Match It! - Spelling

Match It! - Spelling

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This colorful set of three-letter and four-letter puzzle cards provides children with an introduction to spelling. They can learn to spell by associating the object with the word and correctly assembling the puzzle pieces. The puzzles are self-correcting - only cards with the correct sequence will fit together. Match It! Spelling is a fun and easy way to learn this necessary skill. Recommended for ages 4+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Nicole Black 07/15/2020

Makes spelling easy

Grandma got this for my kids and it is a hit for all three: ages 2, 4 and 5. We’ve had it several years now and it holds up well with much use. The size of the pieces is perfect for little hands and the colorful pictures are engaging. My two year old will put every single one together in one sitting and say the letter names. Excellent for holding the attention of little ones and making letter learning and matching fun!

Viv 07/10/2020

So many way

So many ways to play with your child with this one! My daughter would put the pieces together, then we would say the letter, the sound, spell it all together and saw the word. I would even ask her about colors or do fun true and false questions (Ex: the cake is yellow? true or false).

Wendy 06/22/2020

Great starter for learning words and spelling.

I purchased the spelling puzzle word set to help my 2 year old start reading since he knows words and the alphabet. I was worried because he hates sitting down and reading, he's more of a hands on building tracks and putting things together, but this peaked his interest. This was the perfect way to help him learn that letters make up words. When the box arrived, some letter puzzles were already put together, some apart due to shipping. I wasn't bothered by it because it took less than 5 min to put letters together. You get 10 4-letter puzzles and 10 3-letter puzzles. Overall great buy!<br /> BOAT, KITE, CAKE, TREE, SHOE, SOCK, RING, BIRD, FROG, DUCK<br /> BUG, CAT, COW, PIG, PIE, FOX, CAR, BUS, KEY, DOG

Traci 02/10/2017

Love Love

We purchased this for my 3 year old for Christmas, and he loves it. We do it as a learning activity, and he already recognize the words in other locations. Great learn activity and fun for children that enjoy puzzles. Plan on buying more of these.

A Grandma who loves to see children learn and grow 04/23/2015

Excellent Choice to introduce children to spelling

I should have purchased more than one of this item - too bad it is presently out of stock

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