My First Play It! Animal Match

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Kids will have fun learning about farm animals until the cows come home with My First Play It! Animal Match. With the colorful barn playing boards and animated animal cards, My First Play It! Animal Match will have your little ones “making hay” and mastering matching skills in no time. On your turn, select a card and see if it matches an animal in your Barn. The first one to fill their board wins the game! Game includes 4 game boards and 16 playing pieces. For up to four players. Ages 2-5 years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Samantha 01/28/2023

Perfect for little kids!

My daughters love this game and my 2 year old plays with it for hours. She loves to name the animals and make their sounds when she finds them!

Sarah Brown 09/25/2022

Perfect For Fall Speech Therapy

My students love using these animal match activity boards. I’ve used them to work on labeling animals, same or different, color identification and more! I’m using a farm/fall theme this week in speech therapy and this material is perfect!

Meredith Sferra 07/02/2022

Perfect for a language delayed two year old

My almost three year old has some language challenges. One of the goals is for him to learn animal noises. This is a great game for both language skills and fine motor skills. It has quickly become a staple in our house! My 6 year old can also play with his little brother which is a nice mom break moment!!

Abby Fishman, Pediatric Occupational Therapist 04/28/2022

Great Product

I am a pediatric occupational therapist and have loved utilizing this item. Firstly, this really is a great way to introduce toddlers the game of memory match. It is extremely motivating for them to participate because of the great visual. They get to actually insert their animals into the “barn.” I also like that the barn has only five pictures, which is a just right challenge for children learning to understand how to match. They can have that sense of achievement in a shorter duration.

CJ Keller 04/22/2022

Fun and Educational!

I received this from The Learning Journey and it's quickly become one of our favorite games. The concept of the game is simple enough for kids as young as two-years-old, but the older kids in our family have fun playing it as a family! You simply take turns picking cards and matching them to the animals in your barn. The first player who fills their barn wins! It's a fun game to work on basic concept skills, turn-taking skills, and matching. We even like to make the animals sounds as we play! :)

Lavanya 04/21/2022

Best game for kids

My daughter who is two loves this! This is an exciting matching game with a fun animal theme and it helps kids enjoy this game to see who can be the first to match all of their barnyard animals. The pieces are sturdy and the pictures are so adorable.<br />

Ashley 03/31/2022

Bingo for your little ones!

My son is 4 and enjoys this game to see who can be first to match all of their barnyard animals! My only issue with this product is that I think it’s not for ages over 3 as the simplicity of the product seems to be for younger age.

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