Match It! - Fun With Shapes

Match It! Fun With Shapes

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Learn all about shapes with this fun puzzle game. Simply take turns selecting the proper shape to fit your puzzle board, and if you are the first to complete your puzzle with the right shapes and color, you win! Kids will develop shape recognition skills as well as cooperative skills through gameplay. Game includes four puzzle boards and 24 colored shapes. Recommended for ages two and up.

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AGES (0-3) Early years
CJ Keller 08/30/2020

Bright and Engaging!

We have a set of this Match It-Fun With Shapes game at home and in my clinic. I use it often with my toddlers and preschoolers to practice shapes and colors. With little ones, I like to work on one board together. With Pre-K kids, we will play the game as a competition to see who can complete their board first and name the shapes that they used in their picture. It's a nice change to the typical shape and color activities!

Kindle Customer 01/15/2019


Good teaching too.

Mamanof4 01/12/2018

Five Stars

Awesome product

Lisa 01/04/2018

Good for the price.

You get 4 puzzles; each with 6 shapes. However, they are the same 6 shapes for each one. I wish they were different. They are thick cardboard so not the greatest quality. Also they are very simple my 18 month old can do all 4 in like 5 minutes. Still decent for the price though. It was a nice extra Christmas present that he does enjoy.

Roman S. 07/20/2017

great quality.

Kids play with it over and over! great quality.

CR 04/13/2017

The price is good, but the package could have included several m

The price is good, but the package could have included several more sheets to the box. It includes only 4, for the type of material it is made of this toy could have included 8 at least for the same price

Anna 04/11/2017

Great puzzle

My 27 month old loves this puzzle!

Yahaira O. 02/14/2017

excellent my baby love it even do it lasted only ...

excellent my baby love it even do it lasted only few day she got them and louse them all

Patricia Burrows 02/06/2017

Five Stars

my daughter loves to play with for hours!

Mawmaw 6 02/10/2016

Great learning tool

Great learning activity for 2yr old

ERIN 04/21/2015

Making learning fun is the best technique

Making learning fun is the best technique! My daughter loves playing the memory game so I bought all number memory and alphabet and color and shape memory games to take learning to another level. She knows all her numbers, letters, shapes and colors because of this technique! My children would always lose concentration after 10 minutes with traditional learning.Try these methods and the results speak for themselves!

jbnyc 02/06/2015

Cute and colorful

These are such colorful scenes and well made however I wish there were more variety and detail in the shapes. As well as more places to add them on each page.

Holly P. 01/27/2015

Fun way to learn shapes!

We just got this today and my 2 year old loved playing with this!

Mr.Williams 09/22/2014

Five Stars

a great learning tool for your younger children and the older kids don't get bored either.

Carolina Zago 06/16/2014

Very good

Dear parents, this is a wonderful way to teach colors, shapes and vocabulary. The quality of the item is really good. The colors are bright and the drawings very nice.

Teresa Buonomo 12/27/2013

Not for me.....

The "game" itself really isnt a game; just placing pieces on the matching shapes. I was disappointed because the ages on this were 3+ yet my 2 year old placed with it once and is already bored. My son is really into shapes, so I know he is above average in shape identification, but I was hoping for a little more challenge out if this game. If your child is just learning basic shapes, then I would say this is a good starting point. The only other disappointment for me was that there are only 4 cards to play with. I would have expected more cardboard puzzles for the price.

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