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Match It! Opposites

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Match It! Opposites provides a colorful set of 30 puzzle cards that challenge children to identify opposites. The puzzles are illustrated with vibrant pictures depicting opposite scenarios. The cards are also self-correcting and will only fit their matching pair, a fun way to learn about opposites. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Brenda R 04/16/2022

Great way to learn opposites

This is an engaging puzzle. Great conversation starter and it brings about so many new vocabulary words. Perfect for a Pre-k classroom. <br /> <br /> Durable and very good quality!

Lindsey 11/30/2020

Great busy work

My school kids love theses !!

Taylor Wyatt 11/24/2020

Easy and Fun Way to Learn

My daughter loves these puzzles! She’s 2.5 and this is an easy manipulative for her but also challenging for her to identify what is the opposite. They are great quality and easy to stack and store. We have many different versions of these puzzles. Highly recommend.

Caitlyn E. 10/16/2020

In Preschool

My class of Preschoolers ages 3 & 4 use these to practice their opposite recognition. Bright colorful pictures are engaging. Sturdy wipe clean surfaces hold up to frequent use.

Sahrae Rivas 07/30/2020

Learning and fun all in one

We love puzzles over here! The match it opposites is such a great learning tool. Not only is my little one reinforcing her knowledge of opposites, but she's strengthens her fine motor and cognitive skills. She's so proud of herself when she matches one!

Chekm8 10/29/2019

Great toy


Rita Glaser 10/14/2019

Great puzzles - kids love them

We are using these puzzles in a Pre-K program for 3 and 4 year olds. They kids love them. They are learning to work puzzles and vocabulary too!

Erwin N. Vives-Riollano 07/08/2019

Kids will learn together

Will buy others lkke it for other disciplines.

Victoria 04/23/2019

Good quality

I used to buy this brand before and my daughter loves it , this opposite puzzle little bit disappointed me .... some samples I could not understand opposite red/green? Why?

Jamie J 02/12/2019

Highly recommend

My kids love laughing with these.

Lucyana A. 12/27/2018

Loved it

Amazing quality and very educational

dawn kennedy 10/24/2018

Great value

Great game- kids loved it!

SSP 04/11/2018

Five Stars

My toddler really likes it.

aagrg 04/04/2018

It's very nice and provides a good way of teaching opposites and

It's very nice and provides a good way of teaching opposites and indulging with child.It helped my son to learn so many opposites so easily at an early age.

Nina U 03/30/2018

Personal dislike, nothing wrong with the product itself

I am not a fan of this puzzle. Personal dislike, nothing wrong with the product itself.

Oksana 12/13/2017

Good learning game .

Great for learning . Colorful pictures!!

Michelle Perez 07/13/2017

Great puzzle!

Amazing puzzle! My son just loves this as much as I do! Great learning puzzle highly recommend !

Meranda Pilipchuk 04/05/2017

Five Stars

Very happy, thank you!


Five Stars

just as described

Anne 03/08/2017

Three Stars

Son liked it briefly. Puzzle to easy for him. Didn't hold his attention.

JennyLyn O. 01/06/2017

My grandson loves it

My grandson loves it

sarathbabu 01/03/2016

Price and value are a bit off

Got this as a present.Good : sized big and hard enough to for repeated usage. Puzzle type of cards useful for practice.Not so good : few pictures are not so clear of what is the word. No clues for kids to guess, so lot of parent attention till 3+ has mastered them.

Brian H. 02/01/2015

Five Stars

good game my 3 year old likes

T. 10/23/2014

Five Stars

As Expected.

Carol C. 08/16/2014

Gave it a top score because my 3 year old ...

Gave it a top score because my 3 year old nephew wanted it for his birthday. I really don't know anything about it except he wanted it.

Sarah W. 07/08/2014

Five Stars

Three year old had cards memorized within a day but still enjoys the game

Monica 07/01/2014

Five Stars

Love the large pieces, are great for kids to play. My daugther learned a lot

OB 01/14/2014


These puzzles are a fun way to work on basic concepts with preschoolers. They contain colorful pictures that attract the attention of students.

B. Barber 11/14/2013

Love these products!

Suggest this group of games and puzzles for all children. They are fabulous! Great for play, learning and interaction with your children. Great quality. Durable. Not cheap at all like the little games you buy at WalMart or other stores like it. Wonderful price also!

Lindsey 07/09/2013

My son loves these

He is 2 1/2 and cant yet find the exact matches himself but I help him and he puts them together without any issues. He is constantly asking to do his puzzle.

Jeanne 01/27/2013

Cute & Fun Puzzle

My daughter is only 2, so I pick out two matching pieces and tell her about them while she puts them together. They fit together, stay together, and come apart easily. They are very high quality, so they'll last until she is loud enough to learn the concepts and match them up herself.

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