Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears Set

Techno Kids Stack A Peg Super Set

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Techno Kids Stack A Peg lets kids build their own sorting and stacking educational toy! Simply put together the puzzle shaped base plates in any configuration, then “stack” on the pegs! You can sort and stack the different objects any way you like! Perfect for an open-ended exploration of simple mechanics. Follow the printed designs on the base plates for additional learning fun. These products align with and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards). Includes 32 pieces, 18 gears, 12 base plates, and two handles. Recommended for ages 2+ years.


Andrea B. 08/12/2020

Techno Kids Stack A Peg Super Set

I am a pre-school teacher who works with ages 2 1/2- 3 1/2. When they first saw it, they were engaged with the different colors. I showed them different ways to use this and now they love stacking all the pegs as high it can go. They learned teamwork, balancing, and helps their fine motor skills.

Shelby Whitney 08/09/2020

Great for building confidence & STEAM

I haven’t seen a developmental toy like this before. I am so excited to work on my daughter’s fine motor, science, and math skills. She loves stacking and kids learn so much through trial and error which is the foundation of the scientific method. The price for this activity is great.

Sarah 07/27/2020

Exploring Stacking

Both my son and his older sister loved stacking the pegs to see how high they could go before knocking them over. They had a lot of fun making the pegs spin on and off of the corkscrews. I also like that this set can be used with their other Techno Kids stacking sets.

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