Shapes Elephant

Learn with Me - Shapes Elephant

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Children will have tons of fun playing with the Learn With Me Shapes Elephant, which includes a specially designed container, 10 peanut shaped cutouts to deposit, and has two play modes: Discovery and Find It! to help them learn about colors and shapes. All cutouts store neatly inside the container. Requires two AA batteries (included). Recommended for ages 2+ years.


Kayla R 02/01/2023

Shapes Elephant

We got the Learning Shapes Elephant for our 2.5 year old and 4 year old sons. <br /> <br /> The elephant is lightweight and durable. <br /> The colored peanuts are the perfect size for their little hands. <br /> <br /> It has an on/off switch, but does not have volume controls. Thankfully, the volume of the toy is not overbearing at all. The questions and statements are all easy to understand by my toddler and preschooler.<br /> <br /> It did take my 2.5 year old several times to insert the peanuts in the right direction in order for the elephant to recognize which one was inserted. <br /> <br /> Overall, they both really enjoyed this toy and were carrying around the peanuts while naming the shapes and colors they had.

Alexsia 10/14/2022

Super cute learn and play toy for kids!

My daughter LOVEs playing with her elephant shapes every single day! Soon as she comes home from daycare, she wants to play and learn. Kids not only have fun with this toy, but they also learn shapes and colors! Great gift for kids!

Jasmin Villanueva 11/22/2021

Very fun!

Loved that the Elephant shapes game also teaches colors! My 2 year old loved when it would ask her to find a certain color because she loves colors. Also is helping her learn shapes she didn’t know yet. Liked that it tells her when she got one wrong so she could find the correct one.

Carolina Jaramillo 11/05/2020

Great learning product

Great way to learn colors and shapes. I love that the elephant would tell my kids what color and what shapes she wants and it would let them know when they inserted the wrong one that way they could analyze and get the correct one! It is fun and it also helps them with their fine motor skills.

Meagan 09/30/2020

Shapes Elephant

I work with kids and they love this toy! I like to hide them around the room, and have the kids search for the piece that the elephant says. Very loud, and clear. Great for color, shape, and counting!

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