Early Learning - Wheels on the Bus

Early Learning - Wheels on the Bus

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Young children will be on board with learning as they play with Wheels on the Bus! A large handle makes it easy for little hands to hold this portable unit, which features fun sound effects, a blinking light, four interactive buttons and the familiar Wheels On the Bus melody. Requires 2 AA batteries (included). Ages 12+ months.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Christy 08/11/2020

Explore with Light Up Toys

This was a big hit!!! The children are able to push the horn, wheel, driver, and children to here different sounds. They dance and sing along with the songs that play.

Cheryl 08/11/2020

Musical Fun

Its very easy for the children to use. The songs are familiar and fun. They like to push the buttons and walk around with it.

Kim Frary 08/03/2020

Great Toy!

We love this toy! It is lightweight and the big handle is easy for my son to hold onto. He enjoys pressing the buttons and dancing to the wheels on the bus song!

Sahrae Rivas 08/01/2020

Learning and fun all in one!

Such a fun toy! My little one asks for it in the morning and sits with it pressing all the buttons over and over. We love the wheels on the bus song!

Ilma A 07/27/2020

Baby enjoys playing with the bus

The bus is lightweight and has no small gaps nor sharp edge, making it ideal for our 6-month old. She enjoys playing with the bus and really likes pressing the "wheel" and "horn" buttons. She also loves the feedback provided by the front light, that turns on in-sync with the sound or the music.<br /> <br /> Every button plays a specific sound or song that matches the shape of the button being pressed. The batteries are also included, which is a big plus! My only concern is that the sound emitted is pretty loud, so just take extra care before giving it to your baby. In our case, a layer of tape helps lower the volume and solve the loudness problem.

Sarah 07/27/2020

Great toy!

This is my little boy's favorite song. He likes to push all the buttons to keep the song going. The buttons are easy for little hands to push and the handle does make it easy for him to take the bus from room to room.

Brittany St Amand 07/26/2020

Wheels on bus

My daughter takes this with her everywhere! She loves this toy. The handle is perfect for her to carry around and sing a long it is a favorite toy in our household.

Tracy 07/26/2020

Cute little toy

Cute little toys. My baby love Wheel on the bus song. Kids can interactive by pushing on character and the horn to make it sound. +8 months probably better.

derrick r 07/23/2020

This little bus is super cute!

This little bus is super cute! The first thing our boy did when he opened it was stand it up next to his other trucks, and I love that feature! I honestly didn't think of doing that when I first saw it but I think it's so neat the people that created it thought of that. I think it would have been even cooler if the wheels rotated, but it's just a minor thing. There are many fun details in this little bus, like the blinking lights, the little buttons that make noises when you push them, and the little carrying handle, which I think is awesome because it makes it so much more versatile and easy to bring anywhere. I also like that it has automatic power shut-off so you don't have to worry about the battery getting wasted, and we all know when you have many toys it's easy to forget to turn them off.

Lyn 07/20/2020


My daughter loves singing along with this toy. She claps everytime it stops singing. It's a great toy for kids to learn from.

Nicole Black 07/15/2020

Perfect for littles

So cute! Easy for my little one to carry around and dance and sing with. Definitely a favorite for encouraging gross motor movement.

susie 07/13/2020


it tells you which person your pushing on and it will sing the song with that person. I think it would be perfect for 8 months and up. SUPER CUTE and PERFECT LEARNING TOY

theresa 07/13/2020

Love it!

This I love. The infants have been playing with it all morning. They love the music and pushing the buttons. I love that it has an on and off button too.

Janelle 07/13/2020

Love it!

Enjoy letting kids listen to the song as they use fine motor skills. The toy has no small parts and I think it could be enjoyed by 8m and up.

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