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Learning to subtract becomes fun and easy with Match It! Take It Away. These colorful picture equation puzzle card sets provide children with a great introduction to subtraction and will help to expand their math skills. They will learn to subtract by counting the objects, finding the answer, and correctly assembling the puzzle pieces. All Match It! puzzle pieces are self-correcting so only the correct answer goes together! Set includes 30 puzzle sets. Ages 3-6 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Wendy Melgar 10/13/2022

Great introduction to subtraction!

My 3 year old is obsessed with numbers. These cards are a perfect introduction to subtraction. Colorful and fun images. Perfect for young kids!

Shelly 10/09/2022

Perfect for early learning

My daughter loves practicing her math with this set. She’s in kindergarten and this such a helpful game

J Jackson 05/09/2022

Great learning tool

My son is learning how to do subtraction and this puzzle is a great tool to help. We can work on the problem together and if he gets it wrong the puzzle won't fit so he will know to try again.

Michelle 04/26/2022

Favorite Math Cards

I love these cards and all Learning Journey similar cards. They are the best since you don’t have to flip for the answer instead it allows the child to use fine motor skills piecing the correct answer together. Easy to get my son to do because of this simple strategy.

Nisha 04/26/2022

Engaging game

A great way to introduce subtraction by visual learning. I like that it is self correcting, can help with independent play.

Grace J 04/01/2022

Great for visual learners

This self correcting puzzle is great for visual learners! Because it's self correcting, it can be an independent activity. A great way to practice simple math, especially for struggling learners.

Ashley 03/31/2022

Learn math the fun way!

My little one loves this matching game and is able to get a head start on basic mathematical equations.

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