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Learning about numbers and basic math has never been this much fun! This colorful set of math puzzle cards provides children with an excellent introduction to number recognition, counting, and basic addition and subtraction. The 30 puzzle cards feature 10 cards of counting, 10 cards of addition and 10 cards of subtraction. The puzzles are self-correcting — only cards with the correct answer will fit together, a fun way to learn basic mathematics. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Mandy 01/27/2023

Great learning!

Fun and effective way to help teach addition and subtraction!

Lina Montoya 09/28/2022

Great resource for Pre-K and K level

I have a Kindergartener and this visual set of matching cards helped me to introduce her the concept of counting, the cards sturdy for little hands and great graphics for the kids to relate.

Cece 07/13/2022

Love this

We love this fun puzzle it is definitely helping my daughter to learn math and to get better with her counting. She’s learning so much from playing with this puzzle!

Shadiamond H. 06/20/2022

Love these!

This set is great for my 3 and 4 year old who are on different levels mathematically. I love that they are self correcting, sturdy, and colorful. We use them in many different ways. Highly recommend!

Jamie R. 11/25/2021

Great for math learning!

This set of mathematic match it puzzles really engaged my toddler. I love that they are self correcting and offer him opportunities to practice 1:1 correspondence, addition and subtraction all in one set. My son genuinely enjoys when I bring these out.

DW 10/07/2020

Perfect for preschool and early elementary

My grandchildren play with these colorful, sturdy puzzles repeatedly, and they learn as they play. What's not to like?

Nayeli Garzon 10/06/2020


I ordered this for my daughter and she loves it! It is an amazing learning puzzle very easy to use and the quality is great! I would recommend this for your child. You won’t regret buying it!

Baily 10/04/2020

Love this toy

These puzzles are so cute and so fun! I have a three-year-old and a two-year-old and they both loveTo sit down and do these together such a fun way to introduce math concepts

Careena Maclin 09/21/2020

Perfect for Induction of Adding & Subtracting

I have a 5 year old who's birth date was too late for the requirement to begin Kindergarten this fall. So these mathematic cards are such a great tool in introducing math at home. She has always loved puzzles so that makes these cards fun for her. The drawings are bright, cute, and colorful and that is very attractive to her as well. These definitely have made it easier for me as I'm trying to teach her as much as I can AT HOME. After only a week she can already tell me what is 2+2, 2+1, 3+1, 3+3. I would recommend these to parents for sure!

ADBurt 09/15/2020

Great item

Great for our Kindergartner

Lee 09/10/2020

Engaging math practice

I bought the number puzzles for me kindergarten age grandchildren. About a third of the puzzles are matching a set of objects with a numeral, a third are addition problems and a third are subtraction problems. This was perfect as both children are at different levels and they could work on the puzzles together. They were attracted to them, together solved them all before wanting to stop, and it provides another opportunity, with a kinesthetic component, for math practice.

DM 09/09/2020

Perfect for 4 yr old

We live in Illinois and preschool is not mandatory here therefore I have been buying educational games for my 4 yr old daughter who hates learning. I was pleasantly surprised by how intrigued she was with the game.

Carolyn Moye 08/25/2020

Grandson loved!

Would recommend

Nicole Black 07/17/2020

Love it!

My preschoolers love puzzles and counting and putting these two activities together was a big hit. They loved the pictures and colors too. The size of the pieces is perfect for their little hands...they can easily Manipulate the pieces and match them on their own.

Elyor Siddikov 06/11/2020

Very good quality

My kids favorite puzzle they love to play it

Jennifer Brown 05/13/2020

Great puzzle

These are great. My four-year-old loves them and is always proud of himself when he finishes them all. The subtraction ones are a good bit above his grade level, so I just took those out and set them aside for when he's a little older. They are made of the cardboardy type of puzzle material, so I'm not expecting them to last long enough to become hand-me-downs.

carolyf 05/07/2020

Great for Pre-K students!

Great learning tool for Pre-K and K students to learn addition and subtraction. It's also very fun for the kids.

Rahima 03/07/2020

Great ones to improve math skills for 3.5 year old ones

Very interesting puzzle for little ones to keep busy and develop math skills

Kindle Customer 02/22/2020

Great teaching tool

I purchased this for my 14 year old son, who is non verbal with Autism. This is a great teaching tool for him. Very sturdy pieces with bright colors. This would be an excellent gift for a parent and/or teacher.

Bhanu Prasad 02/16/2020

Nice gift for small kids

I have gifted this to my friends son who just turned 5 this Friday. He loved it and at the party itself he opened it and started playing with it. It was so nice to see the kids joy and trying to do math.

P. Mosby 02/13/2020

Great Tool

Well made educational tool. My niece uses it to do her homework.

Hollie Palmer 12/31/2019

Great for small groups

I use these puzzles in my kindergarten classroom. The students love them and they are perfect as a small group station to help them with number sense.

Keyanna Henry 12/23/2019

Great for beginning to learn first steps of math

I brought this for my daughter and she loves it.

fiona 12/13/2019

Great teaching/learning tool

Saw a family member with it and saw the fun my daughter was having learning and decided to get it

sonia 11/08/2019

Lots of pieces

Fun for kids

Rubia 10/21/2019


My kids love it

Viji 08/27/2019

Great graphics, lacks quality

Not so great quality, hard for kids to piece the puzzles together as the cards are too flimsy. Poor packaging for the price you pay.When you open the box, the pieces are all just badly jumbled up, it would take a while for you to sort and group the pieces to ensure you or your child is not overwhelmed what to start with.

Iesha Caple 07/10/2019

Must have for little ones

Help my daughter a lot.

Tonya Stampley 07/06/2019

Great for any kids learning to count, add or subtract.

Great Learning Tool for kids!!!! My two year old loves this toy. Must keep them away from water... will quickly warp - lose form and covering. We learned the hard way!!

MammaB 05/04/2019

Great gift, preschooler enjoys them

Great learning cards

Victoria 04/09/2019

Great for math starters

Absolutely recommended for toddlers! Learn and play

Cindy A 01/20/2019


My 3 year old grandson loved it!

Shandra 10/17/2018

PK & K Math Skills

I use this with my grandkids as they begin to learn math skills in PK & K. They think of it as a game as they are practicing addition & subtraction.

Ana Maria LLugany 10/04/2018

Aprende jugando

Jugar y aprender, lo mejor

Carol 10/03/2018

Girls love them

Great learning for my granddaughters

CV 07/05/2018

Four Stars

Gift not given yet

Kindle Customer 06/26/2018

Good first look at addition and subtraction

My 4 year old loves this game. He is still learning the basics of addition and subtraction so we work on it together but he enjoys the colors and pictures. The puzzle pieces are sturdy and well made.

Allison Kennedy 06/15/2018

Five Stars

for my niece and nehpew

TNEB 04/23/2018

Five Stars

This is a fun tool for teaching math to kids. My little one enjoys it.

Joyce Jackson 04/03/2018

Five Stars


Kathy 04/17/2017

Five Stars

This is a fun way to teach the basics!

paul j sharp 04/14/2017

Packaging care needs work

I'm very unhappy with how it arrived. The box looks like an animal got to it. (Picture) All the pieces are there as far as I can tell.

KAH 03/16/2017

Good early math concepts

My 3.5 year old loves this game. It captured her attention immediately and she is absolutely learning math concepts.

Pearl 02/19/2017

Five Stars

great for learning

Johnny Jones 02/03/2017

Five Stars

My kids just loved it. if you want your kids to play educational games, I recommend it.

Sarita Whittington 01/27/2017

Great Learning Game

Perfect game to practice memory skill and associate numbers with the number of the items! A fun way to practice and learn math!

hclem 01/27/2017

Fun Learning Puzzle

Works good for teaching item as described! Arrived on time and packaged safely, thanx!!!

sat 01/10/2017

Five Stars

Great for my nephew to use!

DS 12/25/2016

Excellent resource

Excellent resource in the progression of developing math skill.

Virginia purchaser 12/17/2016

Four Stars

great learning tool and fun to do over and over

lawrene williams 11/09/2016

good for special need

Very educational, good for special need children

Gigi Andrews 09/07/2016

Great learning tools for parents teaching kids.

My grandson will be four in December. He already can count to 100 I think this is better then ABC mouse . Parents and grandparents teach your children the system with learning this is a great alternative for learning other than using the computer

sally a vrieze 08/04/2016

Five Stars


katie 07/28/2016

Five Stars

Sturdy durable cards. Perfect for my 4 and 6 year old.

AGC 06/17/2016

Great learning toy

Perfect to have fun and learn, my niece is 4 years old and she loved it.So your kid is happy because they are having fun and you like it because you know they are learning.

Jilly6 05/01/2016

Love this puzzle

This is a fantastic learning puzzle. My four year is starting to get the hang of subtraction and addition just from doing this puzzle. The quality is fantastic and finally a puzzle box that doesn't break almost immediately.

Shash 04/20/2016


Presented to friends kid and he loved it!!

Jamie 03/29/2016

These are perfect. They are great for kids who are just ...

These are perfect. They are great for kids who are just learning number all the way to addition and subtraction. I think we'll be getting the spelling ones next.

Hotel Sheets Direct 03/27/2016

son loves these flashcards

my son loves these flashcards!

George H. 01/28/2016

Five Stars

Keeps great grandson interested in learning.

MERT 01/22/2016



Verna 01/15/2016

Five Stars

great way to introduce counting

User 09/19/2015

Five Stars

Good one for the young kids to learn.

Gisela 09/09/2015

I love that she is having fun while learning

My niece really likes this game. I love that she is having fun while learning.

Zl 09/06/2015

Five Stars


D lovely 05/18/2015

great for math

My son loves playing with these. It's a great puzzle that he can do with help or alone. It's colorful and fun! Great for math and learning numbers

2Quik 04/14/2015

Five Stars

Nice, my kids loves this math game.

Loran Hill 03/08/2015

Four Stars

great for a 3 and 4 yr old

Lat 01/18/2015

Mostly ok

Got this for my 4 year old who has taken a real interest in addition. She liked this and was able to use figure out the addition. Subtraction will take some work and I'm not sure that visuals on this puzzle for subtraction are working for her. But I was a little disappointed that puzzle didn't have progressive math equations like 1+1 followed by 1+2 and 1+3. The equations jumped around a lot making it hard to show a progressive pattern.

Terry Martin 01/01/2015

Given as a gift. I'm sure it will serve ...

Given as a gift. I'm sure it will serve it's purpose as a learning tool.

bookwormmovielover 12/31/2014

Think this will be great for my 5 year old grandson

Think this will be great for my 5 year old grandson. It seems hard for a five year old to snap the pieces together.

José dos Santos Campos 12/28/2014

Five Stars


CARLOS CANTU JR. 12/21/2014

Three Stars

so so

mememe 08/26/2014

Not (just) for toddlers

I see a lot of reviews from people who mention their kids playing with it are 1, 2, 3 years old. I bought this toy (spelling version) when my daughter (now 5, with ADHD) was 3. She liked it, but really needed only 1-2 puzzles at a time because too many pieces all jumbled up frustrated her. By 4 she could do a lot of them but only if I sat next to her playing along (as a function of her attention span). At 5 she can do all of them all at one time jumbled up, in about 8 minutes. Even if I leave the room! It has been a great tool to help her train her attention span little by little. She loves addition so I ordered the math version also.

Yolanda 08/10/2014

Love it !!!

Bought two sets of these for my nieces. Great quality and price. Very durable. They love it !!

Fadrique Rosales 07/28/2014

Excellent quality! This is a very nice learning tool

Excellent quality! This is a very nice learning tool.

KRISTINA 07/09/2014

Love this.

Love this...My 4 year old really enjoys working with The Learning Journey Match It! She has aced counting to ten and number recognition!

Skyler 05/25/2014


My 4 year old loved putting these pieces together. The pictures and numbers allows them to start understanding numbers and visualize them. Great product, worth my money.

D. Bailey 05/04/2014

Learning made fun.

Our friends grandson loves this item. We gave it to him as one of his birthday presents and he was excited. Another friends granddaughter loves playing with her 'smart puzzles' and brings them over to let us help play with them when she visits. A very nice item that makes learning fun for kids. You can't beat it.

Lorraine 10/30/2013

The Learning journey Match it, Math

It is ideal for my 5 year old little girl who is learning to add in school. Great gift for all children.

dawnell 07/05/2013

Recommend this to anyone teaching addition and subtraction!

This is amazing. Sometimes I get impatient with repetitive teaching and this was something I left my son at the table to do while I cooked and then checked it. I listened while he said the problems out loud to make sure he was understanding it, not just to put pieces together. I liked it so much I bought one for my nephew and one for my best friends son. They also loved it, and so did the parents;) I used it for kindergarten. It would be good for 1st grade beginners and pre-K if they understand that early also. When my son gets bored sometimes, I dump these out for him to do as if it were just a regular toy. He was very proud of himself! Highly recommend it to anyone thinking of using these.

M. Kravitz 05/18/2012

Good Intro to Math

This is a pretty cool game. There are thirty pieces that match together through matching the numbers, adding and subtracting. The puzzle pieces on fit together if they found the correct answer. The only thing I would change is that I wish the pieces were a little more solid. They are made of really strudy cardboard. I'm worried that in the future, the pieces might break.

brad a barone 04/13/2012

Great for little learners

I purchased this for my 3 year old daughter. She loves it and plays for long periods of time with it. It is a great educational toy, the puzzle pieces are very sturdy with bright, colorful images. I am very pleased with this toy and so is my daughter. I plan on getting more of these puzzles as gifts to my daughter's friends.

CardsFan 01/13/2012

Fun and Educational

My 2 and half year old loves this. She has picked up on numbers very quickly and we are now trying addition and subtraction. It's a game for them, so it makes it fun.

ResearchMama 11/09/2011

2 year old LOVES it

My 2 year old got it as a gift. She loves doing it and plays with it almost everyday and in a few days had learnt the words 'plus', 'subtract' and 'equal to' - she was curious when she saw those signs: )**There 30 puzzles of which 10 puzzles are to count and match to right number (1 through 10), it is not difficult so she is not frustrated, where the images are not lined up is where it gets tricky so she is learning to keep track of where she begins to count.**a great toy that we can also use to teach her simple addition and subtraction later. It also has a few that teach the concept of zero, nice!**The images are bright, colorful and has images of things that all kids will find interesting eg butterfly, paintbrushes, birds, fishes, watches, flags.**The puzzles are made of carboard that is sturdy.**We store it in the box, makes for easy clean up that she can do herself.

yolrich 09/23/2011

Pretty elementary

My daughter had just turned 4 when I got this, so she could already do the puzzles with no problem. She played with it a couple of times and then was bored. Doesn't really allow any real progression in skills, but since it was relatively inexpensive I might buy again but for a much younger kid.

RB in Seattle 03/27/2011

Fun learning

I got the math and the word versions for my 30-month-old daughter. She knows her numbers up to 20 and all of her letters. These puzzles built on that knowledge by helping her understand the concepts of addition, subtraction, and putting letters together to make words. The puzzles won't go together if the pieces don't match, so she gets instant feedback that she needs to try another number (or letter, in the case of the word version). Great scaffolding toys.

hfttyl 12/25/2010

Grest gift for those just learning Math!

I bought this for a friend's son, who just started to learn counting and Math. It is very easy to use, and kids love it. It's a great product!

Graciele 03/31/2009

Great! I have it for years already...

I bought it when my son was about 3 to 4 y/old. Now that he is 6 ( 1st grade ), it became very easy for him, he can complete everything very fast. Overall it's a great toy for kid up to 6 y/old. I highly recommend.

Brian Elam 01/11/2007

Match It, Math Cards

This was an excellent transaction. Everything was delivered on time and complete. I use the cards to help teach my three year old son basic math and they've been very helpful. Great pictures keep the kids attention.Brian

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