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Super Telly Teaching Time Clock (Pink Version)

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Super Telly Teaching Time Clock is here to save the day & night! Super Telly will help your child learn to tell time in both analog and digital time using two teaching modes. In learning mode, Super Telly teaches time in five-minute increments when the hands are moved, updating the LCD screen. In quiz mode, Super Telly asks your child to move the hands on the clock face to match the time displayed on the screen. Super Telly is also a real working clock, an alarm clock & a night light! Super Telly also includes a Tell Time button so your child can press any time, day or night & Super Telly will announce the current time. A timer feature is also included! Learning to tell time with all these great features has never been so much fun. Requires three “AA” batteries (included). Ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Susie 07/26/2020

Cute clock

I love how you pull the tag to start the clock that way you know it actually works. Our kid loved the nightlight and how it had an alarm clock, it really made her feel like a big kid. We loved the quiz mode that way our daughter can really work on recognizing her numbers and how to use a analog clock.

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