Techno Kids 4 in 1 Construction Set On The Go

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Your preschooler can drive their imagination in many different directions with the new 4 in 1 Construction Sets. On the Go includes more than 25 pieces to build and create up to four different vehicles as shown in the manual. Or they can use their imagination and create their own moving and working vehicle. All of the parts are interchangeable – and they are motorized – so once you build it, watch it go! Go traditional or go wacky – either way, this activity is powered for kids to explore movement and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. This product aligns with the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards. Requires one “AA” battery (not included). Ages 3+ years.


Inga Minko 12/06/2021

Cool airplane, car…etc toy!

My 3 year old puts it together and takes apart a few times a day:))) He loves the shapes, colors and the noise it makes as it moves by itself. It makes his little fingers work and his little brain active. Love it!!!!

Swetha Marikanti 04/18/2021

Perfect Stem Toy

This 4 in 1 construction set really amazing, i like how it can be built into 4 different ways, this will help kids imagination in many ways, STEM toys are always in my best interest for my Kids. Because i believe kids learn a lot while playing and this toy fulfilled it.

A mom/ Michelle 12/21/2020

More than worth it, not like what you have seen before.

Love this 4 in 1! The packaging and box design doesn’t do it justice! The pieces are very well made and the toy is interchangeable to make any creation your kid comes up with, my son hasn’t put it down. Literally a pandemic lifesaver ???? I also appreciate the stem aspect of when properly put together it is motorized, definitely a toy he will grow with. This mom recommends!

Ebony Pryor 10/31/2020

Love this!!

Got this for my 2 yr old and he loves it he loves the color easy to connect and go!!

Alyssa Campos 08/11/2020

Awesome way to learn vehicles

This toy is so awesome! My son loves building things so the fact that we can make 4 things out of this has proven to be soooo much fun! He loves the fact that it is motorized and the vehicle go!

Fortunato Nicolas 08/05/2020

Great Toy

Better than Legos. Pieces were easy for my 5 year old to do himself. Very durable and multiple ways to change up the original design

Susie 07/26/2020


My daughter is 3 and a half and really enjoyed figuring out where all the pieces go and loved naming the types of vehicles we built together. She caught on to this one really quick and demanded to build it herself so she could watch it drive or fly away. Hours of fun

Breanna Burrola 07/17/2020

Learn through play

My boys are 3 and 2 and have really enjoyed their construction sets! They’re too little to play with my daughter’s legos, but with these they have their own “legos”. We have been able to go over colors, vehicle names, counting and patterns while playing with these toys. These construction sets have been incredibly helpful towards teaching my boys while keeping learning fun!

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