Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears Set

Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears Set

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Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears lets kids build their own toy! Simply put together the base plates in any configuration and add on the gears. Your child will make an amazing kid-powered machine! Perfect for an open-ended exploration of simple mechanics, these products align with and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards), Recommended for ages 2+ years.

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Ashley McNeil 08/07/2020

Great interactive toy!

My toddler son loves playing with this toy! Not only does it allow for his creative style, but helps with his wheel turning skills. It’s also nice to for him to practice naming his colors while switching the wheels around.

Kelly Whaley 06/16/2020

Waylon thinks its a little difficult because he's too young.

In my opinion, this is more for older children. The bottom pieces that the gears go on can be tricky to fit together for a toddler. However, It was very reasonably priced and great for an older kid. My grandson still enjoys it even though he too young for it.

Billie Sternitzky 05/25/2020

Gears work with the stack a peg set!

Great toy! I bought this for my 15 month old, figured he'd grow into this toy and could work on building fine motor skills! It's great for that! Also this toy works with the Stack-a-peg set also sold by this same brand! Gears turn smooth, I enjoy playing with this with him! The pegs stack onto the top of the gears and you can make gears turn at different levels of height! So I strongly suggest buying bother sets! Gears and pegs! Great STEM toy! Simple fun!

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