ABC Melody Maker (Primary Color Version)

ABC Melody Maker (Primary Color Version)

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The ABC Melody Maker is loaded with five interactive activities and a songbook to teach your little one about music, sounds, letters, and numbers. In game modes, they will listen for instructions to find items like “helicopter” and “train” and respond to questions like “What number comes before nine?” The buttons are colorful and big for little hands to easily press. Your little one will enjoy endless amounts of searching, following, choosing and listening, and their skills will sharpen without them even knowing it! Measures 14.5” long x 10.5” high. Recommended for ages 3+ years. Requires three AA batteries (included).

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Wendy Melgar 07/02/2023

Love It!!!

Perfect for road trips or just a good screen-off option. The handle is perfect for little hands to take around. Lots of activities and play options. We love that it includes songbook.

Bhavi 01/27/2023

Best Educational Toy!

This toy is so interactive, wonderful and keeps my kiddo busy for hours. There are 5 different game setting with sounds, numbers, letters, music etc which is really great.<br /> It is great for learning the alphabet and includes learning numbers. its perfect gift for your child’s brain development.

Iris 01/22/2023

Super fun toy

This toy is the best, my daughter learn letters and numbers through this. Such a fun way to learn

Jhankar 04/25/2022

Bundle of fun activities.

There are so many activities packed in this little toy and my child gets to play for hours. Every game had different challenge and its perfect gift for your child’s brain development. It can also be used as a piano. I would say this has been a great investment for me so far.

Grade 07/11/2021

Christmas present didn't work

My 2 year old daughter got this for Christmas and only the X,Y,Z keys work on the alphabet side.<br /> All the piano keys work.<br /> I'm disappointed because she loves playing with the toy<br /> I guess I will buy another that hopefully works.<br />

Rita 11/04/2020

Best Educational Toy

My 3 years old daughter absolutely love this toy. It's easy to learning while having fun. I highly recommend this product for preschool students.

Haley 10/07/2020

Best educational toy

This toy has different setting so they can hear the sound, hear the letter being said, and music. It has the alphabet and the piano keyboard does numbers super cute toy. For the older preschoolers there’s an activity mode that gets the kids engaged with the alphabet and numbers

Carolin Soriano 09/12/2020

Super cute little toy

Super cute and useful! I bought it for my 1 year old but my 6 year old is also obsessed with it because of the useful keyboard.Definitely recommend it.

Jingqiu 10/20/2019

Great buy!

Great educational toy with great price! I have bought for several kids's birthday party. They all loved it.

Bruce Koppenhofer 09/05/2019

Very interactive toy

Autistic son is initiating more play with this toy as a result of its very interactive nature. Volume control is sporadically effective.

John King 07/08/2019

great learning toy

My son loves this toy! It is great for learning the alphabet and includes interactive games to facilitate learning numbers 1-10. Overall great quality and great learning tool

Gustavo Vicioso 12/29/2018

Fabuloso !

El niño va a todos lados con su juguete! Altamente recomendable.

Tanis Bolick 07/31/2016

Four Stars

Perfect for a 2 yr. old!

allnewme 01/11/2015

Five Stars

My little one LOVES this

Hilary 01/07/2015

Must have

I fell in love with this item when i saw it online and was super excited when it came. The interactive games are wonderful and keeps my baby busy for hours. There are 5 different game setting with sounds, numbers, letters, music etc which is really great.On the other hand i'm not pleased with some of the pictures they decided to use to describe some of the letters. For example: When playing the game "Find it" they have a pie for the letter P and a very odd sound to describe it, Pie don't make a sound. Why not use piano for P alone with some scales...just saying.All in all it's a great item and i would recommencement it.

belu 11/16/2014

Five Stars

Prompt delivery. Item as described.

hmangal 05/20/2014

at the moment looks expensive

my son only uses it in one mode.. seems a bit expensive for the pricemight be value for money if he starts using other features

Josephine Banks 01/14/2014

Excellent Gift

My 3 year old niece loved her Christmas gift, also her mother. Educational learning toy. She can learn two languages.

Joanna Simm 01/03/2014

Incorrect French

We bought this product as we are raising our child bilingually, given that I am English and my husband is French. We thought that this would be an excellent toy to familiarise her with the basics of both languages. However, on using the toy we realised that the French is in fact incorrect. All of the nouns are preceded by the feminine 'la' even though many of them should use 'le'. The expressions are also literally translated from the English and sound awkward in French.I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who wants their child to learn French, as they will pick up the mistakes.I contacted the seller informing them of the problem and they have refunded the product but haven't shown any intention of rectifying the mistakes. I would be very cautious about ordering.

Akash Paun 06/25/2013

Great toy

Bought this for my son's first birthday. He's a bit young to learn the letters and numbers but he loves all the different sounds this makes, and I'm sure it'll be a great educational tool as he grows. It looks nice too and for the price it's a great purchase. To be honest I rather enjoy it too - it comes with the musical score for simple tunes like Old Macdonald so I've been playing those.

D. Meadows 02/15/2013

Love this!

Bought it for an 18 month old, she loves it. Her parents liked the bilingual aspect of this toy. Great educational toy.

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