Techno Tiles Base Set

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It’s never too early to start developing kids’ creativity and Techno Tiles are a great place to start. Basic shapes can turn into grand masterpieces. Simply connect the shaped tiles with the snap-on two-way and four-way connectors and watch your structures come to life. From rockets to castles, vehicles and abstract structures, Techno Tiles puts no limit on your imagination. The set includes over 240 pieces including squares, small triangles, large triangles, two-way connectors, and four-way connectors. Techno Tiles are a great tool to learn about basic geometry, construction, engineering, and architecture. This product aligns with and supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards). Ages 3-6 years.


Andrea Graham 04/25/2022

Building fun while working on fine motor skills!

This is a great set with enough pieces to let your imagination run wild. The connectors are great for building fine motor skills. We built a few houses, a dog house and even attempted to make a plane.  Our daughter has low muscle tone so it was a little bit of a challenge to build things but with help from family members, she had a really good time and was successful. I am sure the more we play with this, she will improve and be building things on her own in no time!  As we were putting it away last night, we realized that this set would be even more fun on our light table!  As a parent, I really like this set because it does not have magnets.

Brenda R 04/16/2022

So engaging!

Endless creations with these tiles. My Children used their imagination and built so many structures! Can be used to talk about shapes and colors too!<br /> <br /> Love this product

Sammy 04/13/2022

Excellent Toy

These tiles are amazing. Using these tiles and connectors my son is making different different towers and shapes. Very creative toy to keep kids busy.

Lina Montoya 04/12/2022

Perfect set to start

This set is just perfect to start your tile collection, it have strong magnets and you can build taller things.

Ana Hernandez 04/11/2022

Great Fun!

My daughter really enjoyed playing with these fun tiles. She loved that she could create a variety of different creations all by herself. I definitely recommend for parents who want an on hand playing experience.

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