Play It! Driving Me Nuts

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Help your silly squirrel stockpile goodies from around the forest while learning to solve simple math equations. Play It! Driving Me Nuts is a fun and crazy way to reinforce counting and number recognition skills. Navigate your squirrel through the forest by solving equations and collect your stash. But don’t get a flat tire! “Oh Nuts!” you will have to go to the air pump and lose a turn! Be the first to squirrel away your prizes and return to your home base to win the game. Includes 4 character cards, 64 game cards, and a game board that measures 19” x 22” (48.26cm x 55.88cm). For two to four players. Ages 3-6 years.


Alinda 02/08/2023

Such a fun game!

Oh my! We enjoyed playing this game. It's a great game for introducing, teaching or just reinforcing basic addition and subtraction skills. These games also teaches children how to follow directions, so it's an all round wonderful resource. I highly recommend this game for every math center.

Crystal 11/10/2022

Family fun!

This game has helped us out in getting our children in math, they are starting to understand addition and subtraction little by little, we love that this can be played by 4 players. Which means we can all join in on the fun! Great quality, and lots of fun.

Cece 10/25/2022

It’s fun

This is a great fun game to play. It’s helping my daughter with simple math equations while having fun.

Ciara Burnett 10/17/2022

How fun is this game?!

My 1st graders can easily solve equations but need help following the rules of a board game, so this is the perfect addition to my Math Games station. I have taught several groups how to play, and now they are working on collaborative learning.

Tammy G 10/13/2022


This is such a fun, inviting and engaging game to work in math skills. We have been loving it

Samantha La Flamme 10/03/2022

Perfect for family game night!

We love this game and how fun it is! It's the perfect game for helping your littles learn to subtract and add along with having fun!

Tyler Moore 06/30/2022

Great math game for young kids!

As a middle school math teacher, I love finding fun math games that I can play with my 3 young daughters at home. This game requires them to solve addition or subtraction equations to find out how many spots to move on the board. They love collecting items for the squirrel, and it's a fun, playful way to work on their counting skills.

Randhi Perera 06/28/2022

The best educational board game

This is hands down the best educational board game for little kids. My daughter doesn't like to do math and gets bored easily but this game kept her occupied focused and I think she is grasping the concept of Additions and Subtraction

Vetta 06/27/2022

Oh Nuts !!!!

Me and Dustin had so much fun playing this game . A quick view of it after opening, I was immediately reminded of my childhood and games like “Candyland”. The object of this game is to collect all of the object cards and it was such a fun challenge. Dusty loved the shouting out of “Oh nuts !” when achieving a flat tire. Haha what fun . Kids of most ages will enjoy this game and having to answer addition and counting questions to move forward . Such a great way to make learning fun !

Sai 06/21/2022

Boardgame for kids

We love this board game. It has turns and twists. <br /> The child learns counting and math equations easily in play based learning method. The challenging game helps the child to follow the instructions and win the game. Collecting cards and solving equations are interesting for kids.

Michelle Brown 04/23/2022

Family Game Time

I really enjoy game time with my 5 year old allowing us to have some fun while we use some basic math skills and driving me nuts is another option now. Very colorful board, great math cards, more directions than a basic game buy that was ok for us cause our son benefits from the listening skills practice.

Solesnir C 04/20/2022

Math but Fun!

This game is the cutest! My girls think the squirrels are the coolest thing. They (ages 4 & 7) get to sit down at the table for a fun game with the family, but I'm so happy they get a lot of time to practice solving simple math equations. Win win! Highly recommend.

Sarah Hatch 04/19/2022

Fun Game!

My daughter has been wanting to do more addition activity's. This was the perfect game to help her with addition as well as subtraction. She loved it and wanted to play it again and again. I love how colorful the board is and it was a fun game to play. My daughter is 5 years old.

Ana Hernandez 04/11/2022

Cute and fun game

This made a great addition to our board games. It is really cute with its fun and bright illustrations. It is also very simple for kids to understand and follow along

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