Techno Kids 4 in 1 Construction Set - Around Town

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Your preschooler can drive their imagination in many different directions with the new 4 in 1 Construction Sets. Around Town includes more than 25 pieces to build and create up to four different vehicles as shown in the manual. Or they can use their imagination and create their own moving and working vehicle. All of the parts are interchangeable – and they are motorized – so once you build it, watch it go! Go traditional or go wacky – either way, this activity is powered for kids to explore movement and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. This product aligns with the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards. Requires one “AA” battery (not included). Ages 3+ years.


Navneet 06/20/2023

Great construction toy

Nice STEM toy great gift for toddlers who love to be creative and good for fine motor skills highly recommend this toy

Denaisha 02/08/2023


My son loves this toy! it's interchangeable allowing him to use his imagination and build different things, and its also motorized so he enjoys watching what he build move around his room. 5 stars!!!!

Momnest20 10/04/2022

Stem fun

This 4 in 1 construction set is amazing...with this kids can make there own moving vehicles using there crative mind .all parts are interchangeable.

Danielle Bernard 04/21/2022

Amazing learning toy!

I got this learning toy for my three year old son, and he absolutely loves it! I love that this toy is not only son, but it also helps him to learn and focus on where each part needs to go. I absolutely recommend it!

Jennifer Dawes 09/01/2020

Absolute Fun!

Our 3 year olds absolutely loved this construction set. The box comes complete with simple picture instructions on how to assemble each of the 4 designs. Our twins took turns finding the pieces. This was great for idle time at the table while we're cooking dinner. With easy to understand instructions and bright colored pieces that assemble easily, this became fun for them to play and create on their own as well. We will definitely look for more similar sets.

Naomi Black 07/27/2020

Building fun!

I love the variety in this toy! It encourages following directions, problem solving, and fine motor. My son has learned to work through problem solving has such a satisfaction when he figures it out! This has been a fun toy for him to explore building and learning. It's also great for my one year old to push and play! I highly recommend this Around Town toy for fun and learning!

Breanna Burrola 07/17/2020

Learning through play

This construction set has been a huge help in teaching my young boys about colors, counting, patterns and more. One of them is also obsessed with cars, which has helped immensely in getting him engaged enough to listen to my directions on how to build each one.

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