Crawl Abouts Bee

Crawl About Bee

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The Crawl About Bee will encourage your little one to crawl as it moves across the floor and features a bright, baby-friendly design with three fun melodies. The classic nursery rhymes include Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Tap the cute button nose to wake the bee and then simply press its back to watch it go! This award-winning little bumblebee is safe and brilliant for developing gross motor skills for boys and girls ages 6 months and up. Requires two AAA batteries (included).

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AGES (0-3) Early years
Maleeha 06/18/2023

Great toy for Crawlers!

I have tried many crawling toys and although theyre all pretty much the same, this one has something that sets it apart from the rest: its pace! Most crawling toys are too fast for a baby to keep up with but this one moves at the perfect speed. Fast enough to be challenging but slow enough for a baby to keep up. The melodies and lights are an added bonus. I also love how the button to start the toy is easily accessible for a baby creating a great opportunity for independent play!

Abby Fishman, Pediatric Occupational Therapist 10/25/2022

1,000 STARS

I love this product! I give it 10 stars if I could. My daughter was delayed in crawling, When she finally began to initiate and get on all fours, this was so motivating for her. She loves music and toys that are bright. The crawling bee, moves at an appropriate pace for a baby that is of crawling age, not too fast or too slow. It also has a hidden button in the back that the babies tap for it to propel more. The button does not require too much pressure, making it a just right challenge for the baby to do. I also love the size of this item so I could carry and bring it everywhere.

Monica G. 04/08/2021

Baby loves it

Since we started tummy time my son need something to look at while he exercises those neck muscles and this cute little bee does just that. He loves looking at it light up and the music grabs his attention which is just what we need during tummy time. Even when not on his tummy his big brother enjoys showing him and playing music with his new bee and he absolutely loves it. Cute toy!

Brandon 11/27/2020

Nice toy

excellent my baby smiles with this toy,still intact and the battery is durable

Kim 09/15/2020

Crawl About Bee

My son loves this bee! He loves the music and chasing it around as it crawls all over the house. It definitely keeps him moving and engaged.

LILLY WALKER 08/08/2020

Fun and cute toy

Super cute toy. It's hard to figure out and you have to push on the bottom harder them I expected but our baby loves it. The batteries run out quickly but I would recommend it.

Ilma A 08/06/2020

Fun and Safe

My baby girl is yet to learn how to crawl and she is already excited to watch the Bee moving in front of her. We envision this will be a perfect tool to teach her to crawl. The Bee moves in a straight line and is fastest on a solid floor, but can also move slower on our carpet. The movement is activated by pressing down the Bee's "butt." We love that it can be activated and deactivated by a small button on the nose, preventing accidental movements. Although the toy has several moving parts, they are well concealed by small gaps that prevents our baby's finger from poking in. In addition to protecting her precious fingers, this will make the toy last longer.

Lyn 07/20/2020

Love it!

My one year old daughter absolutely loves this toy! Every time she turns it on she chases after it hahaha. She honestly plays with it everyday!

Josee 06/05/2020

Baby’s need this

Fany toys, also educational for babies

Jason Calissi 01/11/2020

Would buy again

Cute and bright my 6 month oldLoves it. He rolls over to it so I’m sure I’m no time he will crawl to it. My theee year old plays with it too lol :)

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