Match It! Match My Ride

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Little learners love learning about things that go. Match It! Match My Ride will introduce them to a variety of modes of transportation and ask them to match it to their drivers! Match the astronaut to the space shuttle, fireman to firetruck, and more. The 30 puzzle cards are self-correcting as the right driver will match their vehicle. A fun way to learn about transportation. Recommended for ages 3-6 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Halfway Montessori 11/29/2021

Great for language development

I love this puzzle, because it caters to the child that’s thirsty for language work in a hand on way

Analisa Carrillo 11/22/2021

Great Thinking Puzzle

This puzzle has so many benefits! At first you think, "Oh just matching," but there is so much more. Children learn new vocabulary terms and really have to think about which person uses which vehicle! We love it.

CJ Keller 01/16/2021

Fantastic way to practice 'Who' and 'What' question skills!

As a pediatric therapist, I LOVE this set! Learning how to ask and answer questions is so important and this is a very fun, engaging way to introduce the skills to little ones. Highly recommend!

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