Techno Gears Aero Trax Plane

Techno Gears Aero Trax Plane

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Kids love to construct and the TGMM Airplane kit is the perfect way to encourage them to build. With its 60 colorful construction pieces, power motor and more, this kit includes everything your little pilot needs to build an airplane that has a propeller that moves and works. The mechanics of the plane include gears and will introduce and experience the science of gear ratio. This product aligns with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math standards. Ages 6+ years.

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Jake S. 06/17/2016

More gear-related fun for your younger gear-head!

This is the 4th Learning Journey product that my son has received and it has been one of his favorites!<br /> <br /> Like the other Techno Gears items he's gotten, I let him have a go at this alone before I stepped in to help - turns out he didn't need my help, as the directions with this (and other LJ products) are very well written and illustrated. The only challenge he found was getting the track piece to connect around the wheel of the airplane. Other than that he said the gears and body pieces all connected easily and didn't require much force. Now that it's assembled he likes seeing how the gears tie in to one another to turn the propeller.<br /> <br /> He's 9 years old and pretty savvy with technical things, and it took him about 20-30 minutes to complete it from start to finish.<br /> <br /> I've been happy with the Learning Journey brand - it's a nice break from the building block sets that we've accumulated because these toys really allow the builder to see HOW things are working together to create motion. And if you have a little mechanical engineer on your hands (like I do), they'll appreciate this as much as you do.

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