Techno Gears Dizzy Droid

Techno Gears Dizzy Droid

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Kids love to construct and the Techno Gears Dizzy Droid kit is the perfect way to encourage your little builder. With 60+ colorful construction pieces, power motor, and more, this kit includes everything your child needs to build their own droid with motorized gears. The mechanics of the droid include gears and will introduce them to and allow them to experience the science of gear ratio. This product aligns with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) standards. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Ages 6+ years.


Felicia Rolston 11/02/2021

Fun building Toy that practices STEM skills

I love this Dizzy Droid toy because I know the benefits it provides to be 6 year old while she is having fun playing. With my help, she is learning to read and follow the instruction manual, practice problem solving, and build something really cool! She really enjoyed how it turned out and was so proud of herself that she built it (with my help if course). The arms and legs move and you can build it in a few ways. I really enjoyed the quality time we spent together playing and building with this one. I recommend for young children 4-6 and their parents. Older kids 6-10 willn definitely enjoy it too.

Keepme_busy 07/21/2021

Cute and Functional STEM toy

This is an amazing STEM toy with a lot of moving parts. My 3.5 year old daughter was too little to create this on her own. But she helped by sorting gears and providing parts to build it. It was a fun project for me and my husband. Don't be like my hubby but follow the instructions to the letter. He didn't follow the instructions at 1st and the robo was going in the wrong direction. But it was so easy to fix it because a removal tool and some extra gear was included with the set. We spent hours of fun with it. This is a great learning toy for big kids and a fun play toy for the little kids.

Carol Hamilton 11/28/2020

It was a birthday gift and he loved it!

He immediately started putting it together and said "I will do it my self"

Janel 11/11/2020

Cute and unique building toy!

We got this for my 6 year old, but my 10 year old took over and wanted to help him build it and tinker with all the gears and components. He's really cute when built and he not only drives, but the eyes and arms move too! The track that wraps around the wheels does fall off easily, but it goes back on easily too.

John 10/25/2020

Big problems with the build instructions

Followed the steps exactly, paying very close attention to the alignment of the pieces. Got to step 7, where you put on the power block and it just won't fit. Even on the instructions diagram you can see it won't fit (you can see where two of the blocks are overlapping in the computer-generated diagram, which may work for a 3-d rendering but obviously is not possible with actual ABS plastic). Building session with son came to a complete stop as there was just no way to get the power-block on. I also have a few concerns about the durability of the small pins used to hold the gear pieces onto the block pieces, but other than that, the quality of this toy seems to be decent, just need to revise the instructions to make it, you know, actually possible to build

Tiffany Ward 08/25/2020

This Dizzy Droid is a winner!!!

I put this together with my 6 year old godson and he had a blast! We reviewed colors and enjoyed constructing it as well as taking it apart. The power motor seals the deal. I will use this Dizzy Droid in my classroom as well. What a great STEM activity!

Crystal 08/11/2020

Stem Fun

The children liked the idea of this toy but they had difficulties keeping the "chain" on the wheels.

Viv 07/15/2020

Super cool

This droid is super cool! Built it together with the kids (quality time). Once all done , they loved seeing it go!

Nancy A Storkel 05/22/2018

It is a very cute toy once it is together ...

It is a very cute toy once it is together. I bought this for my daycare children and there was no way they could put it together by themselves.

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