Play & Learn Pretend Play Shopping Cart

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Kids can enjoy the complete shopping experience with the Play & Learn Shopping Cart! Our kid-sized Shopping Cart is easy to push with its lightweight plastic construction and big wheels. Fun accessories include a variety of plastic and cardboard food items. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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Richa 10/18/2022

Fun pretend play!

It is perfect for pretend play. I love the things that come with it. Helps in learning different food items. (My daughter actually brings it to grocery stores sometimes).

Alinda W 10/14/2022

Love it! Easy to assemble..

We love this shopping cart so much. My 2yr old loves it and hasn't put it away since she received it. Everyday is shopping day. Easy to assemble and comes with a good amount of groceries. Great addition to our play area.

Nami Ayah 10/02/2022

Great for pretend play

My toddler loves this shopping cart so much. She had been asking to use it during grocery shopping and it’s so nice to see her happy about this.

Randhi Perera 06/28/2022

Amazing for pretend play

My daughter loves to go shopping with us and has been asking for a shopping cart toy. We absolutely love this shopping cart. It came with some eggs, veggies, cartons etc. Quixk and easy to setup. We paired it up with some play money and its endless fun for her.

Sarah B 05/16/2022

Top Toy for Speech Therapy

This one toy can be used to target just about any speech-language goals. Labeling, describing, following 1-2 step directions and verbs (push, eat, drink)

Amanda D 04/19/2022

Cute to go with play kitchen

My daughter loved pushing the little cart around and putting away the food in her play kitchen. She has a great time playing with this.

Niharika Singh 12/16/2021

My daughter absolutely loves it!

Good Times are never ending when we're Playing & Pretending ???? <br /> <br /> Gaurika is off to shopping today with her new @the_learning_journey Play & Learn Shopping Cart ????????️

Danielle Bernard 05/20/2021

My toddler loves it!

I got this for my 2 year old and he loves it! He has been learning names of all the food and pushing the cart. He absolutely loves it and my 5 and 7 year old's even love it too! So cute!!

Sanjana 03/30/2021

Fav shopping cart

The shopping cart is perfect for children to give ideas about shopping and the basic items .. comes with lot of shopping items .. the handle is strong enough .my toodler loves to play with it .. he even takes it to shop with his dad ☺️

Noelia 09/29/2020

Not the color that you see on the picture!

Not the color that I ordered, I thought I was getting pink and purple! I got the yellow one. Its pretty flimsy...I wpuldnt recommend

Pia and Daniel 05/29/2020

Kids will enjoy it

Good size shopping carts for kids and it comes with accessories.Great Buy

Hugo 01/23/2020

Juguete muy divertido.

Está genial, es un juguete muy divertido para lo pequeños, fácil de armar y listo para usarse.


Ljegó pronto y es lo QYE esoeraba.

A mi nieta le gustó mucho!!

Sherry 05/04/2019


Love it

Karen Ortowski 02/18/2019

She loved it

Great granddaughter

Michele Al-Fayez 12/30/2018

Perfect size for a toddler

Grandaughter loves carrying ALL of her babies in it more so than her stroller!

Angie a. 12/28/2018

I don’t regret purchasing this product but...

This is really cute and easy to put together but it looks so plastic and fake. I didn’t feel like the way it was suppose to be put together was secured enough but i don’t know. I bought this for my baby cousin and she loves it so that’s what matters. I don’t regret purchasing this product thought.

Dawn Starr Heaton 12/18/2018

Like the item disappointing that the handle wasn’t made better

I love it! However, since my beautiful almost two year old but since she is a bam, bam type though she looks all sweet. She broke the handle in a matter of days so she pushed it around like a crazy shopping cart lady these days at home cause of that. I tried to crazy glue it and nothing would fix the handle. That was a huge bummer cause spent a lot on a bunch of plastic so to speak but at the same time my kid is rough and tough. This didn’t happen to us with her other toys. Think just the handle wish it stayed attached too cause it always came off even before it was broken so easily

Dwayne 03/07/2018

My 2yr old daughter loves it! ????????????

My 2yr old daughter loves it! ????????????

Lynn Sharp 01/09/2018

Five Stars

So cute and a great gift!

Sally 08/11/2017

Four Stars

A little on the flimsy side

Kathi Shannon 06/29/2017

Four Stars


Patchworks 03/10/2017

Three Stars

Great product hard to put some of it together.

sandykay 07/21/2016

child's grocery cart

very cute, will be a gift

patricia m lennon 06/01/2016

Five Stars

2 yr old granddaughter loves it!

Very Satisfied 05/01/2016

Five Stars

Easy to put together, sturdy and good looking!

David 03/22/2016

Five Stars


Andrew Struening III 01/22/2016

Very Nice

Very Happy With This Item.

T. Goff 12/14/2015

Love the wide base

I have three little girls, and since the baby started walking I've been shopping for a third cart. This one is perfect for the baby since it has a very wide base, so it doesn't flip easily.

Stacy 11/24/2015

Fun play time!

Got this for my two year old daughter. She loves it and its the perfect size for her. Comes with several food items to "shop" for. Easy to put together.

Robin - Inspired by Savannah 10/29/2015

My girls can't stop playing with this toy -- very well made

I cherish the moments when my girls will play together and not fight. If you were to walk into our house right now you would find almost two of everything as the girls at age/stage where they don't want to share and we need to buy two of everything so they don't fight. Knowing this, I wasn't sure how the girls would act when I put together the Play and Learn Shopping Cart of The Learning Journey International for them to help me review.But, to my surprise, they played along nicely and loved the shopping cart. :-)The girls have been playing non-stop with this shopping cart since we received it a few days ago. They love pretending they are at a supermarket and use the food that comes with the shopping cart, as well as simply go around the house and pick up toys and pretend to be a toy store and make their purchases with real money. As a homeschooling mom, I love not only seeing the girls use their imaginations, but also want to play with real money and come up with pricing for each item for each other to pay. I even caught the girls scribbling on a piece of paper when they ran out of money as an IOU for bank. :-) Very creative.We have had plastic shopping carts in the past, but they were never made well. After a few rams into the wall, pushes down the stairs when the girls were fighting, or simply loading it too much with toys to the point it broke, their old shopping carts never made it past a few weeks (if that long). But, when I took the Play and Learn Shopping Cart from The Learning Journey International, I found myself being happily surprised at how well this toy was made and how easy it was to put together. Within a few minutes I had this shopping cart snapped together and ready for the girls (ages 3+) to use. Both of my girls, having had previous experience with plastic shopping carts, also mentioned how well this was made and how they liked this one much better than the others. They also loved how this shopping cart came with all the plastic and cardboard foods to use and play with, which had made for more creative play.As a parent, I love how well this shopping cart is made and how it had kept my girls' attention, as they continue to play each and every day with it. And, with the addition of the play food and not needing to buy extra, it makes for the perfect gift for that special little girl in your life. The colors are bright and vibrant and make this a stand out shopping cart. If your child is asking for a shopping cart for Christmas or has a birthday coming up and you are wondering what to get, why not consider purchasing the Play and Learn Shopping Cart from The Learning Journey InternationalDisclosure: I was sent a sample for review purposes from the vendor. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

MJ 10/07/2015

So cute!

This is the perfect size for little people! The kids love to pretend to shop. The "food" was durable and I think it should last a long time.

FirePepper Red 09/25/2015

Good Shopping Cart For The Price Although The Included "Food" It

When my 5 year old daughter first laid eyes on this Learning Journey Play and Learn Shopping Cart she was extremely excited. She immediately made me open the box and help her build the shopping cart. The construction was fairly easy and the cart itself seemed very sturdy. The only real downer was that the included "food" items were a little cheap looking. Even the boxes seemed a bit flimsy although they were realistic. This didn't really bother my daughter and she had a blast playing with her shopping cart and groceries. Considering the relatively low price this is a great toy that most young kids will enjoy.

Deep Thought 09/19/2015

Shop Like Mommy

This is a very simple little toy shopping cart that is easy and fast to put together. The material is plastic that is quite soft and that probably explains why some reviewers feel that it is of "cheap" quality and a poor value. I do not exactly agree with that assessment (perhaps because my expectations were not that high in the first place.).I feel like it is of adequate quality for what it is and what it is supposed to be. This, like many toys of this type, is not one that will be endlessly played with for a long time. It is more of a "phase" type of plaything, for when your little girl wants to go grocery shopping "just like mommy". For this, it is perfectly sufficient, and at the current $25 price point does not seem to be that bad of value for what you are getting, which is a cart that pushes and rolls along with a decent selection of pretend groceries to play with.

D. Chou 09/10/2015

Fun, classic toy for little gals AND boys.

I let my four year old twin niece and nephew try out this shopping cart toy.Likes:*Fairly simple to assemble by parent or guardian (uncle/me).*Sturdy, mid quality plastics appear capable of withstanding rough play by kids.*Plastic cart handle height is appropriate for kids 3 and older.*Includes 24 fun plastic play food items.*Shopping cart toy helps nurture little kids' imaginations and teaches them some basic skills of shopping for groceries when they grow up.*My niece and nephew alternated being the shopper and the cashier so both can experience the thrill of shopping and paying for groceries.

Kanishk 09/10/2015

Good for the price

It was a hit as a gift to my friend's daughter who is a toddler. She absolutely loved playing with it and from the looks of it, will be using it for sometime.The quality of the plastic is however a turn off. I hope it lasts long enough for the kid to exhaust all possibilities of having fun with it.I can't complaint about the price point. For $25, it wasn't a bad deal.

Judah Levi 09/08/2015

Shopping Fun!

We have a grandson who wants to do whatever his parents are doing. He loves this shopping cart! He pushes it along and picks the play groceries from the shelf just like mommy and daddy.It was easy to put together, has a wonderful collection of colorful groceries, and just plain fun for children. It can also be used for carrying other toys, since it is a cart, and other imaginative games. Great for people who don't take children's toys too seriously.If you are looking for fun shopping experience for any small boy or girl, this is an excellent toy to get!

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