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Learning will be out of this world with the Match It! Space Bingo game. This game is designed to assist young children with object and word recognition and is perfect for beginning readers. By matching the picture word cards on the playing boards, children will enjoy learning about things found in space. Space Bingo includes four double sided game boards, 36 picture word cards and suggestions for different ways to play the game. For two to four players. Ages 3-6 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
J Rod 02/17/2023

Love the images!

We were reviewing the planets and space as part of homeschooling and this bingo set was the perfect addition. I love that the images are realistic! That is such an important quality when I’m looking for learning materials. The bingo set is very durable as well and so far has lasted without any damages. I love that it comes with several ways to play the game for all learners.

Crystal 11/10/2022


This game is incredible, and such a favorite at our house. It's very educational and can be played as a family. My son has learned some planet names already thanks to this! Definitely recommend.

Emily 10/17/2022

space bingo, perfect for learning

This Bingo is absolutely perfect. We are studying space for school and the bingo is a perfect fit for learning and review. As we learn about space we have used this as a fun add on. The quality of this game is nice. The bingo cards are made from cardboard, not paper so it is a lot more durable for my kids.

Randhi Perera 06/30/2022

Amazing variation of Bingo

This is so cool. My 4 year old likes bingo type games so much. She is in love with Space Bingo. Its a cool way to learn about space and planets.

Julia Wentzel 06/21/2022

Perfect for Kids Who Love Space!

This is a great set for any child fascinated by Outer Space. I love that they used photographs instead of cartoon illustrations. And I love that there’s more than one way to play. Great for all ages!

Ashley 06/20/2022

Great Bingo Game!

I received this bingo game from TLJI for my little one and he loves it! It is a great tool to play a game while also learning about Space.

Shadiamond H. 06/20/2022

Perfect for Homeschool Fun

I currently homeschool my 3 and 4 year old. This game is the perfect addition to our space study. This will also help them build their vocabulary since there are words and images we have not covered yet. I will pair this with a documentary and/or books.<br /> <br /> Great quality !

Sarah B 05/16/2022

Speech Therapy Fun

My students really enjoy when I use this in speech. It can be used to work on compare and contrast and describing goals! For example I show my students Mercury and Uranus, we describe the colors and shape and look up how big each planet is!

Solesnir C 04/20/2022

For the little astronaut in your life

This bingo game is perfect for the little astronaut in your life. I homeschool two daughters ages 4 and 7 years old. They both have showed interest in all things space. And my girls love learning the names of things found in space with this Space Bingo game. I love that they are learning, but having fun at the same time. And as a homeschool teacher, it's very easy to add this game to our space lesson plan. Highly recommend.

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