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Early Learning Wheels on the Bus

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Learning is fun when children play with Wheels On the Bus! With two play modes, little ones can sing along with the classic song, “Wheels On the Bus” and they can press large buttons to hear sound effects and see a blinking light. “Vrrooom” goes the engine, “beep beep” goes the horn, and giggles from the passengers are part of the interactive fun! Buttons are colorful and big for little hands to easily press and the handle is large and easy to grip so this little bus can be a true travel companion. Includes on/off switch and auto shut-off. Requires two AA batteries (included). Ages 12+ months.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Christy 08/11/2020

Explore with Light Up Toys

This was a big hit!!! The children are able to push the horn, wheel, driver, and children to here different sounds. They dance and sing along with the songs that play.

Cheryl 08/11/2020

Musical Fun

Its very easy for the children to use. The songs are familiar and fun. They like to push the buttons and walk around with it.

Kim Frary 08/03/2020

Great Toy!

We love this toy! It is lightweight and the big handle is easy for my son to hold onto. He enjoys pressing the buttons and dancing to the wheels on the bus song!

Sahrae Rivas 08/01/2020

Learning and fun all in one!

Such a fun toy! My little one asks for it in the morning and sits with it pressing all the buttons over and over. We love the wheels on the bus song!

Ilma A 07/27/2020

Baby enjoys playing with the bus

The bus is lightweight and has no small gaps nor sharp edge, making it ideal for our 6-month old. She enjoys playing with the bus and really likes pressing the "wheel" and "horn" buttons. She also loves the feedback provided by the front light, that turns on in-sync with the sound or the music.<br /> <br /> Every button plays a specific sound or song that matches the shape of the button being pressed. The batteries are also included, which is a big plus! My only concern is that the sound emitted is pretty loud, so just take extra care before giving it to your baby. In our case, a layer of tape helps lower the volume and solve the loudness problem.

Sarah 07/27/2020

Great toy!

This is my little boy's favorite song. He likes to push all the buttons to keep the song going. The buttons are easy for little hands to push and the handle does make it easy for him to take the bus from room to room.

Brittany St Amand 07/26/2020

Wheels on bus

My daughter takes this with her everywhere! She loves this toy. The handle is perfect for her to carry around and sing a long it is a favorite toy in our household.

Tracy 07/26/2020

Cute little toy

Cute little toys. My baby love Wheel on the bus song. Kids can interactive by pushing on character and the horn to make it sound. +8 months probably better.

derrick r 07/23/2020

This little bus is super cute!

This little bus is super cute! The first thing our boy did when he opened it was stand it up next to his other trucks, and I love that feature! I honestly didn't think of doing that when I first saw it but I think it's so neat the people that created it thought of that. I think it would have been even cooler if the wheels rotated, but it's just a minor thing. There are many fun details in this little bus, like the blinking lights, the little buttons that make noises when you push them, and the little carrying handle, which I think is awesome because it makes it so much more versatile and easy to bring anywhere. I also like that it has automatic power shut-off so you don't have to worry about the battery getting wasted, and we all know when you have many toys it's easy to forget to turn them off.

Lyn 07/20/2020


My daughter loves singing along with this toy. She claps everytime it stops singing. It's a great toy for kids to learn from.

Nicole Black 07/15/2020

Perfect for littles

So cute! Easy for my little one to carry around and dance and sing with. Definitely a favorite for encouraging gross motor movement.

susie 07/13/2020


it tells you which person your pushing on and it will sing the song with that person. I think it would be perfect for 8 months and up. SUPER CUTE and PERFECT LEARNING TOY

theresa 07/13/2020

Love it!

This I love. The infants have been playing with it all morning. They love the music and pushing the buttons. I love that it has an on and off button too.

Janelle 07/13/2020

Love it!

Enjoy letting kids listen to the song as they use fine motor skills. The toy has no small parts and I think it could be enjoyed by 8m and up.

Charista Zamora 02/25/2020

Love the toy not the packaging

Its an awsome toy my 2 yr old nephew loves it!????!but the onlu thing i have to complain about is the packaging to get it out it was very frustrating.i mean wat the purpose of putting those 4 black screw squares in the back.can u jus secure it down with twist ties next time?

Iri 01/10/2020

It is fun, it sings the song Wheels on the bus, a little bit lou

It is really nice for our toddler who's in love with wheels on the bus. Very easy for our son to turn it on and off himself.

assaf 12/29/2019

My girl loves it.

Round and round

Janibm 12/22/2019

Good buy!

I bought this for an 18 month old girl. It plays the different verses from the song when you touch the wheels, the people, etc.Teaches words and fun music.

vic228 12/18/2019


item was shipped with dead batteries - I had to replace them.

Aracely D Torres 12/09/2019

Good toy for toddlers

Great toy for toddlers.

jackie 10/21/2019

Great toy

This toy is a great buy!

Jill Hanley 08/21/2019

Good toy needs improvement

It would be nice if wheels turned.The sound is good and song cute.Bright colors and sturdy. Can survive falling on floor.

Judy 04/20/2019


Good value

Anne M. 01/15/2019

Great toy

My son loves this although it’s a bit loud and annoying. Lol it’s a good toy though.

tom sell 04/15/2018

Five Stars

As promised

deb hill 10/17/2017

Five Stars

granddaughter 6 and half months loves it not so for the parents a bit irrating

Hack 09/19/2017


Grandson loves it!!!

lisa kay jackson 08/28/2017

Two Stars

My son loved it. About 4 weeks later it stopped making noise.The lights would flash but no sound

Megan O. 01/16/2017

... month old LOVES this song so this toy is perfect!

My 18 month old LOVES this song so this toy is perfect!

Esther S Jackson Elem 01/09/2017

This toy was a big hit as my granddaughter's favorite song is th

This toy was a big hit as my granddaughter's favorite song is the Wheels On The Bus! Only con is that I wished it played more verses. Can't understand why it was so difficult to find a toy that plays a very popular song! Was glad I found this on the internet.

Susie 01/01/2017

Happy music makes happy kids

Wheels on the bus is my granddaughter's song and she loves carrying this around and playing and dancing to it.

Tybren 09/08/2016

Great toy.

Grand son loves this, really a great toy!

Megan W. 07/16/2016

This is the perfect toy to buy a child if you dislike the ...

This is the perfect toy to buy a child if you dislike the child's parents. Kid loves it, but it is the most obnoxious toy. If you want to hear "the horn, the horn, the horn" in a nasally high pitched voice over and over until you hear it in your sleep, this is the toy for you.

P. Stein 04/12/2016

Flat on the side. 10 month old enjoys it.

For a 10 month old that loves the Wheels on the Bus videos on You Tube, great item. I was dissapointed. Reason. I thought this had 4 wheels and could be pushed. It is totally flat. Nothing on the other side. Has a nice song when the button is pushed.

J. Reymore 03/25/2016

Nephew loves this

Just what my baby nephew needed!

Jarek 12/17/2015

Five Stars


Ida Johnson 10/06/2015

Five Stars

my nephew loves it.

Vividee 01/28/2015

daughter loves it

Probably just a random glitch, but one of the buttons doesn't work. Otherwise I would have given it a 5. It was a last minute Christmas arrival, so there wasn't time to return and exchange. Still, my daughter has several other buttons to push and hear the song. This is one of her favorite songs and toys.

luis 01/03/2015

she is not happy if she doesn't hear it a few thousand times ...

my daughter is a big fan of the wheels on the bus song,she is not happy if she doesn't hear it a few thousand times a day on my laptop. with this it gives me and my laptop a break and it gives her her very own bus for her to interact with.

Renee 05/25/2014

Great toy

Look all over for this toy, I love amazon.com it allowed me to do a few clicks and send it to my grand daughter 19 hours away. She loves it, and now I don't have to sing this song for 15 minutes on the phone.

Amber 02/09/2014

Great toy!!!

We bought this for our nephew who is 9 months old. Whenever he fusses we sing the wheels on the bus. This toy allows him to listen to the song and push the buttons!!!

Natalie 12/23/2013

Great gift for a 1 year old!

My 1 year old got this for his first birthday and dances to it all the time. Such a simple toy, but its the one he loves the most!

Jill Baker 07/17/2013

excellent toy

the 3 yr old boy that received this gift is a very happy customer. i understand he sleeps with it:)

HomeUser 12/03/2011

Good but not great

This toy is OK. My 2 year old got tired of it after a couple of uses. The bus is only half-a bus, with one side kinda sliced off. Wish this were a full bus as the picture suggests and wish the wheels would rotate. The song includes the wheels on the bus, driver on the bus and horn on the bus, but no wipers, no door and no baby. This is something my 2 year old pointed... So not the full song, for folks looking for the full song. Other than that, seems well made to withstand my son.

Pleasant 11/13/2011

Nice Toy Wish it Played the Entire Song

This is a nice toy, but it dosen't play the entire song. It would also be nicer if the wheel turned and played the Wheels on the Buss Go Round and Round when turned or pushed. My Grandson was 10 months old when I purchased it he lost interest in it rather quickly. He's 13 months old now and does play with it from time to time.

ostrom1025 06/26/2011

Loved it!!

I loved this toy. I have a special needs child that stops everytime she hears this song. This by far was the best thing I have found that plays the wheels on the bus. I also needed a toy that could not be broken. We love it!!

Tracy Mullis 09/17/2010

18 mo. old niece LOVES this bus...

My 18 mo. old niece will literally stop in her tracks when the Wheels on the Bus song comes on. She LOVES this toy and it is a GREAT attention diverter when she is fussy. We sing the song together over and over and over and over... The repetiveness of the song may test your nerves, but you will definately find yourself humming it at work and in the car! I would recommend this toy to anyone with an infant... it is small and compact like a book, but loaded with fun!

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