, very nice set. I wish it had a sturdier holder/case. But the money is excellent.

MH 06/16/2020

Good quality

My 7-year-old loves playing in her dollhouse and playing as a cashier.

Sarah F 06/15/2020

Great value

Plenty of bills and coins in this package for multiple games of play. The cover for the package helps keep everything in place. The coins are plastic but have a light weight to help it feel closer to the real thing.

cassie 06/14/2020

Great for teaching the value of money

Exactly as described but kinda flimsy but overall very good for teaching children the value of money

Katie Leavitt 06/07/2020

Very sturdy!

We have had this set for about a week. The kids love it. I bought this since the kids kept getting into their piggy banks. Also, real money is super germy. I really like that the bills are made of sturdy paper & we haven’t had any rips. That’s pretty good considering 3 young kids are playing with the set. I also bought this set because we didn’t need to buy something else to store the money.

Melody 06/05/2020

kids loved it!

They were able to use this instead of losing real money. It is a win/win for us both. It is good quality. WOuld recommend to other buyers.

tambria 05/28/2020

Does wonders teaching a 12 yr. old

Have been trying to teach Maddy about money with basic adding/subtracting, never sunk in. With this play money she is beginning to understand the cost of food, gas and wants. She’s learning to budget you name it she’s learning it including investing and taxes.. Maddy says this “play money” should be called “this crap ain’t free” and I agree.

MomofaToddler 05/27/2020

Money Bank

I love this set, just wish it was a more secure way to keep the money in place/order. My son is 5 and doing so well with it thus far. We make different games out of it.

Kindle Customer 05/18/2020

Great value!

I use these for my patients in occupational therapy. Excellent! Good for kids, adults with intellectual or development disabilities, or people new to American money.

C. Morlan 05/12/2020

Great product

Love this set. Bought this so I could practice money with my son and it’s perfect for what we needed. I highly recommended this set.

Matt Nipper 05/01/2020

Excellent for learning

Perfect for learning about money. Love that the amount is on the back of the coins to help them get the concept easier.

Priscilla 04/26/2020

Satisfied with purchase

Ordered this for my granddaughter.

Maira lopez 04/14/2020

I would definitely recommend

I use this money toy to do my candy store at my house what I mean with candy store my kids have to do chores to earn moneyIs really cool because they get to learn about money and be responsible

NurseLeak 04/01/2020


Great for counting, paper very thin and tears easy

Bryan 02/27/2020

You get a lot of bills! Totally worth it

You get a lot of play money! Many of the other play money you can buy doesn’t give you very many bills. This one gives you a lot! My kids love it. Very fun.

exotic 02/04/2020

Love it

Great product pefect for learning

Gary Robertson 01/21/2020


Good teaching tool!

Jesse 12/26/2019

Good value

Best play money same size and doesnt say copy on it which is hard to find. Doesnt feel cheap..

B. Singh 12/15/2019

Every body loves money.

Every body loves money. I use it as payment for my kids to do chores. It works.

Jay Rose 12/15/2019

Great Educational Tool and Actually Decent Play Money and Coinag

Exactly what my granddaughter wanted to play "Store" with. Prior to this she had snuck out her actual piggy bank with real money for the neighborhood kids to play with. It had actual real cash in it n quite a bit for a 5yo. So, I was the bad Grandma who said she could not do this. To make it up to her I bought this and she was in 7th Heaven. She had us all Shopping away and it is actually pretty decent for play money and a great educational tool. Has a nice Cashier storage tray to keep it organized for as long as you can expect a 5yo to keep it nice and organized. Lol.

Jeffrey Priest 11/13/2019

Very good value

Very nice, I would buy again. AAA

Nichole 09/30/2019

Was worth it!

I got thus to help my 7 year old learn money and I love the look of all of it. Definitely fun and alot of coins and paper money. Was well worth it!

Everett K. 07/08/2019

Would recommend

My son loves to play and count his money!

Dairith Gonzalez 07/05/2019

Great purchase

Great item my kids about the blue of money.

Shannon G. 04/02/2019


Perfect for teaching kids responsibility. We're using it to pay our kids for chores.

Bianca 02/27/2019

Get a gets your children ready to know about money

A very good way to show your children how to count money

Mary Hernandez 02/12/2019

Excelente material.

Compré este producto para utilizarlo en las clases de inglés. Es muy útil. Las niñas lo usan para jugar a la tiendita.

Kindle Customer 12/26/2018

Great Product

My son learned a lot with this product. Helps children understand money. Love it!

keshia 11/30/2018

Love it

Fast delivery, highly satisfied and recommended money bank! It really helped my daughter learn money instead of seeing it on paper and a lot of real money to learn from.

Princess 10/13/2018

Great to teach your children how to count money


D’Andre 10/05/2018

Great for teaching kids money management.

I love this product!!! I am teaching my children money management skills and it’s working and the money is just about the same size as real money. My child couldn’t tell the difference until I put them side by side! I’m one of those people who doesn’t carry cash and I give my children an allowance. So I pay them with the fake money while their real money is in an account so when they want to buy something they’ll pay me and then I swipe my card. It’s a great system to teach responsibility without them losing real money!

_Partyofsix 09/07/2018

Sturdy paper

Just as described. The paper isn't flimsy and feels as though it will hold up being used by all 4 of my kids during homework time.The item comes in a sorted plastic container but what I did was place them in individual ziplock bags to save space.

Gary 0765 09/06/2018

Great gift idea for kids

Great gift for my kids as they are learning about money. Somewhat life like so the kids can play and learn. Overall I’m happy with it.

Ree Vewur 07/30/2018

Great learning tool

Great learning tool. Has an extensive number of coins and dollars, so we are able to use to it practice money skills, the value of saving, and how to spend money/make change.

Julie D 07/07/2018

Three Stars

The pennies look great, as does the paper currency.

young n old 07/04/2018

Five Stars


Elise 06/26/2018

Great for teaching money!

The kids love playing with this set. An awesome learning tool!

Danielle S. 06/21/2018

These were great for our kids!

These were perfect for our kids chore money and they’re large enough to be close to the real thing, paper quality is excellent.

vmgreene 05/13/2018

Five Stars

Exactly as described.

Marvin 05/01/2018

Five Stars

Happy Customer. Excellent tools to teach my son about money.

Patricia 04/11/2018

Five Stars


Jay 04/06/2018


Great set

Kindle Customer 03/24/2018

Such an awesome teaching aid!

This was bought as a tool to teach money math to an autistic kiddo. He and his home teacher LOVE it!!! Worth every penny!!

Ilove2giggle95 03/07/2018

Great product, I use this to help teach my ...

Great product, I use this to help teach my children about money and how to count money. Quality is good, and I would purchase this again.

Homeschool Mama 03/03/2018

Great Set

Great set for teaching your kids about money the quality is great not that thin paper junk so it will hold up for plenty of uses

Larry M. 02/06/2018

There's lots of bills and coins which is nice.

I bought this to replace the money from a toy register I already had, my only concern was if it would fit and it did. There's lots of bills and coins which is nice.

V.M. 01/24/2018

Five Stars

Product as described! Came in a timely fashion.

Andrew Frantz 01/04/2018

Five Stars

Perfect for teaching my kids about money.

Nick D 12/09/2017

Money Money! - great deal

Great for teaching my 3yr old daughter the value of money. We pretend play with her ice cream cart and grocery cart. She loves it and we enjoy spending time with her. I ordered few dollar coins along with this as they were lil bigger than quarters.

R. Luevano 11/29/2017

as expected

I got this to help my two girls with their math homework. as soon as they opened the package they were eager to use and do their math homework. There is a ton of play money which for any parent is a bonus given that kids lose or tear things. Would recommend to anyone for math or simply even teaching kids about money.

virginia williams 11/13/2017

Five Stars

For granddaughter present so she hasn't played with them yet.

Johnnie King 10/30/2017

Five Stars

Great teaching tool.

Happy In Texas 09/15/2017

Awesome learning too for little ones!

Very fun way for my 1st grader to earn money for good deeds without mommy going broke! Also a neat way for them to practice counting money and recognizing the front and back side of money.

Stella 08/31/2017

Great purchase!

This was super helpful in teaching my boyfriends son how to count money. Definitely a great investment!

Jo W. 08/24/2017



Elli 05/31/2017

These fake bills and coins are really great, but the box isn't

These fake bills and coins are really great, but the box isn't. There isn't really a good way to store them once it's open.

MacGyver 03/20/2017

We are using this to teach youth how to count ...

We are using this to teach youth how to count change and count back to customers.Realistic bills and coins are a plus.There are plenty of bills and coins to go around.

Kandelina 03/06/2017

Quality product

Quality paper used for the bills, nice and sturdy for multiple play uses. I use this to further educate my 9 year old on how to count money.

K. 03/02/2017

Great teaching toy

Awesome. Really did the trick in teaching my daughter to count money

YD 01/27/2017

Five Stars

It's good.

CMR 12/27/2016

Five Stars

Grandson was very happy with his gift.

Ashley 11/25/2016

Love this!

So excited to give this as a gift. The 4 year old will be thrilled to have money for the cash register

Carlos Vega 10/25/2016


El producto llego en muy buenas condiciones y en el tiempo estimado. La calidad del producto es muy buena. se entretienen jugando con los billetes.

Cari Baumbach 09/25/2016

Perfect set for little hands to handle over and over.

We purchased this set to use with our two daughters ages 8 and 5. It's part of our behavior and reward system. The girls earn money for doing chores and we reward them with this money. They love it because they get to earn money and we love it because if they lose it it’s not real money.It's great quality... the paper is nice and thick and doesn't see like it will tear after being handled a few times. The coins are made of a nice thick plastic as well. The pictures on the bills and coins match the same people on real money but no one will mistake these for real. There are plenty of each bill and coin, certainly enough for my daughters to earn for allowance and or even to play store. My daughters are learning about money and this is the perfect set.I love the tray that it came in because it holds everything nicely. I wish the lid stayed on better or acted more like a cover to a pull out drawer. There are two little plastic pieces that cover the pennies and the quarters that have to be inserted perfectly or the lid won't close right. It's a little annoying but nothing that would not make me purchase it again. I would give it 5 stars if the tray was improved to not need those two extra little plastic pieces. Skip the dollar store junk and buy this you won't be sorry.

Jenna Vander Weide 09/02/2016

Five Stars

Just as described

busymom2 08/08/2016

Five Stars

great homeschool tool

Marcia 08/04/2016

Five Stars

Get for learning and counting money

OUTHOUSE Screen Printing And Embroidery 05/12/2016

Five Stars

hours of fun

Michelle Scott 05/07/2016

Love It

I bought these to incorporate money into our economics session for homeschool. My kids love it!!

DSmack 04/22/2016

They are good quality and did exactly what we needed it to ...

I bought this set for my 4 year old (He loves money) and my 8 year old who was having a hard time telling the different coins apart, and adding money in school. After practicing with my 8 year old for a couple days with this set she now has no problems counting money or recognizing the coins. Now that the boring part of learning how to recognize and count money is over, the money is being used to play their shopping game. They are good quality and did exactly what we needed it to do.

Jamie Ice 04/01/2016

I really like it to help my son learn how to count ...

I really like it to help my son learn how to count money. It'd be nice if the packaging were a little bit sturdier, but overall it's good.

Matthew Schmitz 01/24/2016

Looking for play money? Well, look no further.

Quality product. Very realistic for play. Plenty of bills and amounts for play. Package can double as a cash drawer as well. My kid loves it.

GWK 12/26/2015

Great concept. Wish the box was more substantial

Just what I was looking for. The production quality is very good. The coins are amazingly realistic and the money is quite nice. Too bad that it's in such a flimsy box, otherwise it's a five-star product. Great for teaching kids basic math and also the concept of American money and how to make change.

Melissa 12/25/2015

Five Stars

Love this gift my daughter got. Helping her tons with counting money

barb28 12/22/2015

Great buy... my son loves it!

My son loves to play and organize his money! Very realistic!

Mr. Larsen 11/18/2015

... been talking for awhile of coming up with a good system for

We have been talking for awhile of coming up with a good system for our kids to track money they earn for doing extra chores or jobs around the house. We used to just write and tally their earnings on a dry erase board, but we would forget to update it as they spend money or we gave them cash to buy something. I came across this when searching for play money, and the initial thing that hooked me was how many bills it came with. The money is really durable and made from quality paper. This set was exactly what we wanted. We have 3 kids at home so I was worried about the quantity of money that a few of the others sets I had looked at came with, but this set has plenty of bills for our needs. I'm glad I settled on buying this one. Now when the kids earn money we pay them with this money and then they turn it back into us when they spend their earnings online, shopping with Mom or Dad, or when they want to trade it for a cash purchase.

Debbie Holt 11/05/2015

... our special education math resource class and the kids love

I ordered two sets for our special education math resource class and the kids love using it. Great product and I highly recommend getting this set if you have kids that need to learn how to use and count money.

Jeannie 10/28/2015

Five Stars

Good learning tool for my kids!

Kell 10/02/2015

Her math has gotten better.

My daughter loves this, every time she want a snack at home, I have her count out money to buy it. (Ex. If chips are 45.00 cent, she gives me a dollar and she has to figure out how much change she get back)

Lulu 10/01/2015

Fake money.

Really good material, my daughter loves it. We use it a lot for homework.

Dorothy Fenwick 08/23/2015

Five Stars

Good vendor great products as stated and quick delivery

EPena 07/29/2015

Money hungry kids

I think my kids were hoping this money was closer to actual size so they could commit fraud but fortunately that didn't work out for them. It looks realistic albeit slightly smaller than actual money. They haven't used it much so I can't say I love it but that's pretty typical of my kids.

windy smith 05/20/2015

Five Stars promised

J. Beck 04/14/2015

Great product!!

Life sized coins and bills. Coins are very realistic! Plenty of each and bills are a great weight.

Sabrena Cummings 04/07/2015

Purchased this as an award tool for doing great work at school a

Purchased this as an award tool for doing great work at school and chores.My kids trade the "bucks" for real money movies and Internet time!!!

EvD 03/27/2015


This is the size of real money!!! Terrific set, highly recommend it!!!

Randy 03/04/2015

kids love

just what was expected. kids love it

Jen83 02/12/2015

Five Stars

My nieces love this gift! They have had a ball playing store with their real sized money!

joelduh0517 02/10/2015

Its money!

So far so good. Hoping it helps our 8 yr odl witgh his schoolwork.

Donna Kelley 02/07/2015

Four Stars

Nice, realistic looking money.

SHOPAHOLIC 02/02/2015

Five Stars


Lydia R 01/17/2015

Good learning instrument

Product is as described. One suggestion: builds should be printed on white passport so a child can color their currency's color on them so it becomes more relatable. The cover could be a better lid for the base to provide adequate storage.

TH 01/05/2015

Great Product, my 5 Yrs old kid loved it.

This is an excellent tool to help kids understanding currency. This bank play money set helped my 5 years old kid understand how to count coins in a fun way not to mention she is doing better in school now.

Noah Schrock 10/05/2014

Five Stars

This works great for teaching my kids!

Rose 09/26/2014

Four Stars

This will be perfect for setting up a functional life skills kit for my work in skilled nursing facilities.

James Wilkerson 08/29/2014

Nice play money!

My son received this as a birthday present as one of 5 gifts and has played with it the most out of anything else he received. He loves the case it comes with and how the money is separated. I love the quality of the money and the size. I do wish there were at least 100 pennies, as some other reviewers have stated. It would make it easier when trying to "teach" how each of the coins add up to a dollar.

MNee 07/14/2014

Exactly what we needed for our chore chart!

So... I use this as my daughters' (ages 7, 8, and 9) "allowance." We don't actually give them an allowance for completing chores... we have a chart called "Contributions to My Family." There's a list of 12 different chores they can choose to do to help around the house, and each chore has an incentive attached anywhere from .25 to $1.00, depending on what it is. The girls tally up what they have earned each night using this money, and they place it in their own special box. Then, depending on what they want to spend it on, they get to "shop" using this money and a catalog we've created -- they can "buy" a trip to the ice cream store for $10, or they can "purchase" a play date with a friend for $20... Anyway, instead of using REAL money, we just use this. It's realistic enough that they can differentiate between the bills and coins, and it's held up really well too. Plus, it's proven helpful when they are studying money in school. Nothing is quite like the real thing, but this product is a nice substitute. We have been able to improve the enthusiasm with which our girls help around the house, we've improved their ability to count money, and we've been able to teach the value of saving, spending, and hard work. Not bad for a box of fake moola! :)

Kindle Customer 05/24/2014

Great for teaching about currency

I homeschool my children and wanted something realistic to teach about currency, making change, etc. This is the perfect set! The kids really like doing school assignments with it as well as playing, sorting and counting. It includes enough "bills" and "coins" for everyone to play at the same time and looks realistic enough. Everything is close to the size and look of real money.

Adam S 05/21/2014

Fun for kids

Kids (5-7) love it for their little games and learning about different coins and dollars. Only complaint is wish the case it came was more sturdy or had some way of latching closed so you don't have the accidental spills and dumping everything out.

Hospital Rat 05/04/2014

High quality play set

My niece showed an interest in learning about money so I got this for her for Christmas. This is a high quality set with nice large pieces. The tray is adequate, but flimsy and won't hold up for very long. This would be best used in an existing cash register toy.

Jen Herweyer Parker 04/07/2014

Good value

Very realistic, looks almost like real money. Fits in the boys wallets well as we use it in conjunction with a rewards system like cash and we didn't want them to lose actual money. Comes with many forms of each dollar.

Vincent Price - NOT 01/15/2014

OK, but a bit overpriced

My five year old son liked this money set when he received it. It's close enough to real money for him.That said, I probably shouldn't have paid $10 for something that's not THAT much better than what I could have purchased from a neighborhood dollar store. Sure, there might be more bills here, and the printing might be of higher quality, but not ten times the quality or ten times the amount of "stuff."As one of the other reviewers pointed out, this set didn't come with something better to hold the money set.

Icesis 01/09/2014

My son loves this money true to size

Out of all of his christmas gifts he play with this money the most. It makes learning the value of money a breeze.

2girlsmom 01/07/2014

Decent quality, great quantity, poor box

The quality is good, funny how some of them are 2 sided print but not all of the paper money. The coins are all great. A great amount and great for discussions on the value of money/math. I will say that the box they come in could be better to keep them in, it is NOT a long term solution .. and our strawberry shortcake cash register does not fit them.

mrsjaker 12/29/2013

perfect to help with counting money

This play money is great for teaching small kids how to count money. It looks almost real. Thanks so much!!

April O'Leary 12/28/2013

Great item

I ordered these to use in my special education classroom. I was looking for a money set that was as close to looking like real money as possible. I wasn't sure if this item would fit the bill but, it's the best set we've seen. In fact, other teachers are ordering the same set. The coins are easily sorted and look realistic, the bills also looks realistic.Very nice set as a reasonable price, shipping was quick.

S. Runyon 12/24/2013

What A Great Item!

This was a gift for my grandson and he loves it. I likes to count the money and take it back. (he is 3) and put it in the containers as I bought him a scanner/register as well. Children can learn alot from this toy. I used something similar in my classroom but that was the 3rd grade. Amazing product. You cannot go wrong if you purchase this.

crisso 11/11/2013

great way to teach kids about money

This is perfect to teach my homeschooled about money. There is a lot of it to be able to tea h various things. Some for saving, some for counting back change, etc... I chose this play money because it is similar to real money BUT not to similar that someone would see it and try to steal my daughter little purse to steal the money. Or when she leaves it in the car it won't be confused with real money.

B Low 11/07/2013


Cheap looking/feeling materials but the items work well for teaching currency to our 4 year old. Worth the price to me.

STaylor 10/22/2013


Good for the first timer learning to have play money to play with. Purchased for a 4 year old and they liked it.The coins could have been better imprinted than they were.

Miss Monk 09/19/2013

Great for teaching.

I think the money is fairly comparable to the real thing and definitely useful for the intended purpose of teaching. Thanks!

Angela Smith 06/26/2013

Lots of fun!!

My daughter loves to play store. She got a real cash register for Christmas so I purchased this play money for her to use with the register. It is really cute!! And the size of the coins and bills make it seem real.

Samia Tillu 06/23/2013

very nice product

really nice product. my son loved the money. haven't used it so much yet but so far he likes to just play with it.

Mandie 06/11/2013

great product

my mom bought this for my son to learn money, the money looks very real. it is easy to relate it to real money.

M. Davidson 03/04/2013

Great product

I bought this for my son who loves to play store, bank, etc. I wanted something realistic and while these won't be confused with real money the size and look is great for close to real play.

Jenny 01/20/2013

Kids love it!

Great set of play money. Kids have lots of fun using money that looks like mine when playing store or restaraunt. The coins have been great too for helping my 1st grader with her math homework that requires using coins. Would recommend to anyone looking for a nice and affordable set of play money.

B Bingham 12/24/2012

Lots of fun money

This has a lot of coins and play paper money. The kids love to pretend they are buying things around the house.

Holly H Dragon 08/29/2012

great value and fun

I purchased this for my son's so he could have money for when they play pretend. This was perfect. My boys still play with this months after they got it. Now they can use it for help with their math.

Granny 05/25/2012

Serves its purpose

I bought this toy to help my grandchildren learn money value. Although I have not used it yet, I think it will work out perfectly. The children are anxious to start using it.

C. Stringer 02/04/2012

Very Educational

I purchased this product to teach my daughter to recognize money and to also teach my teenage son how to count back change. I have seen far too often that people do not know how to count back change if the cash register does not tell them how much to return. In one short night, my nine year old daughter knew how to count back change. It was well worth it, and we had a great time pretending we were buying and selling things to each other.

Mom of 2 kids & 2 dogs 01/15/2012


This came on time, was just as described, and was PERFECT!!! We use it to teach our daughter about money and she loves that the bills do no tlook like monopoly money. Coins are perfect as well.

C. monahan 01/05/2012

Toy money

Love this. My children love to play with this toy. Money is more realistic than other toy money sets. Happy with product.

Anastasia 11/28/2011

Pretty good.

The coins are not exactly like regular money. I know this sounds silly except that when I'm teaching money, I need coins that look like real money.The paper money was very realistic.

Savannah Brown 02/03/2011

Great learning tool!

After taking this product to school at the request of his teacher. My son has a greater respect for money and spending.

misstula 07/10/2010

Play Money Set: Kids Bank

I tutor young students and for a fun activity, with learning in mind, I bought this money set and was able to teach about money usage and coin values. Overall, kids enjoy it because it looks like money and they're learning while playing!

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