Match It! Dinosaur Bingo

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Kids LOVE dinosaurs and Match It! Dinosaur Bingo is a great way for them to learn about their favorite prehistoric friends. Simply match the real photo dino picture cards or names to the playing board. The first one to fill their card wins! Dinosaur Bingo includes four double-sided game boards, 36 dinosaur cards, and suggestions for different ways to play the game. Recommended for ages 3-6 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Tammy G 10/13/2022


My Dino lover has been loving this bingo set. So m at ways to play and learn

Crystal 06/25/2022

Definitely recommend!

I can't recommend this game enough, my kids are obsessed with dinosaurs and this had been so fun to play together as a family, so not only do they get to learn the names of dinosaurs but also a great way to spend quality time together. <br /> So so fun!

Lucy Hendricks 06/19/2022

Fun game play and learning

This fun dino bingo teaches Dino names, picture recognition and hand eye coordination. This is great for toddlers but we even include our 1.5 year old as she enjoys matching the pictures while we play bingo. This is a cute game for the whole family.

Lina Montoya 04/11/2022

Engaging game with tons of fun

I have a Dino lover and this bingo bring so much joy to our play time, we have learned a lot about dinosaurs and all while we are playing!

L. Apostol 11/21/2021

Oh What fun!

This is my son's new favorite game! So fun! We have played this with adults, big kids, littles kids and toddlers alike! Talk about a family game! airight?!

Bellarose Cobbs 01/25/2021

My little dinosaur lover loves this game!

This is a great way to teach your child the names of dinosaurs. My daughter is 4 and she had fun matching them to the board. I was impressed with how easily she retained everything she learned.

J Jackson 01/24/2021

Dino tastic

This Bingo game is perfect for all dino lovers. We love that there are multiple ways to play. From beginner to readers. The whole family can play.

Shelby Whitney 01/14/2021

Perfect for Dino Lovers

This game is perfect for your dinosaur-loving kiddo. The quality is amazing and it's fun for the whole family. I love that there are two sides to each board. One side with pictures and one side without. I love this for emerging readers.

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