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Super Telly Teaching Time Clock is here to save the day…and night! Super Telly will help your child learn to tell both analog and digital time using two teaching methods. In learning mode Super Telly teaches time in five-minute increments when the hands are moved, updating the LCD screen. In quiz mode, Super Telly asks your child to move the hands on the clock face to match the time displayed on the screen. Super Telly is also a real working clock, an alarm clock, and a night light! Super Telly also includes a Tell Time button so you child can press anytime, day or night and Super Telly will announce the current time. A timer feature is also included! Learning to tell time with all these great features has never been so much fun. Requires three “AA” batteries (included). Ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Shelly Ray 06/24/2023

Such a cute clock

I bought this clock to help my six year old daughter to learn how to tell time so far, it is so fine, and she enjoys a learning the different numbers of the clock I like how they are so many options for her to learn from there’s games and there’s a cute nightlight

Mandy 06/17/2023


My 4 year old has been wanting an alarm clock as well as been asking to learn how to tell time. She has been obsessed with Super Telly since he arrived! I love the different modes and ways of teaching time. The game mode will be great as she catches on but for now she is loving that she can move the hands and he tells the time! The night light his a perfect addition!

Jasmin V 06/12/2023

Perfect clock for kids!

Love this clock for my toddler to learn about telling time. So interactive and perfect for learning. My 3 year old loved it!

Gia Stamati 02/19/2023

So easy to use!

I bought this for 4 year old to teach time. It is very<br /> cute, easy to interact with and has a night light too.<br /> My daughter likes it so much, it has a time challenge<br /> game, telling time and alarm! Totally recommend it!

Nami Ayah 02/08/2023

Super smart clock

Learning how to tell time with an extra fun helper is such a smart and easy idea. My toddler loves this activity clock.

Aaliyah M 01/31/2023

Aaliyah’s review for super Telly clock

I absolutely love the super telly teaching time clock! It kept me entertained for a while and I got to learn how to tell time. The only critique I have is that I wish the clock teaches the meaning between the big hand and the little hand. Other than that, I love it!

Ashley M 01/26/2023

Great learning tool!

My little one is in PreK and is just starting to learn how to tell time. SuperTelly is not only informative but a fun time-telling tool to have! We are loving all of its features so far.

VERONIKA F 01/20/2023


I am very pleased with this item. My child was struggling to tellthe exact time using the clock and this product is beyond helpful. We love that it has build in night light, alarm and a timer. There is an option to play a game as well, the clock gives the tasks and child needs to solve the questions, it is extremelly helpful and convenient. Definitely recommend this product!

Saira 10/25/2022

Kids clock

We love this clock. My child can set the time, and alarm, and answer the questions as well. It's easy to make the kids learn the clock manually by turning their hands. The night light is an additional benefit to this clock.

Carolina 10/07/2022

Amazing to learn time

I love the way kids can lean with the cute clock, amazing for my 5 years old.

Layla Rose 10/06/2022

Fun way to teach kids about time!

My kids LOVE this little clock. And truly look forward to playing with this toy! You can play games, learn how to tell time and it engages them in learning through play !

Sanjana patra 10/05/2022

Perfect clock for kids

We love how this cute clock teaches my child to learn time . Best part is it comes with a night light also . From telling time to set alarm , games about time the clock is just awesome.

Cece 07/13/2022

Fun clock

This clock is so cool! It’s a fun way to help teach little ones how to tell time. My daughter has been learning so much just from playing it in the game modes. This clock is highly recommended!

Ana Hernandez 07/05/2022

Great learning tool!

This little clock is so awesome for helping little kids learn how to tell time. It is super simple to use. My 8 year old had fun practicing with it.

Hannah 06/23/2022

Love this clock friend!

This toy is a huge hit with both my boys. The superhero aspect is their favorite. I love the hands on learning, and how easy it is to use! Night light is a great little addition too! I also appreciate that they’re is a digital aspect to the clock as well. I was gifted this product in exchange for my honest review, and we honestly love it. My kiddos are 3 and 5 (almost 6)

Shadiamond H. 06/20/2022

Hands-on Learning Fun

My children absolutely love this clock. The vibrant colors and all of the functions. I love that it is an actual clock and night light. I don't usually go for talking toys, but this was an exception. The tell time button is a gem for my 3 year old. Such an amazing all in one toy. I could not resist.

Nisha 04/26/2022

Hands on learning

My kids love this clock. It is fun and interactive. They enjoy playing the “tell the time” game. Great toy for hands-on learning.<br />

Lavanya 04/21/2022

Absolutely amazing Clock

My daughter is obsessed with this clock so much! She has fun counting and moving the hands around. I love that there is a digital clock that is programmable and games to help make learning fun. Great clock for kids willing to learn about time! Fun, interactive. There's OFF, Volume level 1 and 2. Plus it has a touch light on the very top.<br /> <br />

Pratibha Gokhale 11/11/2021

Cute night clock

The clock is so cute and this clock is my child’s favourite..<br /> He loves to play with has both analog and digital time..<br /> And it helps to learn how clocks work..<br />

Dustin 08/07/2021


This is a toy that we will have for a while . This clock has so many functions . While just for fun now because he is only four , as he grows it will definitely teach him more about time . He loves the game that asks the child to set the clock to a certain time . Now he plays with assistance, however , I can’t wait to see his growth and development through this toy .

Ashley Dougherty 04/17/2021

Adorable learning clock!

Super Telly Teaching Time Clock has been such a fun way to teach my children how to tell time. I love that there is digital and analog. I was super impressed when I realized its actually a working clock, an alarm clock, and a night light. With the press of a button it will tell them the exact time. This is perfect for my preschooler and kindergartner. His super cute design makes them want to pick him up and play while they don't realize they are learning. I would highly recommend.

Jane 10/29/2020

Learning Clock and Telling Time

Teaching time clock is a great educational toy. My kids (5 and 4 y.o.) love to play using games in both modes (when Super Telly tells time and when it asks random questions). But Super Telly is more then a toy. It is a real clock! My boys were excited to set a time and to set an alarm for the morning. Besides it looks very cute on the desk in the kids’ bedroom!

Heather 10/16/2020

Super Helper

Super Telly is a great helper in my preschool class. We are using him to lean time in conjunction with the daily routine. I thought this would be too advances, but to my surprise with the help of Super Telly my kiddos are telling time!

Baily 10/04/2020

Such a fun toy!!

My kids absolutely Love this toy! Such a fun way to teach them how to tell time! I love that it can be said as a timer, alarm, And has a nightlight too

JAZNA JACKSON 08/27/2020

Fun hands on clock

This clock is wonderful. I use it with my homeschool group which includes my son and 3 other boys. Although they are only 3 they love this clock. They are learning about the hout and minute hand now. Bonus my son uses it as an alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

Kimberly Priddy 07/18/2020

Great Toy

My who is 6 loves this clock! Packaging was very secure and the clock was easy to set up. I love that this toy is a fun educational way for him to learn time in a hands-on way. To add, he loves then night light settings and having his own personal alarm.

Nicole Black 07/15/2020


My five-year-old just started learning how to read a face clock when we got Super Telly. He attention was completely captured by this toy. Using the quiz mode, he mastered how to use the hour and minute hand in one day!

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