Techno Gears - Off Road Racer

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Kids love to build, and the Techno Gears Construction Sets are the perfect way to encourage your little engineer, architect, or mechanic! With more than 60+ colorful construction pieces included with Techno Gears Off-Road Racer, the assembly is challenging and rewarding, while the destination possibilities are endless! Their imagination will take them on an off-road excursion or exploration of the desert, or merely a fast track from the play room to their bedroom! This product aligns with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Ages 6+ years.


Sean 01/03/2021

Cool and fun

I like the wheels od this car and bout this set from costco last year 2020

Jan 10/12/2020

Terrible quality

Pieces that hold the gears have tiny pins that brake and get stuck in the tiny holes and the whole thing becomes useless. Waste of time and money.

paula 09/04/2020

So much fun!

while is gear propelling car is fun to put together, don't make mistakes! The prongs are incredibly non forgiving and will break off. Be gentle with the truck!

Shannan Martin 08/02/2020

A great building experience

My son is 4 and this is by far the most challenging toy he has ever attempted to build. He's a determined little guy, and he enjoyed seeing what he could create at the end. It's a great toy to motivate kids to think, build, and see a fun and fast end product!

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