Play and Learn Cash Register

Play & Learn Cash Register

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The Play & Learn Cash Register is the perfect addition to any pretend store. You kids will love playing with this realistic cash register that has an LCD screen to show your total, keypad that is a working calculator and a working cash drawer that sounds “cha-ching” when it opens. The unit also has a display selector that will allow kids to select foods and the amount they wish to charge for them.  Complete with credit card, cash and coins, kids can use the Play & Learn Cash Register and pretend to shop at the grocery store - just like mom and dad! Requires one button cell battery (included). Ages 3+ years.

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Taylor Wyatt 11/24/2020

Great for Pretend Play

My daughter loves to use this cash register to pretend to be a store owner. She loves that it makes sound and that the money looks similar to real money. Not only that but it’s educational in the sense that they can learn the value of the money and also add in components of addition, subtraction, and exact change. This toy is great for a wide range of ages. Highly recommend.

Lizel Gonzalez 11/16/2020

Awesome toy for learning and fun.

My 5 yrs old daughter really enjoying playing this cash register and pretend work at the store. This is a great learning how to count the coins and notes. The money and coins looks realistic and my daughter likes the cha-ching and to swipe card sound too. Its educational and fun so i will recommend this toy for kids.

Breanna Burrola 09/10/2020

Assistance in real education

This cash register has been very helpful in assisting my school age daughter in the concepts of supply and demand, as well as helping her with her math. From figuring out how much she would have to give for exact change, to how much she would give back for change. This has also helped to re-enforce my daughter’s knowledge of how much each coin is worth and what each coin looks like. The only downside I’ve come across so far is having younger children in the house who have torn up some of the money.

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