Match It! - Shape Shuffle

Match It! Shape Shuffle

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Children of all ages will find Shape Shuffle fascinating as they create puzzles and designs from geometric shapes. The game offers many ways of learning about shapes, patterns, fractions, sizes and colors. Children will strengthen their problem solving, fine motor and creativity skills as they progress through the varying levels of difficulty found on the design cards. The set includes 88 shape pieces and 34 double-sided design cards. Recommended for ages three and up. Bilingual English and Spanish packaging.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Jenny King 07/28/2020

My son really does live the activities

Great item for hinge school activities. However, not for every day use

Yohanna 07/27/2020

Fun and challenging for all ages

My 4 year old love this game. He is good with seeing patterns so this plays into his strengths. It even challenged my 11 year old and myself. I love how it ties in learning pattern, tactile learning and preps for math. Such a great game!

Amber Hardy 07/01/2020


Has many unique shapes to keep my son entertained for hours.Lots of variety

Manuel Padilla 06/08/2020


Gran producto para enseñanza de enfoque

Customer 04/08/2020


Challenging for my little ones. We liked it. Worth the purchase :)

Susan Hamilton 09/08/2019

Shape activities for kids

Great activities for kids. Lots of choices and good storage.

Meagan Moulden 08/12/2019

Fun for my 3 year old!

My son enjoys playing with these! For some reason I thought they were magnetic, but are not. It's hard for him to put them perfectly in place at 3, but he has fun trying!

Wess 06/19/2019

Difficult to stay in lines

I really wish these were made with magnets. They are so hard to hold and place within the lines even by not so tiny hands...

ASRN 02/19/2019

Puddle pieces not very durable

The puzzle/shape pieces aren’t super durable. I didn’t realize they were cardboard when ordering.

Stephanie Hannigan 01/15/2019

Good product

Very good quality for the price.

Jessica rowe 09/26/2018

Good game

My son loves this game

anonymys 11/23/2017

Five Stars

kids love these

Nikaia Merriman 05/26/2017

Good Sturdy Cards

Good sturdy cards with plenty of choices for fun with shapes.

MLSibley 03/26/2017

This is such a great activity for my 3 year old and 5 year ...

This is such a great activity for my 3 year old and 5 year old. There are different difficulty levels in the designs so they can both do it! It is also a great value for an educational game. I love ALL The Learning Journey products and so do my kiddos!

jmelee 03/13/2017

My 2. 5 yr old is really into shapes ...

My 2.5 yr old is really into shapes right now. He loves putting the shapes together to make pictures.

Sophie L. 11/01/2016

Five Stars

A nice game for the kids.

Shana, Dan 04/26/2016

Great Preschool Activity

I bought this to use in my preschool classroom. The children love it. It has so many different cards that they never get board with it!

Shadan quadri 03/15/2016

Five Stars


Jen 03/08/2016

I feel like a magnetic one would be great for fussy toddlers

My three year old enjoys this game but gets frustrated that the shapes won't stay exactly on the white card, lol. I feel like a magnetic one would be great for fussy toddlers.

Ibet Serrano 02/09/2016

Five Stars

Great for all ages.

Amy Danick 10/23/2015

I absolutely love this game with my students

As an occupational therapist. I absolutely love this game with my students. They are given the "just right challenge" continue sully with this set. Could not say one negative thing about this!

Victor Marrero 10/03/2015

Five Stars


MyKidsLoveShoes 07/27/2015

Another Great Product from The Learning Journey!

We LOVE this company and their products. My kiddos love playing with the shapes, and seeing how quickly they can build up the cards. Great product!

Almudena Tutor 07/20/2015

Good but I would like the pieces have magnets

It is a simple and fun game. With several groups of different templates.Ideal to learn geometric shapes and their combination.The only drawback I find is that the pieces move with any movement. I would like the pieceshave magnets. Then it would be perfect.

meticulous mum 06/16/2014

Good concepts

Lots of good concepts like fractions and division are covered and relations between shapes... Takes the child step by step to more complicated shapes. Only thing that I don't like is that both the sheet and the pieces are so smooth, so the pieces get disturbed easily when the work is going on... That should not stop you from buying it though.

Carm 03/10/2014

The Learning Journey Match it! Shape Shuffle

My little girl is too young yet to actually fill in the shapes properly but this will come in time. Too hard for her yet. Will have to wait until she is older.

W. Cusick 05/26/2013

Great educational toy for my 3 yr old

My 3 yr old son loves this toy and I love it b/c it teaches him spatial relations and forces him to think outside the box. I only wish this was a magnetic toy as the pieces do move around easily b/c it's cardboard which can make a 3 yr old really cranky when their almost finished puzzle gets out of alignment.

Tjgringa 06/14/2012

Hours of Fun and Learning

A family member bought this for my 3 year old son and, at first, I didn't think he would be able to play it without constant supervision. To my surprise, he plays with the puzzles for an hour and does not get bored with them. And, it is fun to play with him as well because some of the puzzles are even challenging for adults. All in all, a great toy!

K. Bryan 10/30/2009

Fun for us and the kids

This is a great puzzle/shape sorter/geometry challenge toy. There are easy cards, intermediate and then some that my hubby and I had to collaborate on to complete. The box serves as a way to teach little ones to sort by color. The pieces are sturdy and vibrantly-colored. The one thing that would make this game better, would be if the cards and pieces were magnetic so that they stay on the card better. However, some of the products I saw that are magnetic aren't nearly as cool with the number of shapes and depth of challenge for many ages.

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