My First Play It! Match My Fish

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Kids will make a big splash and will love learning about colors and patterns with this action-packed matching game. With the colorful fishbowl playing boards and vibrant fish cards, My First Play It! Match My Fish will have your little ones “going fishing” and mastering matching skills in no time. On your turn, select a card and see if it matches a fish in your fishbowl. The first one to fill their board wins the game! Game includes 4 game boards and 16 playing pieces. For up to four players. Ages 2-5 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Jasmin Villanueva 04/18/2022

So fun for 2 year old

Daughter had fun matching different patterns of fish to her cards. Perfect first game for toddler. Learning how to take turns and matching colors too.

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