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This colorful set of 30 body parts puzzle cards provides children with an excellent introduction to basic anatomy. Each card features a picture of a body part and the word that goes with it. Simply match the body part with the word to complete the puzzle. The puzzles are self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same. Ages 4-7 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Vee 10/28/2022

Right on Time!

Dustin got some right and some wrong but he is learning and this is a great tool . We will continue to practice with this one . It not only identifies parts of the body but touches on sight words and identifying how those word look and how they are spelled . Dusty is just learning to read and this will be so beneficial!

Chaya 10/13/2022

A Toddler Must Have!!

I was looking for a fun way to teach my toddlers their body parts and came across this. It’s so effective and they caught on fast.

Shadiamond H 10/06/2022

Amazing Resource

My 3 and 5 year olds are obsessed with the human body. They are able to do this puzzle together with very little assistance. The quality is amazing and the puzzle definitely has sparked more interest in deepening their understanding. Perfect for introducing or reviewing parts of the body (internal and external).

Crystal 06/25/2022


Okay so this was for my 4 year old but my 2 year old absolutely loved this, this has helped so much. She has now begun to identify parts of her body thanks so this, the images are great for learning. She can't read yet but we sound out the cards together, I love this. Great fun way to learn & spend time together, BONUS the cards are super sturdy, and she can be quite rough, and they have held up, absolutely love this puzzle.

Monica 06/16/2022

Great educational

All about me puzzle is a great way to learn about the body and also helps motor skills!

Nathan 05/11/2022


This is great for young learners as well as they grow or advance when they start learning to spell. The image is clear and straight forward for my two year old and the words are helpful for my first grader to learn spelling.

Mandy 04/27/2022

Perfect teaching!

My 4 year old loves and begs for me to do this ywith her daily! Such a fun way to learn!

Pooja G 04/26/2022

Good for toddlers

Best learning experience with my toddler.

Hannah 04/15/2022

Great learning resource!

This is such a fun and educational activity for kids learning about the body! The images are realistic and diverse which is appreciated! Best for kiddos who have some reading skills.

Carolina 04/14/2022

The best to learn

My daughter start to learn parts of the body , and with these puzzle i can see is easier and fun.

Lina Montoya 04/12/2022

Great visual learning resource

We start learning about body parts and this puzzle is just perfect because they can also learn the world and associated it is like NLP (neuro linguistic programming) that works perfect on early ages.

Rasheda D. 04/04/2022

Perfect for little scientists

My toddler loves science & biology and this set pairs perfect with anatomy lessons. A nice variety of internal and external body parts. The self correcting part is great for learning toddlers. I wish there was a set of these gears to ages 5-10 with more internal organs and body systems.

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