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Play & Learn Stacking Cups

Play & Learn Stacking Cups

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Learning to differentiate sizes is an important concept for children to learn. The Play & Learn Stacking Cups is a great tool to help teach this spatial awareness skill. These seven durable cups vary slightly in size and can be stacked into a bamboo tower for the panda or nested all into one cup. Each cup also features a shape stencil on the bottom that can be used to create color imprints. Ages 12+ months.


Shauna 10/01/2022


My toddler loves these. He enjoys stacking the colorful cups. You can learn colors and shapes. He likes to nest them too. Such a great toy.

Lelemeerah 11/23/2021

Great for recognizing shapes, color and sizes

My 3 year old loves this stacking cups. She loves panda so as soon as she sees it she was interested. She's leaving about shapes, color and sizes. She loves this and I love it as it keeps her busy, entertained and learning

Jane 10/29/2020

Simple toy with a lot of learning opportunities

My toddler (22 months) likes to play with this stacking cups. She stays entertained for a long time by stacking them in the tower or turn them over and put inside of each other. I use them to teach her colors, shapes, size and introduce numbers. Together with older siblings she also liked to use them as play dough stamps.

Latoya 10/29/2020

Sizing fun

Great way to learn sizing and live that it comes with additional art time fun.

Ashley Scheel 12/21/2018

These are now one of my 9mo’s favorite toys!

These are SO adorable! I picked them up because my daughter’s baby theme is Pandas, but the colors, details and quality are all the best I’ve seen in a while! The sides have bamboo details and the bottom have different shapes and happy faces on the bottom! I love the happy faces, but they are also “cut outs”, so the cups will not hold water if we decided to play with them in the tub. They would make cute play dough stamps though!

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