Play It! Mathematics Lab

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Mastering simple mathematic equations will be “experimental” when playing Play It! Mathematics Lab. With the fun science lab game boards and scientific equation cards, kids will solve simple equations to earn test tubes and beakers to fill their game boards. But watch out for the poison cards! If you select one of those it will sit on your board until you select a trash can card to properly dispose of it. Be the first player to “complete your experiment” by earning enough cards to fill your board and win the game! Game includes 4 game boards and 30 playing pieces. For up to four players. Ages 3-6 years.


Andrea Graham 05/02/2022

Great intro to math facts for early learners!

Our daughter loves number games and this one was a hit! She loved when she found a match to her game board and would giggle when others drew a poison card. What a fantastic way to teach math without it feeling like a chore.

Ashley Dougherty 04/25/2022

Fun while learning!

This mathematics game is perfect for our young learners. They have fun while learning math and don’t even realize it! My kids are able to play this together and learn the skills they need for school.

Tyler Moore 04/14/2022

Fun Math Game!

This is a fun game for practicing math skills with young kids. Our 5-year-old daughter enjoyed solving the math problems to see if the answers matched what was on her board, and giggled every time someone turned over a poison card!

Grace J 04/01/2022

Learning made fun

This is a unique game that my students immediately fell in love with! They beg to play it. It was simple enough for my younger students but fun enough my more advanced students still had fun!

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