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Kids love to role play and the Shop and Learn Cash Register gives them the opportunity to play grown up shoppers! Three play modes encourage kids to shop, count, identify food and determine values. Kids will have a great time scanning food, entering coins, sliding the credit card, and opening the cash drawer. The Shop and Learn Cash Register will quickly become a favorite! Requires two “AA” batteries (included). Ages 2+ years.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Nami Ayah 02/08/2023

Great idea for little shoppers

Nami loves this so much it pairs great with her TLJI shopping cart as a set.

Vee 02/03/2023


Dustin really LOVES this cash register. It makes realistic sounds and prompts kids to show what they know , he loves that ! He now has a fascination with pretend play so he was immediately my cashier and I his customer . I adore his love for learning and practicing life skills . Toys like this helps with math and catching on to concepts of daily life . I wanted to buy some eggs from his store so bad. Charge mommy $10, no change????????<br /> <br /> Just a whole lot of fun ! <br />

Lindsi S 05/09/2022

Simple and Fun

This cash register is not a “busy” as many others on the market. I appreciate the simplicity. Easy to follow directions for the child to learn and play with numbers, money, food and colors! <br /> Just be careful not to lose any pieces because the “find the orange carrots” etc.. can be frustrating if missing pieces, you will not be able to play certain modes.

Jasmin Villanueva 04/18/2022

Love this toy!

My daughter loves this grocery cash register. Helps her learn how to count and learn identifying numbers. She also loves telling me what she’s buying like grapes and broccoli. Also helps with her fine motor skills to put the coins in cash register. We absolutely love it!

Tyler Moore 04/14/2022

Fun Cash Register Toy

Our 3 daughters love playing grocery store with all of their play food, and this cash register is adding a fun element to their play. They can scan their food and then pay with coins or a credit card. It's fun for a range of ages!

Vetta 11/02/2020


“Loving the Shop and Learn register from @the_learning_journey ! Dusty had such a great job showing off his skills of shopping, counting , and identifying foods . Best for ages 2 and older. We also got some additional food w/ basket to enhance the experience ????”

Susan White 10/29/2020

Great toy

My grandchildren love playing with this toy...even their friends love to play with it. I wish that I could purchase replacement coins for it because we've lost a coin and the credit card. The children still play with it. It is educational.

Baily 09/05/2020

We love this toy

Oh man! This is honestly the cutest toy ever!!! My daughter has not put it down for a second!! I love how it teaches through hands on play. And teaches them to count, pretend, and learn the concept of value. Highly recommend!!!

Sahrae Rivas 08/01/2020

Learning and fun all in one!

This toy is so chock full of fun! My little one played with it for hours! She loves putting the coins in the slot. I loved that it has 3 different settings with the prompts becoming more challenging as you go up. There is so much learning going on!

Damiano’s Picks 07/25/2020

Fun for all

My son received this item this morning and has been really focused on all the buttons, coins, and food items. Even at 9 months, he is trying to scan the items and enjoying putting items in the cash register: the item itself is sturdy and the scanning features have been accurate throughout play. As a bonus feature, my wife is also loving this item and playing with my son. She stated it is bringing back many of her own childhood memories and loving that she is sharing it with our son. Overall, fun for the whole family. I can only hope they make additional scannable food items to expand on the learning!

Being 03/25/2020


Bought for my 2 years girl, very interesting and educational.

Steve Tiburzi 01/31/2019


What little girl doesn't like to play pretend... My granddaughter loves getting out her cash register (and Shop and Go Shopping Cart as well) and playing "mommy." She puts her baby doll in the shopping cart and then does the checkout. Sometimes I even have to be the mommy so she can go to work at the store. She likes carrying around the coins and debit card in her purse and counting them to pay for her food. The debit card scanner is too cute! Great toy that she doesn't realize is teaching her things like counting and the value of money all while playing with it. She can spend hours at "the store!"

Richard Zarco 12/29/2018



samah e. 11/06/2018

I love it

I love it

MBK 08/08/2018

Most fun toy for the kids!

My 4 year old enjoyed this; but it got old quick since he knows all these basics. I bet a younger kiddo would think this was awesome!!! I'm going to buy one for my little niece. It's really a cute idea!

Pamela Tiernan 04/03/2018

She has learned colors and new words and has such fun ringing th

She has learned colors and new words and has such fun ringing things up

Anthony 03/27/2017

Five Stars

So the lesson I learned with toy reviews was, to make sure I took pictures of all the pieces, before I pass it off to the kids to play with. Needless to say, I'm 3 coins short and someone stole the grapes, lol. However I did get a picture of Hannah & Jacob playing nicely with the Shop and Learn Cash Register before they decided to lose few in the living room. With my luck they're under the couch. They seem to really love the Shop and Learn Cash Register, I need to get two of them, so Hannah has one and Jacob has his own, Jacob hasn't learned how to share yet.The Shop and Learn Cash Register comes with 5 coins, 5 pieces of fruits & vegetables, & a credit card. There is three play modes encourage counting, identifying food, and determining values.The best part about Shop and Learn Cash Register is the low volume setting & high volume setting, besides the off button, that's the best one. Two AA batteries are included with the purchase. Recommended for ages 2 years and older.Here are the different settings:Let's Play! Is great for the younger kids who are learning the basic identification of numbers and food. It will read the number you press & when you slide the food through the scanner it will tell you what it is.Find It! This is basically a guessing game, it will ask you to find certain numbers or foods to put through the scanner.Let's Go Shopping! The cash register asks you what you want to buy, once you scan it will tell you to put the certain amount of coins in the slot or you can press the number on the keypad then swipe the plastic credit card.Out of the three settings, I would say 3 was pretty priceless as Hannah who is 3 was playing with it. She said, "I already told you, I don't have anymore coins!" That was pretty funny. She cracks me up. Overall I would totally recommend the Shop and Learn Cash Register to anyone with small children looking for a fun way to learn about numbers. This would go really well with Hannah's play food kitchen.Disclosure: The company provided me with this product in exchange for a product review. All Opinions are my own.

Trevdowg 03/22/2017

Drawer sticks occasionally, but love it!

My 2 children (4 and 2) LOVE this cash register from Christmas. They loved putting the coins in, swiping the groceries and using their own credit card; however, I will be returning the product. The front of the cash drawer is held on by 2 small screws and a small plastic bracket. One of my children pulled the front of the drawer off and it broke the small plastic bracket holding the drawer front in place. I will be loking into another grocery store set for them since it inspired lots of play time!

Shannon 01/23/2017

Quality Playtime

I found it as enlightening as my granddaughter.

Mariana Gonzalez 09/20/2016

Five Stars

Our 2 year old grandson loves his new register and our 4 year old does too. It's easy to use and lots of fun!

Azhippichk 06/27/2016

Great gift

We had the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for a blog review and were highly impressed! We have a cash register from a different brand and this one is definitely superior. When we were invited to try and review the Shop and Learn Cash Register I wondered if it might be too young for my four year old, but in actuality, the interactivity of this cash register makes it so much more versatile than most toy cash registers and I think she will continue to use it for quite a while!The Shop and Learn Cash Register comes with two AA batteries, five food items, five coins, and a credit card. Everything is great quality and so colorful!There are two volume settings. Hallelujah! Toys that only come with one volume setting kind of make me crazy because more often than not, the volume setting they come with is way too loud for a mommy's eardrums!There are three play settings, or activity modes, on the cash register. This is my absolute most favorite feature and is what sets this cash register apart from others. It makes it more fun, more exciting, and more educational. It also creates an experience that allows a child to play alone without feeling that they need a companion to play a separate role as customer, etc. We still do play it together quite often, but it's not a necessity as it often is with other toys. The "Let's Go Shopping" mode is our favorite. The cash register asks you what you want to buy, you slide it down the register belt, it identifies it, tells you how much it costs, and asks you to pay with coins or credit card and you do. It's so fun!If you are in the market for a new educational toy for pretend play, we highly recommend the Shop and Learn Cash Register from The Learning Journey International. It is fun, educational, and high quality. I think you'll be pleased with your purchase!

Jane and her Dragons 05/21/2016

A HUGE hit with the toddler crowd

A friend of ours gave this toy to our daughter for her 2nd birthday and it was a big hit at the party, literally every child there wanted to play with it. And even now, more than 6 months later, my daughter still loves playing with it. It has different settings with differing levels of "difficulty", so it "grows" with your child. One setting teaches number recognition, which we love. Our baby also loves playing with it. The only thing I would change about this toy is to include some kind of bag or container to store the pieces, because we can never find more than half of them.

Leanne 12/02/2015

Five Stars

Like others stated, the coins get stuck constantly. There is a SERIOUS design flaw. There is a slot between the drawer and the side of the unit. When the drawer is open the coins can fall right into this slot and get stuck or slide under the drawer itself. The drawer must be closed for the coins to be placed in the slot and like another posted, "it is unreasonable to think that a 2 year old can remember to keep the drawer shut before putting in the coins". If you receive this as a gift and cant return it... here's how to fix the problem.1. take the rubber pads off of the bottom and unscrew every single screw in the white bottom portion.2. Gently lift and separate bottom from the unit.3. Remove stuck coins.4. Find a piece of strong tape, like painters tape. Then, tape over the small sliver of space that is causing the problem. My piece of tape was approx. 1.5 inches long by 0.5 inches wide. Also, be cautious not to cover the oval hole that is used to secure the bottom to the unit itself.5. If drawer is open when coins are placed into the slot, they will sit on top of the tape until you close the drawer. Then they will fall into the drawer. Problem solved.

Ruthie H. 08/26/2015

Such a fun toy to keep a toddler busy!

We received the Shop and Learn Cash Register in the mail yesterday and my 2 year old son hasn't wanted to play with anything else! He loves that he is able to independently use it and loves to put the coins in the slot, open the register, and start all over again. It is the perfect toy to keep him busy for 30+ minutes (which is a lot for a 2 year old!). We have it set up by his play kitchen and shopping cart so it is a great addition to his pretend play! I love that the pieces are big enough not to be a choking hazard. This is such a great gift for any toddler to learn and play (and a great gift for the parent too!)

D. Thiessen 02/22/2015

He loved it but wanted to know where the zero was

I bought this for my grandson's 3rd birthday. He loved it but wanted to know where the zero was.

Heather 10/14/2014

Great Toy!

My children absolutely adore this cute little cash register! He is adorable, fun and promotes learning! You cannot get much better than that! . This toy encourages children to count, identify numbers and colors, and even helps them identify the various fruits and veggies. I love toys that promote real life skills and this toy definitely fits the bill and has been enjoyed by my 9, 5 and 1 year old. My children were excited from the minute this toy arrived, and have played with it constantly since. I love that this little register comes with different volume levels, it's perfect for our noisy household on the highest option, but can also be used during quiet time on the lowest. This toy will be played with for many years to come, and will no doubt be a favorite throughout those years. This is a great great toy!

Happy Happy Gal 07/02/2014

My 4 year old enjoyed this; but it got old quick since he ...

My daughter LOVES this toy. It was so fun for her to pretend to be ringing up her own food at the grocery store. I personally like that the cash register lends an educational element into the fun with the three different learning modes. The first mode is really easy and great for beginners, the second mode asks questions and the child has to find the right food or press the right number, the 3rd mode has you "scan" a piece of food and then it tells you to pay x amount or press a number and slide the credit card. So much fun for preschoolers.

D Berard 01/15/2014

Exactly what I was looking for

Purchased orginally for my 2 year old twins but everyone in the neighborhood ended up playing with it. This is an awesome register. You slide fruits & veggies & they ring up & you can pay for them with different means, currency/debit. There are other learning factors on the register also like learning colors. This is an high quality item not cheaply made.

Andrea Horn 01/02/2014

Great for older children!

I love the capabilities of this register. You swipe the food and it tells the child how much it costs and the child has to either deposit that many coins or use the "credit card". My only complaint (which is more my problem than the products) is that my daughter is a little young for it. She is 20 months and she just wants to put money in, push buttons and make the drawer open and close. There is no "setting" where they can just do their own thing. All settings are educational (counting money, finding certain foods, etc).

Wendy Vazquez 11/12/2013

High Quality & Makes Learning Easy for Kids


Kryn 10/19/2013

good idea but

This was a great buy, my kiddos enjoy this and never had a problem with the coins being stuck like other reviewers have stated in the past , maybe its because the manufacture have fixs the problem.

GPBanff 03/01/2013

An educational toy for preschoolers.

We received the Shop and Learn Cash Register in the mail yesterday and my 2 year old son hasn't wanted to play with anything else! He loves that he is able to independently use it and loves to put the coins in the slot, open the register, and start all over again. It is the perfect toy to keep him busy for 30+ minutes (which is a lot for a 2 year old!). We have it set up by his play kitchen and shopping cart so it is a great addition to his pretend play! I love that the pieces are big enough not to be a choking hazard. This is such a great gift for any toddler to learn and play (and a great gift for the parent too!)

t_riffic77 02/27/2013

Fantastic toy that grows with child

My daughter received this as a gift, and the first one was defective--the screw on the battery compartment was stripped so that we couldn't get it open to load batteries, and the electronic functions weren't working. After convincing my almost 3-year-old to let us send it back (she slept with the cash register the first night), we used Amazon's replacement service and promptly got a new one which works fine. It came pre-loaded with batteries and she loves the different voice and scanning functions, and to me it seems like a good way to help her learn her numbers. We have noted the issue that others noted with coins getting stuck, but it is possible to get them out My daughter has also quickly learned to shut the drawer before putting coins in, solving the problem. So perhaps the design flaw is more of an issue for younger toddlers. Overall, I like the simple design and bright colors, and although it is not perfect, I am quite satisfied with our replacement register.

Sarah Arvanitis 01/30/2013

My grandson loves it

Kids like it.

Mama’s Paying for This 01/24/2013


It is very colorful. I love the different things that you can do with it. My grandson likes how it talks to him.

Busy Mommy 01/13/2012

Pleased overall

My girls like the toy BUT the coins get stuck so often and the drawer is very hard to get out that at times I want to throw it away. Very poor design for ages 2 and up. I would not buy this toy and I would return it but it was a Christmas from another family member.

L. Koch 12/26/2011

bad coin slot

We purchased this toy for our grand daughter who was two. She enjoyed learning about the fruit, vegetables, coins, bills and the numbers. It keeps her attention for a long time. Very well built.

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