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If make-believe fun is on your shopping list, check out this Play and Learn Shopping Basset. The realistic hand-held shopping basket comes stocked with play food boxes and plastic food items. The handles of the basket fold down into the basket for easy storage and lift up to carry around for shopping! The Play and Learn Shopping Basket will provide little shopper s with hours of role-playing fun, Includes 21 food accessories. Agers 3+ years 

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Abby Fishman, Pediatric Occupational Therapist 11/24/2021

Great product

This is such a great product on so many levels. Although it appears simple, I have utilized food in my practice in so many therapeutic ways. Firstly, it is a great way to address sequencing, you can give the child a shopping list and have them recall the items needed. I found that the children are motivated by the “pretend food products” and were excited to fill their baskets. It also works on sorting and attention. Having the kids peruse through a mock grocery store and get all the similar items. For example same color packaging or similar food groups. I have also found using imaginative play, assists children in the long run with problem solving skills, helping the child think out of the box. I love this basket and pretend food items, because what could be more fun than playing with food.

Haley 11/18/2021

The best play kitchen toys!

My sons kitchen came with hardly any food. This is such a great addition to his play kitchen!

Sammy 11/09/2021

Hours of Shopping fun

I personally like this product. My son plays with it for hours and learning new vocabulary and product names.<br /> He pretends like he’s doing shopping in a grocery store and something he sells the possibilities to me. toy to keep him busy. He loves it.

Kps 11/06/2021

Perfect shopping basket with so many possibilities

I love this item it is made with hight quality material and so many opinions for kids to play. <br /> Good to explore skill of shopping, counting and identifying foods.

Alinda 10/30/2021

Great product. love it!

We have two of these and love them. Love that it comes with groceries. My son and daughter love playing shop, so this was perfect for them. No more taking my colanders to use as their baskets. Great quality product. There are a few paper items in it, like cereal and milk, easy for the younger ones to destroy, but that's part of play. I actually like that they can open up the boxes and pretend to serve cereal. My son, loves filling it with real cereal and serve as breakfast. Hours of playing with these.

Cheyenne pogue 03/11/2021

This shopping basket is amazing comes with so many possibilities

This shopping basket is very durable and full of so many different types of food and play items. The kids have been busy for hours. I love how well made the items are the plastic is not cheaply made and the boxes are holding together even through my kids play. I am very satisfied with this amazing set.

Lynda @TheMontessoriTeacher 12/15/2020

Great resource for creative play AND educational work!

I am loving this item! It is made of high-quality materials and has many options for the kids to play. I use this for teaching math by setting up a storefront. The children typically will use it in their own creative way as well. Endless possibilities!

Vetta 11/12/2020


“Loving the Shop and Learn register from @the_learning_journey ! Dusty had such a great job showing off his skills of shopping, counting , and identifying foods . Best for ages 2 and older. We also got some additional food w/ basket to enhance the experience ????”

Sara Phillips 07/31/2020

Hours of fun with this toy!

All of this pretend food is a blast to play grocery store, picnic, and all kinds of pretend play! We can be so creative and use our imaginations! All of the kiddos love it!!!

Leah Gunther 07/11/2018

Too Many Cardboard Box Items

My 2-year-old loves this set but she's already destroyed most of the cardboard box items. I'd refrain from getting this item if your child is still into ripping up paper made items.

Titan Girl 11/29/2016

Great small sized shopping basket

Great small sized shopping basket, this lives in our car and my daughter takes it with us when we go grocery shopping so she can have her own basket and feel like she's helping. Also works great as a toy basket at home.

D. Englade 04/12/2016

The granddaughters love it. Decent quality and holds up well

The granddaughters love it. Decent quality and holds up well.

Meredith Blackburn 08/04/2015

Grocery store fun

Perfect for the aspiring little chef in your house. The basket is thick plastic, very durable. All of the food & accessories that comes with it is sure to keep them entertained for hours. The whole set is very bright and colorful. I know your kids are going to love playing and imagining grocery store with all these fun items, my grandkids sure did.

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