Techno Tiles Super Set

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It’s never too early to start developing kids’ creativity and the Techno Tiles Super Set is a great place to start. Basic shapes can turn into grand masterpieces. Simply connect the shaped tiles with the snap-on two-way and four-way connectors and watch your structures come to life. From rockets to castles, vehicles and abstract structures, Techno Tiles puts no limit on your imagination. The set includes over 400 pieces including squares, small triangles, large triangles, two-way connectors, and four-way connectors. Techno Tiles are a great tool to learn about basic geometry, construction, engineering, and architecture. This product aligns with and supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards). Ages 4-8 years.


TammyG 07/13/2023

Great stem toy

Great resource for educational stem building. It’s been a great toy for focus and concentration and also practice patience as it’s not as fast build as magnetic tiles. We are loving it

Maleeha 06/18/2023

Affordable STEM Toy!

Love love love our new Techno Tiles. They are so fun and educational. My kid is getting all the same benefits Legos provide for a fraction of the cost. Our favourite thing about this toy is the step by step guide that comes with it to build some of their favourites. My 5yo has already made the plane and robot and The quality is impeccable especially for the price. You’re getting a lot with this toy!

Fernanda C 06/06/2023

Stimulating and Entertaining!

My 3.5 year old loves these tiles and kept him entertained for a long time ! His creations with these locking tiles can withstand moving and playing after building them. A great activity for parents to join in on the fun ????

Prerna 02/01/2023

Boosts Innovation

The various shapes ensures that you can build so many different things from this set. It gives ability to create what a kid is imagining. Very colorful and good quality tiles. Loved it!!

Loni Brewster 01/23/2023

Great for STEM & Fine Motor Skills!

My son truly loves this set. Its s little tricky to put together at first but it is GREAT for improving fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. My son loves building things. This is great for STEM. VERY happy with this set.

Bhanupriya 10/29/2022

Super Techno Tiles

These tiles come in so many different shapes and colors.It helped me to teach my kid easily about colors and shapes.Highly recommend.<br />

Sherise 09/28/2022


I got these Tiles for my 4 year old and he loved them. They are great for fine motor skills and independent play.

Jasmin Villanueva 07/26/2022

Awesome for fine motor skills

Toddler loved this set. Was great for her fine motor skills. Still needs help building but will last her a while for when she’ll play independently

KidsCam A 07/18/2022

intro to STEM kids

1st, we thought this was the magnet tiles that’s in our school. also, we had a hard time putting the pieces together because the connecting pieces are narrow. to improve this product, the pieces that hold the shapes together should <br /> be a bit wider. other than that, we got to build cool shapes with it.

Pooja G 07/14/2022

Not for toddlers. Great for big kids.

It is a great activity for the 5+ age kids. Little difficult for toddlers.

Haley 06/28/2022

Great preschool toy

My 4 year old loves to<br /> Build these are great

Emily Moser 06/23/2022

Fun building

When I first ordered this I thought it was magnetic tiles. When I received it I realized it’s not magnetic it’s a snapping tile set. Which is fine, but it was a little harder for my 3 year old to use. My 7 year old has a little bit of a hard time snapping them. But he is having so much fun building with this set. There is also a step by step on how to build the robot and castle.

Nicole F 06/19/2022

Totally fun tiles

These techno tiles are amazing for Liam’s imaginative mind! We made a triangle and he called it a “party hat!” The small connectors are great to work on his fine motor skills and hand strength. There are so many ways to use and build with these tiles. Great for shape and color identification. It’s fun to watch your child get creative and make something on their own!

Lucy Hendricks 06/19/2022

Building fun for the whole family

This set allows for free construction allowing your imagination to soar. Mom assisted with the connective parts and we created a space station, race road and space shuttle. This set has so many pieces you won’t run out before finishing your project.

Momnest20 05/01/2022

Great option for kids

My kids love this tiles. It's keep kids busy and it's keep kids entertained every time .they make every time something different.

Jamie Rodgers 04/27/2022

Loving these techno tiles!

I love that these tiles are put together using snap-on connector pieces. They really engage my little one’s fine motor skills. He can create endless options as there are over 400 pieces included in this set. I’ve watched my son create so many different structures! These tiles hold up so well for tough toddler play. They are very easy to clean which is a plus!

Christina Barksdale 04/21/2022

My kids love it!!

This set has so many pieces and various shapes! My 3 year old and 6 year old enjoy playing with it!

Cindy Sanchez 04/20/2022

Our Students were FULLY engaged!

We loved this super set! Our preschoolers got straight into their creative thinking skills building a "castle" and a "mansion" with this set! Their fine motor skills came into play as well when connecting the pieces. Such a great set to keep them engaged and creative.

Carolina 04/14/2022

Great for kids

These tiles are amazing, my daughters love to play with the tiles building and learning different ways to build something I think thi is a great way to keep my kids entertainment.

Sarah Hatch 04/14/2022

We love building!

This was perfect for quiet time for my 5 year old when my 2 year old was napping. It’s the perfect stem activity! I love how you can build so many different things the possibilities are endless! My daughter built a cage for her horses, then tried building a castle. I loved being able to help her and I loved putting them together. I love the vibrant colors! It comes with different shapes to which are also a way to learn shapes. We will have to try building a rocket next. The connectors were easy to snap on and off. My almost 3 year old loved trying to put them together he needed help but loved being involved to! We highly recommend this!

Randhi Perera 03/30/2022

Love this product

This is awesome to learn to build. A fun Stem toy. Has a ton of pieces and can build lot of fun things. There are so many possibilities with this. Perfect gift for a little kid who love to build.

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