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EXTREME building for EXTREME kids! This massive maze packs a punch for the senses! There are more than 200+ colorful construction pieces that will be used to create this fascinating marble run, measuring more than 2' high! Once complete, watch gears rotate, marbles rise through the power corkscrew lifter & exit onto multiple illuminated channels in different directions. Includes channels, translucent 3D connectors & structures, a powerlifter, LED light modules, chrome stickers & more – everything necessary to build, illuminate & “power-up” hundreds of marble run designs. Techno Gears Marble Mania sets align with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) standards & are interchangeable. Collect them all! Recommended for ages 6+ years. Requires two "AA" batteries (not included)

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AGES (6+) School years
Stephanie Farthing 09/26/2022

Great product!

We had so many diffrent murble runs, but this one stands out! Battery operated, so big, has glow pieces, the spiral climb is so amazing. This set has so many parts, so much fun to put it together, every part of the structure is so different. We are so pleased with this product!

Wendy Melgar 07/12/2022


This marble run is the envy of others! lol<br /> <br /> LOVE the lights and the elevator. We put it together as a family and it was amazing once we finished. Perfect gift!

Solesnir C 04/20/2022

Loads of fun!

This thing is loads of fun! My girls love to build things, so we all get to spend quality family time building this together, and after, we get to reap all of the sensory rewards of watching those marbles go! Its so colorful, and the gears and lights are so fun to watch! Highly recommend of hours or family entertainment and play!

Lorelei L 05/21/2021

Marble Fun

Fun and challenging marble build that great to do as a family. This build has fun lights and lots of great moving parts. Love it!!

Carolina 03/13/2021

The best building set for kids!

I love this playset so much! Definitely 10/10! It so fun to keep my children active and moving their hands. Nowadays, it's hard to find something your kid actually wants to do. This complex marble maze has so many ways to create a beautiful setup. I love that the set has LED lights, it makes the set look a lot more fun and neat!

Tyler Moore 03/09/2021

Great building toy!

This is a great building toy for kids! There are so many ways the marble run can be assembled. It is very nice that it comes a base. There are so many unique interactive features that make it a toy that is fun to play with again and again!

Jennifer Escobar 02/19/2021

Amazing Marble Fun

Wow and wow this took me a few hours to put together but the step by step instructions were easy to follow and kind of satisfying to build. We play with this so much just watching the marbles fall down the maze and spiral back up to come down again and again

STEPHANIE 01/22/2021

So Much Marble Fun!

Marble Mania is so much fun! It is a great tool to be creative, have open-ended play, and build to your little hearts desire. My little one loved playing with her dad and cousins and building the biggest marble run they could possibly build. It comes with so many pieces that each time we are able to create a unique marble run. This toy will be a hit in our home for a long time!

Alyssa Campos 01/19/2021

Amazing Fun

This learning activity is soooo fun. My little one loves stacking and building and this was an awesome activity to do as a family. The colors are awesome and since my little man is almost 3 and on the younger end for this toy we used it as a time to build, talk about colors and follow the marble throughout the structure we made. Also we loved the LED lights that showed the marbles in action. So AWESOME! Since open and built our little one has been playing non stop.

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