Techno Gears Monster Truck 2.0

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Kids love to build, and the Techno Gears Construction Sets are the perfect way to encourage your little engineer, architect, or mechanic! With more than 60+ colorful construction pieces included with Techno Gears Monster Truck, the assembly is challenging and rewarding, while the destination possibilities are endless! Imagine romping through mountainous terrain, or zooming past the animals in the zoo, or the players in the ballpark, creativity will soar with the rugged Techno Gears Monster Truck! This product aligns with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) standards. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Ages 6+ years.


Joceline Huber 07/02/2023

Teamwork Skills

My son is really into cars and trucks. It was a team effort to put this monster truck together. You will need to help your child. Batteries in and it goes! He loves it!

emily 02/13/2023

great gift

My sons loved this monster truck. My 3 year old loved it. My 7 year old had a little bit of a hard time putting it together. It needed adult help to get it all put together correctly. But over all my boys loved it and once it was put together it was able to be played with and not worry about it falling a part. Don't lose the tool to disassemble. Some of the those pieces are in there tight. over all a great gift/toy for any kid that loves building and/or cars. Highly recommend.

tony M 11/01/2022


My 3 year old son really puts a beating on his toys and this one has held up…

Marcus Martinez 09/27/2022

Great truck But

We had fun building the truck , however my daughter loves looking at instructions but she don't have a phone. She is 3. Also works great if perfectly built however if everything isnt meshed just right it doesnt work properly.

Vetta 06/27/2022

Add to Cart!

With each shipment of toys , you always have that favorite one . This was a favorite of mine and Dusty’s for 2 different reasons . For me , this was a very fun challenge for the parents . Parental assistance will be needed for the smaller kids , but that kid looks at you like a Super mom or Dad being able to put pieces together to ultimately created a cool truck. There is a QR code attached with images to walk you along that are easy to understand . Dustin loves trucks so he was immediately drawn . This is colorful, techy and fun to play with like any monster truck . But you built it ! How rewarding is that.

Ashley 06/20/2022

STEM building truck!

Had fun building this with my little one even though the instructions were a bit tricky. Once put together some of the gears kept getting off track but still worked ok. Either way, my little one enjoyed this product but could use an upgrade of the pieces used.

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