Play It! Colors & Shapes Race to the Rainbow

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Ready, set, go! Race to the rainbow is a challenging and whimsical game that helps teach color and shape recognition! Simply choose your unicorn or dragon character and take turns drawing game cards. Dash your creature along the colorful path or shape that is on your card. If you are lucky enough to land on a rainbow, slide across it to get ahead. But Be careful! If you choose a rain shower card,  you have to go backwards to the last rain cloud space! The first player to reach the rainbow Castle  win! Includes 4 character cards, 42 game cards, and game board that measures 19" X 22". For two to four players. Ages 3+ years.


Ana Hernandez 10/07/2022

Fun game!

We loved playing this game as a family. I love the bright colors and the cute characters. We had a lot of fun!

CJ Keller 09/27/2022

Most Requested Game!

This is one of the most selected games in my therapy sessions. I received it from The Learning Journey years ago and it’s still a top request. Kids love to play it, whether they are learning their shapes and colors or playing it for fun as we work on other skills. Great game for teaching all kinds of skills.

Jennifer Escobar 12/29/2020

Princess/Dragon Wonder

This game was fun for us to play with our 6 yr old . She loves loves Unicorns and everything Princess being she thinks she is a princess. The pieces are Karl the and colorful such fun

Solesnir C 11/24/2020

Phenomenal Game!

This game is an amazing resource to go along with your child’s homeschool/virtual learning! My daughter started Kindergarten this year and has had to do virtual learning because of the virus. She also has retain special needs and has a hard time retaining new information. This game has been amazing for her! As she’s playing, she does not realize that she is reviewing what she has learned in school with her shapes and colors. She really enjoys the game, and I get to see how this game helps her. I recommend this board game 100%. Not only does it have unicorn play pieces, but dragon ones as well. Sure to attract everyone!

Meagan Oberaigner 09/30/2020

Fun and easy game!

I work with multiple kids in a clinic setting, and this game is great! It is easy to play, and a fun way to learn colors, shapes, turn taking, and direction following! The kids love to chase each other around the board with their unicorn and dragon pieces! The board and game pieces are good quality.

CJ Keller 08/30/2020

Fun way to learn shapes and colors!

As a speech pathologist, I love using games to engage young children. The repetitiveness of the colors and shapes cards make great reinforcers to learning these basic concepts. The kids love chosing a dragon or unicorn and moving it around the board as they match the colors and shapes from card to board.

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