Techno Gears Marble Mania Zoomerang 2.0

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Rounding out the Techno Gears Marble Mania Mini Series, the award-winning Zoomerang set includes more than 80 color translucent pieces to build and create your own marble and gear run. Closely follow the colorfully detailed instruction manual to build an impressive structure and watch your child enjoy the extended play value and experience cause and effect. Once completed, the corkscrew marble lifter can be cranked to elevate the marble to the top of the build where the track and the fun begin. Foster a creative hands-on experience and make learning fun by introducing your child to the remarkable world of engineering and mechanics! Recommended for ages 6+ years.

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Inga minko 12/06/2021

Toy for all ages!

Amazing marble run toy that is easy enough to build for an 8 year old! My son changes the ways these little balls run every day. My husband also enjoyed playing with it. The other fun part is that you can add on and have endless ways to roll the marbles. Thank you!

Michelle, Mason’s Mama 08/29/2021

Clever toy!

My kid is 4 and really enjoyed other simple preschool marble games. And this Zoomerang became a great evening of building together and a constructive, engineering toy that consumes his attention and he will grow into the fun. I find most Learning Journey toys age guide exact and appropriate ????????.

Christina Barksdale 03/26/2021

Such a fun game for school aged kids!

This game has kept my 5 year old so busy! She’s loved the challenge of putting it together and finding new ways to build with the parts.<br /> <br /> This is an awesome toy! I would highly recommend!

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