Play It! 123 Treasure Hunt

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123 Treasure Hunt is an adventurous way to reinforce counting and number recognition skills while having fun with family and friends! Choose your explorer and take turns drawing game cards and solving equations. Guide your truck through the underground maze by the number of spaces shown on the card. Hitch a ride forward if you land on a chain wench - but watch out! - if you land on a mudslide you have to slide back! Be the first player to reach the treasure to win! Includes four character cards, 42 game cards, and a game board that measures 19" X 22".  For two to four players. Ages 3+ years


Michelle, Mason’s Mama 09/01/2021

New favorite game!

My kid loves this treasure hunt game! The math in this game is doable for my 4 year old and leaves room for math practice. Great family time passing as we slide down the mud really gives my kid the giggles and as parents we are loving the learning while play. Great job; seriously my new fave board game.

Ashley Dougherty 04/17/2021

A very fun learning game!

My children are in preschool and kindergarten and this game has been perfect to help teach them addition, subtraction and counting while having fun. We ended up playing this several times when we first opened it. They keep asking for another round! I love a good game that is educational. The best part is they do not realize they are learning!

Marlena Ramos 03/29/2021

Love it!

This game is great! My kids have a tough time with math but playing this game not only helped them practice but it also made learning fun!

Tiffany Ward 08/31/2020

Perfect Game for Review Addition and Subtraction Facts

This game is great and perfect for my math centers. I am a first grade teacher and I like to make learning fun for students. I look forward to using it in my classroom this year. Although we are social distancing, it’s perfect for a small group of 2 or 3 students.

Yohanna 08/11/2020

Fun way of learning

My kiddos loved how there was treasure involved with this game. the math problems are simple but enough to challenge the younger ones and challenge the older kids to learn how to encourage and lead throughout the game. This game has become a fast favorite!

Nicole Black 07/15/2020

Best math game!

First off, the treasure hunt theme was an instant hit! We played it several times in a row....My son also loved choosing his truck and moving it across the board. Mastery of math comes through repetition, and this game removes the drudgery of it by making it a game that gives a sense of accomplishment with each solved equation because it’s a step forward toward an end goal...treasure!

Kimiko 07/15/2020

Could be a fun game!

This could be a fun game once my 3 years old daughter learns how to add and subtract This could be a fun game once my 3 years old daughter learns how to add and subtract numbers but until then I use this game to teach her how to count and read numbers. I make the learning fun by moving playing pieces through the maze as she repeats counting after me. Recommend this to any kids who just started to learn counting!

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