Techno Gears Marble Mania Crankster 3.0

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With multiple marble runs, varying levels, a hand crank and more, the Techno Gears Marble Mania – Crankster 3.0 will fascinate all engineering enthusiasts! There are more than 100+ pieces, including translucent and chrome connectors, a corkscrew lifter, and a hand crank, to create your own marble and gear run. Twist, turn, loop and experience new heights with the Crankster 3.0! This product aligns with and supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) standards. Recommended for ages 6+ years. 

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Tammy G 02/03/2023


We can’t wait to build it together and play! Looks fantastic and great quality

Veronika F 01/23/2023

Nice marble run, perfect for kids.

We absolutely like our Crankster! My child is 7 years old and really likes hands on learning projects, this was a great way to teach her about kinetic and potential energy as well as seeing her folllowing all the instructions and actually putting this marble run together. Ithas just over 100 pieces which makes it perfect for 7-9 years old. She constructed it in 2+ hours and had so much fun. Definitely recommend this product.

Mananben Goswami 01/19/2021

Lots of marble fun

It is a lot of fun for me, my husband and my dear son. He enjoying it a lot. Almost take an hour to arrange it with tiny hands and then a lot lot of fun. My son love to play with marbles and this too good

Meagan Leafty 01/11/2021

Daddy loved it too!

This crankster marble run was a fun activity for my husband and boys to do together! It took about an hour to assemble but that was with little helpers. They loved the crank and watching the marble run down!!

Tamara Granese 12/28/2020

Our favorite kit yet!!

My daughter will spend hours taking this kit apart, exploring new ways to put the pieces together and reassembling it. She likes to block and redirect paths. Even the cat enjoys to watch her play it. He gets confused where the balls went. Great toy for kids who love to build and take things apart

Lynette Hill 08/28/2020

So cool and SO much fun!

My sister bought this for my kids. As soon as she gave it to them, they could not wait to get home and build it!! I really love that this toy encouraged them to follow directions and really problem solve how to get the pieces to fit together correctly. It tool some time and patience but they were able to get it all built by working with each other. Once it was up, they had SO much fun watching how it worked! Very cool interactive engaging toy!

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