ABC Dancing Dino

Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino

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Dance the day away with the Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino, who will wiggle his tail and bust a move to quickly become everyone’s favorite pet. He has two play modes: Action and Let’s Learn. In Action mode you can move Dancing Dino forward and backward and make him dance! In Let’s Learn, Dancing Dino will ask you questions about the ABC and colors. Fun music, funny responses and sound effects will invite your child to sing, dance and play along. Requires 6 AA Batteries. Ages 2+ years.

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Tim 12/14/2020


Our toddler loves it, However upon replacing the batteries the remote no longer works and i lost the manual so we don't know how to resync the unit to the remote

Ciara W 11/30/2020

Absolutely Adorable & Fun For Kids!

My son was so excited to get this toy out of the box, such a cool dinosaur! It has a game mode which asks your child to identify the buttons on the remote and in different orders. It makes learning very exciting for little ones. It also has some adorable tunes that it sings and dances to...which my son absolutely loved!! He laughed everytime the dinosaur moved his tail and danced with the songs. You also have a mode to have the dinosaurs walk forward and backwards which is pretty awesome! I would DEFINITELY recommend this dinosaur Friend to anyone. So much fun!

Sahrae Rivas 11/23/2020

Learning and fun all in one!

We were so excited when our dancing dini arrived! My bunny has had so much fun dancing with it, and following the prompts. Definitely would recommend and gift for the holidays.

Leonel 10/18/2020

Regalo perfecto

Perfecto regalo pa bebe pequeño

Naomi Black 07/22/2020

Exciting and fun!

This toy was one of our first experiences with tlji. My son could not contain his excitement when he first saw the dino and has wanted to take it everywhere since. This toy encourages following directions, which I love. Kids are often so consumed with what they are doing, that they don't listen to a direction given. Because this toy is so engaging, my son will sit forever playing with it and watching it move. It gives him a sense of control while encouraging him to learn directions, follow directions, and also just enjoy watching the dino dance. I would have liked it to have a volume control, but I can't deny that it is a favorite! I recommend it!

Shannon 05/18/2020

So fun and durable

This dino is so awesome. My 2 year old grandson absolutely loves it. It's loud enough can actually hear it. So fun and durable he carries it around drops it, knocks it over. Its taking a beating and still works..

Donna Rinkes 02/23/2020

Good Learning Tool

Gave to my 2 year old grandson loves it!

joe feagan 02/11/2020

Love to play


Petch 01/30/2020

Some problems but still love it

I brought it for my 9 months old. She love watching it dance. It has a few song. The problem is the sound is too noisy, not a pretty voice and fast. After we used for a couple months I dropped it. The sound are gone completely but still walk and dance. It turn out that my daughter like with no noisy sound.

Israel H. 01/10/2020


Got for my nephew he loves it

Bryan G 01/09/2020

Great for small children.

My 3 year old Grandchild loves it. Highly recommend for a small child.

SB 01/05/2020

Loved it

For my one year old grandson at Christmas.Loved it!

Tessa m johnston 06/29/2019

Worth it as a gift

Bought it as a gift, it was amazing it drove the parents nuts. It was loud and fun.

johanna 04/05/2019

Good toy

Was a good to have my son loved it but got bored of quickly because it doesnt really walk walk it takes a few steps n then starts playing music n other stuff so it wasnt what he expected but a good toy for younger kids

Gregory Wisniewski 02/16/2019

Good buy

It's very cute. My 3 yr old loves it. It has easy to learn controls and games to play.

Samantha 02/07/2019

OMG so loud!!!

Great toy, once you put duck tape over the mouth hole. Even after it's still loud. But bearable

Tiger 02/05/2019

Worth it

Cute, durable, educational

jmm7783 01/05/2019

Good for wide age range

This toy is fun. Very cute. I would prefer it has a volume setting, but not a deal breaker.

Andrea W. 01/03/2019

Adorable learning Dino toy!

Gave to my nephews for Christmas and they love it. Interactive and fun leaning toy.

Yolanda Covarrubias 12/28/2018

Love it

My son loves it, it moves with him and walks forward and back

Teresa Robinson 12/23/2018


Made a great Christmas gift! Fast shipping.

Amy S. 11/27/2018

Fun for 2’s

My 2 year old grandson loved this. He is really into “Dysen-ors”

Tiger 10/28/2018


Everything is good with this toy!

Aaron52990 07/26/2018


Niece loves it

Emily 07/14/2018

Hours of fun

I got this for my son on his 2nd birthday!! He loved it! He carries the remote around and won’t share, haha! It is not too complicated that he can’t play with it and not to babieish that it doesn’t keep him entertained. Great biy!! Would recommend!

Jeanette Harris 06/04/2018

Children under 2 may be fearful.

Everything but my grandson was scared.

summer 05/24/2018

Two Stars

It’s cute but my daughter barely played with it. Lost interest quick

E. Klaus 01/30/2018

I bought this for my son because he loves dancing to the music (

I bought this for my son because he loves dancing to the music (1 caveat - volume)The extremely loud volume that cannot be controlled is a concern if your children keep their ears as close to this thing as mine do.I recommend a 4 layer duct tape fix on top of the speakers under the head.The toy turns off automatically, and very quickly, and then has to be turned on at the toy (the remote does not turn the toy back on).I like this feature - but it is way to quick. It should actuate after 30 minutes or so. (certainly not a minute or so).

Vicky Mills 01/22/2018

Five Stars

fun for my 3 year old grandson

Paul C. 01/18/2018

Fun stuff

I gave it 5 stars because it does what it says and it's been a week and my three year old hasn't broken it yet.

Mary J Reynolds 01/15/2018

a big hit with my granddaughter

A Christmas gift for my 2 year old granddaughter. She LOVES it!!! The video in the product description is an accurate representation of the toy.

Audrey Van Veen 01/11/2018

Not is it educational but fun to play with and helps her feel li

My toddler LOVES this toy. Not is it educational but fun to play with and helps her feel like she has something that competes with her older siblings electronic toys.

John Snyder 01/04/2018

fun toy

great grand daughter loved it.

robert 12/27/2017

Four Stars

Son loves it!

AEvans 12/12/2017

Cute dino

What a fun toy that encourages learning! i think this toy is extreemely adorable and i think my son will like this more once he is a bit older, he is only 1 right now so he loses interest quickly but an overall good buy just a little pricey for what you get

Virginia Williams 10/12/2017

Five Stars

My great grandson just loved this.

Flora Jean 03/27/2017

Cute, responsive to remote

My toddler is scared to death of this. This isn't the products fault!! Personally I think it's a cute Dino. The remote is easy to work and the Dino is responsive. I hope my toddler outgrows her fear and will play with this eventually.

Kayla Sobolak 12/29/2016


Cute but the mechanical sound of the movement was loud enough to almost drownd out his words.

LGR 12/25/2016


Very good quality did all the things that it said it would do

R T 12/13/2016

Fun toy

Our 3 yo grandchild loves this toy. She loves that it is a dinosaur!

Rosemarie O'Brien 11/19/2016

Grandson loves it when it sings songs, walks and ...

Grandson loves it when it sings songs, walks and growls,he is 22months, He gets angry when he gets stuck on the question section and can't get out, too young to answer questions.

Michelle Harris & Kevin L. Harris Jr. 10/12/2016

Sweet Dino

My 2 year old loves playing with this guy. It's fun and entertaining.

Tmarie 10/06/2016

Five Stars

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for one of my grandsons. I will update after Christmas.

Claudia 09/20/2016

Five Stars

What little boy doesn't love dinosaurs! Perfect

Margey 09/02/2016

Kids love this stupid thing

Kids love this stupid thing. I do not, mostly because the play with it often and it's loud and annoying. He is cute, well made and like I said well used. Only issue, body came with batteries installed and the twins were able to open the compartment and remove the batteries while I was out of the room. Still missing two of the batteries, and it's scary to think what could have happened and where did they put the missing one. Kids just turned three, girl is not as interested.

Scarlett 09/01/2016

Awesome First Remote Control Toy for a child!

This is super cute for a child's first remote control toy! It's even better than expected, very easy to use. The only con I have, and it's a small one, is I wish there was a way to turn it on/off from the remote instead of only on the actual dinosaur itself. Other than that, it's really nice, well made and works great! Oh yeah and it has good sound and you can understand what is being said clearly :)

Teresa F. Robinson 08/17/2016


This is a gift

ElgynSpyder 08/12/2016

12 month old loves it.

My 12 month old grandson lives it.

MADD 07/27/2016

super cute. had to get it replaced bc the ...

super cute. had to get it replaced bc the remote didn't work in the first one we received (hello awesome amazon prime perks! :)) but the second one worked perfectly. The toddler can already press the buttons to make him dance or walk or sing.... fun toy to keep them entertained

AwesomeReviews 07/23/2016

Easy enough for a 2 year old to operate

This dinosoaur is so adorable !! We bought it for our 2 year old and he loves it. Its simple enough for him to operate with the up down buttons, and he loves pushing all the other buttons so he makes noise. His colors are really nice and vibrant, and its great for learning and playing at the same time. This was a really great buy. Besides, what 2 year old doesnt love dinosaurs ?

The Tiki 07/21/2016

Five Stars

Both my son's love to play with it.

Lana Lerner 07/20/2016

Bought for my 2. 5 year old twins. ...

Bought for my 2.5 year old twins. Very interactive and teaches through play.

Angela J Ross 07/16/2016

Works great!

My daughter loves this toy! Works great!

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