Telly Jr. Teaching Time Clock (Pink Version)

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Its never to early to learn how to tell time! Let Telly Jr. Teaching Time Clock help your child learn to tell both analog and digital time using two quiz modes. In the learning mode, Telly Jr. teaches time in five-minute increments when the hands are moved, updating the LCD screen. In the quiz mode, Telly Jr. asks your child to move the hands on the clock face to match the time displayed on the screen. Learning to tell time has never been so much fun. Requires three “AA” batteries (included). Ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Sammy 11/09/2021

A must buy clock

My son is 4. I was trying hard to teach him hiw to tell time but I failed. Then I saw this teaching time clock and I decided to try this and this time it’s a win win for me.<br /> This teaching clock is cute, attractive and easy to use. Now my son is learning how to tell time. All the time he wants to play with it.<br /> If you’re looking a Christmas gift for a toddler, then it’s perfect.<br />

Andrea 07/20/2021

Sweet learning tool!

Our daughter was so excited to open and interact with Telly Jr. Two volume levels, multiple ways to interact and learning hidden in fun are this parents top features. Bright colors, easy to use and interactive activities are what draws my daughter in. Great for kiddos with different abilities and the fact that it teaches both analog and digital is a win!

Taylor Wyatt 11/24/2020

Great Resource for Teaching Time

This is such a great resource for introducing and teaching time. So many kids have a hard time and this make it fun! My daughter loves her little robot clock. She can manipulate the hands and it will tell her the time. There’s also an advanced setting where it will say a time and ask you to move the hands. So many options and ways to teach and play with telling time. We love our Telly!

Lele_meerah_ 10/19/2020

My five year old loves this

My 5 year old is in kindergarten and one of the topics that they have been learn is learning to tell time. This is perfect for her as the clock is able to correct her when she choose the incorrect time. This is perfect for homeschooling, hands-on learning, give mommy a break learning. I would definitely recommend this item, it's perfect for gift ideas and also great for just to have.

1_bella_rose 10/12/2020

Love this clock

My daughter is 4 and it's time for her to learn how to tell time. I'm very impressed with the way the Telly Jr teaches her. Of course we have to practice but this is great toy to add to her homeschooling.

Cute_sisters_aa 10/11/2020

It’s so useful and perfect

This Telly the teaching time clock ⏰ is so beautiful useful and perfect for my daughter,with the help of this clock ⏰ my daughter knows the long hand and the short hand...she is happy to start learning the clock ...

Careena Maclin 09/21/2020

Creative Toy for Learning to TELL TIME

I have a 5 year old daughter and she loves this clock. It's pretty and pink with a really cute smiley face so I think the design captured her attention for the first impression. You have move both hands changing the time and it tells you what time that is. There is also a quiz game that asks for the hands to be moved to a specific time. This is so good for getting the rules of the clock memorized into a child's brain. The price is good and I highly recommend this toy for elementary children.

Kimiko 07/15/2020

My daughter is obsessed with this clock!!

My 3 years old daughter loves this clock! Easy to move clock hands and it will tell you accurate time. Not only telling you the time but also this clock has a quiz feature asking you to find right time. My daughter is now obsessed with this quiz feature and she loves how the “Telly Jr.” talks to her. You can also use this as an actual clock and learn digital time which is a plus. This provides a fun learning experience for any kids who just start to learn numbers and how to read a time.

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