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Hip! Hop! Don’t Stop! Until you reach the other side of the pond! Kids will enjoy learning the basics of coding and sequences as they navigate their frog through the color-coded lily pads to get from one dock to another. Hop To It! is an introduction to spatial awareness and directions – as you move your frog up, down, left, right, and diagonally. And if you land on a dragon fly you get a bonus turn. Be the first to hop across the pond to the dock on the other side to win. 2-4 players. Ages 3-6.


Layla Rose 12/01/2021

This game is super fun

Such a fun activity for my kids to learn the fundamentals of coding. The bright colors and engaging game kept their attention.

Taylor Wyatt 11/10/2021

So fun!

My daughters are loving this game! It requires a few different skills such as color matching and following directions. They also have to understand which way they can move. This is a great and fun way to work on these concepts with your kids! We’re loving it!

Karol 11/09/2021

Fun Game for kids

My 2 daughters have been playing and they are so excited playing, they are learning code at the same time which is a plus, love the game.

Cheyenne Pogue 10/28/2021

A great game for young minds

Teaches kids directions and coding at a young age which is great! It also is not very long of a game so kids don’t get bored easily! My girls loved it!

Ana Hernandez 04/26/2021

Great board game

This Hop to It! board game is so fun and easy for young children to understand and follow directions. My daughter was so thrilled when she won!

Tyler Moore 03/09/2021

Fun Game!

This is a great game for teaching directions and spatial awareness to kids. It is fun to figure out which way the frog needs to hop to get across the lily pads!

Ciara W 03/02/2021

Be ready to have fun!

This is such a fun game for younger kids!! I got this for my 3½ yr. Old, decided to make it a game night and he was having a blast! The bright colors make it fun, the instructions are very simple which allowed my son to get the hang of the game rather quickly and it really helped him to understand what playing a game is all about! He is now asking to play this everyday lol If you have a younger one, I recommend this as their first board game!

Cute_sisters_aa 01/23/2021

Love it

The play it !hop to it game is a great game to keep your child beautiful and colorful.

Shelby Whitney 01/14/2021

Great Game!

We just received our Hop To It Game! My daughter is 2.75 and loves it. It's like Candyland with a twist. The instructions are easy and the game doesn't last forever. It's perfect for young attention spans and learning to follow simple directions.

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