Crawl Abouts Butterfly

Crawl About Butterfly

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Your child will be off and crawling in no time with the Crawl About Butterfly. This early learning companion wobbles as it moves. A simple push on the back starts its forward motion. It also has bright lights and fun melodies, enticing your child to crawl after it as it moves across the floor. Crawl About Butterfly will quickly become a favorite! Requires two AAA batteries (included). Ages 6+ months.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Carol Woodland 07/23/2021

Butterfly does not work

The antenna flashes & it makes a chimming noise - that's it. It does not move. Batteries are okay so I don't know what the problem is. When I checked online & found that other people complained about it too. I comtacted the mfg. & am hoping they will make it right.

Roaa 06/09/2021

Help, how to fix wheels?

Hello, I have bought this one for my little baby, but unfortunately the wheels not moving while the music and lights are work. Is there any thing to do to fix the wheels? I changed the batteries but nothing work. Help please.

Neha 02/01/2021

Love our butterflu

My baby loves the crawling butterfly. He crawls after it and loves the sounds too! We also love that it has such vibrant colors.

Brandon 11/27/2020

Nice toy

excellent my baby smiles with this toy,still intact and the battery is durable

LILLY WALKER 08/08/2020

Fun and cute toy

Super cute toy. It's hard to figure out and you have to push on the bottom harder them I expected but our baby loves it. The batteries run out quickly but I would recommend it.

Janelle 07/13/2020

Go Butterfly

A toy for parents to enjoy with their 3-6m olds to enjoy tummy time and encourage movement. Will turn off if not triggered to move and older children prefer picking it up and looking at the wheels.

theresa 07/13/2020

perfect for 3 months and up

I think this is a cute toy. Makes really cool music. Love that you can turn it on or off. Just takes a little bit of time for the infant to figure out how to make it move, otherwise is a great learning toy.

susie 07/13/2020

perfect for 3 months and up

it has adorable songs on it and it moves perfectly around the room. I loved that when you push on the wings the wheels stop.

Josee 06/05/2020

Baby’s need this

Fany toys, also educational for babies

Jason Calissi 01/11/2020

Would buy again

Cute and bright my 6 month oldLoves it. He rolls over to it so I’m sure I’m no time he will crawl to it. My theee year old plays with it too lol :)

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