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Learn with Me - Color Cow

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Children will be fascinated and inspired when they play with the Learn With Me Color Cow. Simply place the milk carton-shaped cutouts into the container to learn about numbers, shapes, colors, flavors, and counting! This colorful learning toy includes the specially designed cow-shaped container, 10 milk carton-shaped cutouts to deposit, and has two play modes: Discovery and Find It! All cutouts store neatly inside the container. Requires two AA batteries (included). Recommended for ages 2+ years.

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Julia Wentzel 09/30/2022

Great learning toy!

My son adores this toy! Perfect for any child learning colors. Would make a great addition to any classroom or playroom

Cheyenne Pogue 10/28/2021

A great learning toy for babies and toddlers

My daughter is 18months and loves the concept of putting each jug in the hole over and over again! I as a mom love how it tells you the color of each jug as it enters the cow! This is a fun way to learn your colors and a great toy for hand eye coordination.

Ebony pryor 10/31/2020

Love it!!!

Definitely a must have for my toddler who is learning his colors and love animals! Makes learning fun!!

Amazon Customer 09/27/2020

Favorite birthday gift

Grandkids really like Le this toy

Kindle Customer 09/13/2020


grandson just turned three. He didn't really care about trying to learn or listen to the cow giving directions but he loved it anyway! It makes noise and looks like the cows on the farm, that was good enough for him!!!

juliana k. 08/06/2020

Love it

Got it for the baby I used to nanny and he is obsessed with cows. He love it!

Jessica F. 07/07/2020

Very cool cow, but SO DANG LOUD.

This is such a great educational toy for our little one whose obsessed with cows. It's both interactive and free-time play friendly. The only downside is how LOUD the sound effects are. Like... LOUD. There's no ability to adjust the volume, so we ended up putting a few strips of scotch tape over the speaker to ease our ears.

Davida gower 06/06/2020

Love it

A little loud but it’s currently my 2.5yr olds favorite toy

Erin Fish 05/19/2020

My son's new favorite toy.

I got this for my son because he is obbessed with cows and right now he's trying to learn how to say his colors. It's now his new favorite toy. He even takes it to bed with him. But the reason i love this toy so much is because the cow at some point says "Mmmmmm, that was tasty!" And now my son, who is just now learning how to talk, says "Tasty!!" just like the cow says it and it's the cutest little thing i ever seen. So yeah we love this toy.

Jamie Hickey 03/04/2020


Greatest toy for colors and forCoordination

Jules78 02/04/2020

Not all the milks came

Mine only came with 9 mills not 10 so I was disappointed

Melissa Jessen 01/05/2020

Good for learning

Great product! My granddaughter loves it.

Lissa Beck 12/05/2019

Needs to be more heavy duty, but for most kids should be fairly

Like that it has colors and flavors-But for younger kids ( says 2+?) needs an option for JUST colors.

Chelly 07/31/2019

A favorite in my house

My 2 year old has E.I. services and his teacher had a similar toy and he loved it so much I had to buy one. I got the cow version and wow does this keep the kids entertained. it has two modes, one who can drop random milk jugs and the other is listening for the color and dropping the correct one in. It's also a good toy to help kids learn to share and take turns with each other. Definitely a great learning toy.

Mel 05/07/2019

Nice toy but hard to retrieve pieces

The main problem with this item is the size of the hole to retrieve the pieces from inside the toy. It's small making it hard to get the pieces out of the toy.

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