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Match It! Picture Word Bingo

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Match It! Picture Word Bingo is designed to assist children with object and word recognition, perfect for beginning readers, and to boost self-esteem when making correct matches. By matching the picture word cards on the playing boards, children will enjoy valuable learning experiences in a fun and easy way. Picture Word Bingo includes four double sided game boards, 36 picture word cards, and suggestions for different ways to play the game. For two to four players. Recommended for ages 3+ years.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Cece 02/18/2023

Great game

My daughter loves this game. She caught on quickly to how to play it and had so much fun. I like that the board is double sided so there’s multiple ways to play.

Nicole Feeney 01/24/2023

And bingo was his name-o!

This is Liam’s first game of bingo and he was so excited because he first sang the song about Bingo, and then my husband and I sat and explained the game of bingo and how it’s a little different from the song, but it was great he recognized the name! This set has 4 double sided cards - one with the pictures and the other side is just the word. We went through the pictures to make sure he was able to identify them all and then we began playing. These cards are thick and sturdy, as are the bingo cards. They are shiny/easy wipe and bright and colorful. This game is great for a group of children that are school age, 3-6 years old I feel like could definitely enjoy this game. It’s great for conversation - using the words in sentences, asking about different objects and animals, and turn taking. We really enjoy it!

CJ Keller 01/24/2023

Excellent Way to Expand Vocabulary

This game targets basic concepts in such a fun way that kids are motivated to learn and use the words on their own. We enjoy playing it with them, too. Highly recommend!

Ivaan 10/17/2022


Like the quality of the board, not easily messed by kids. Clear pictures, helps my son learn his words in a fun way. We love it!

Ana Hernandez 10/07/2022

Fun bingo game

My daughter loves playing bingo so this game was super fun for her. It's perfect for smaller kids and encourages learning.

Haley 06/28/2022

Great preschool game for family

We love board games so it’s awesome to be able to play this as a family with our preschooler

Taylor Wyatt 11/10/2021

Great Matching Activity

This game of Bingo is a blast! Not only can I call out the cards but because it has pictures my daughter can call out the names of the cards for others. I also love that the words are written on the back to make it harder and for when kids start to read. We’ve played this multiple times and my girls love it!

Erin Marie Mason 08/03/2020


Great game my son loves it

Lilibeth 06/13/2020


Great choice

Nasrin 06/04/2020

Best learning toy

The best thing I have ever bought for my son.

Raffie 05/31/2020

Very nice!!

Highly recommended!! We love itMy kids of 5 and 3

Kelli Oleksy 04/18/2020


My 3 yr old loved this!! Very thick cards and easy to use for him! It is his new favorite game!

Judy Gorr 04/16/2020


Only had 4 bingo cards ... I have 5 grandchildren

Kimberly Kay 02/22/2020

Great multiple age game

Great for multiple age groups, and will easily grow with the toddler. Makes a great game to play with toddler and preschoolers together even. The cards are very thick and sturdy. The corners are not rounded but they are not sharp either.

Ian K. 02/06/2020

Great fun & learning toy

I liked it for my kids, they see it as a game instead of learning. Lol. My son is non-verbal so we also use this to help him learn to find stuff with his communication device.

E. Franklin 01/23/2020


Great purchase for our 4 year old. He had speech therapy but every little tool helps and this is one of them. He's recognizing the words and is developing good sportsmanship.

KC 01/09/2020

Very nice product.

Just as ordered. Kids love it.

J. Ribeiro 01/03/2020

Holding up well at preschool

I'm a speech/language pathologist working with 3-5 year olds, and this game has been excellent for working with this age range. The pictures are colorful and clear and the game pieces are sturdy enough to be handled frequently (and by kids who are not the most patient, gentle, or coordinated). I love this upgrade to real photographs (I have an older version which is more cartoon-y), and the variety is great for young kids who are learning functional and applicable vocabulary.I'd love to see the same game featuring action verbs! =D

Kdj Johnny 12/22/2019

Having Fun!

Really like this. Works well in Preschool class. Pictures are very clear.

Polar Bear 12/15/2019

Great for toddlers, and bigger kids like it too.

Great game for kids of various ages to play together. Younger kids can use the front and practice matching the pictures. Older kids can use the back to practice reading. Our son and his cousins love it! Ideal for preschoolers, but kids as young as 2 can play with some help, and my eight year old niece likes it too.

Adelle 09/26/2019

Fun activity

I use this for with an eight-year-old autistic child. Sturdy pieces and easy to see.

susan halfpop 08/23/2019

Great product!


Lauren Bonner 07/20/2019

Great for Toddlers

Nice for toddlers to learn matching and pictures. Easy game for my 3 year old

South Bay Area 07/18/2019

Sharp edge is not safe for kids be careful

Edge is very sharp if cambered is perfect

LaDonna Butler 06/23/2019

Easy for toddlers

My grandkids are 4 and 2 years old. They loved playing this and it was easy for them to understand. Great learning game.

B. R. Hall 06/19/2019


Took this to the Dominican Republic to help teach Haitian children to read English. It was perfect for the younger and older ones. The pictures were big, and good, and colorful. It was simple, durable, and held their attention; and FUN. They really loved it!!

Phyllis E. 05/25/2019

Perfect gift.

Bought for greatnephew who is 4 and has a bit of a speech impediment. He loves it. Perfect. His teacher says it will help him a great deal. Great way for little folks to learn to play Bingo.

sm 04/23/2019

multiple uses vocabulary tool

I purchased this as it was recommended by a speech therapist as a great way to teach matching, sight words, follow instructions and just increase vocabulary for a toddler. The pieces and the boards are nice and strong with bright visuals and I especially love that it can grow with a student as they move from simple matching to learning words.

Elizabeth R Sanchez 04/08/2019

Fun activity for a 3 year old

My son loves playing with this game. Super fun activity for toddlers.

Frederick R.Heilman 04/06/2019

Grandkids love it


Joe Robinson 03/20/2019

Good for 2 and 4 year old

My kids (4 and 2 both enjoy this game! They both can play at the same time because there are pictures on on one side that help the 2 year old and on the other side is just the word which is a way to practice letters and reading skills with my 4 year old.

A. Bechta 03/13/2019


My 2 year old knew everything as there is very few pictures. Needs to be more to be able to play more than once.

Sicily 02/20/2019

Useful took/toy

Helping my daughter with speech/language delay. Even my other daughters like to play. It is a useful tool.

littlewing08 02/10/2019

Perfect Bingo for Young Children

My grandlittle loves playing this Bingo game. The pictures are beautiful and colorful. We are very satisfied with this purchase!

Elle Rivera 01/31/2019

Only 4 Bingo cards in package.

Only 4 bingo cards! Not enough for my students. The materials are made sturdy and well but there’s only 4 bingo cards that’s not enough for my family. Disappointed.

Stewie 01/28/2019

Good word game

My grandson is deaf. We wanted to help him learn the words to the pictures. It's a fun game he likes to match up.

Terri 01/12/2019


The quality was good, but disappointed with only having 4 cards. I planned to use it with my group of dementia residents.

Bryn lofton 12/11/2018

Fast shipping

Good quality

Deus Ex Machina 10/12/2018

Great for Kinder & 1st Grade

A great game for the youngsters in Pre-School.

K. Cofer 09/04/2018

Games with Grands

Looks to be a great learning game

Mary S Sanchez 07/20/2018

Five Stars

Very nice game

Jody Chu 05/01/2018

Five Stars


Susan Damico 04/26/2018

Two Stars

I'll stick to the original Bingo!

Saffy 03/19/2018

Great quality, good price

I use this for picture to picture matching for my toddler with special needs. Its everything I was looking for. The cards are durable and I like the real pictures.

Nat.a 09/14/2017


Seems like good quality with glossy finshed pics . many a variety of pictures of true to life objects. Decent price as well and very quick delivery:)

melissa roche 08/11/2017

Love the Game, Hate that there was a missing picture card.

I love this game as the photos are perfect for my students with autism. The transparent background is perfect for making sure they aren't distracted by any details. The game can be played in many ways. My only issue is that there was one picture card missing! The picture card of the girl was not in the box. As someone who hates to lose pieces and has students that become upset when they can't complete their board, this is a big inconvenience. If I had more time, I would exchange the game for another. Alas, I'll make due, but make sure I go through all the pieces the next time I order another The Learning Journey International games.

Gilbert81 07/25/2017


Fun indoor summer activity. Kids love it!

Flo 03/20/2017

Five Stars

My grand-daughter loves to play this!!

Doc 03/16/2017

Five Stars


valerie 01/20/2017

What a great bingo game for preschoolers

What a great bingo game for preschoolers. It is age appropriate for a few age levels, and so easy and engaging.

Terry A. Bruner 01/08/2017

Granddaughters loved playing this for Thanksgiving

Granddaughters loved playing this for Thanksgiving! We always play picture bingo and we purchased this new game this year! FUN!

Melanie 01/08/2017


Love the sturdy cardboard cards and boards. Pictures are simple and not overwhelming.

ftm624 01/06/2017

Helped my child learn to read. She is ahead ...

Helped my child learn to read. She is ahead in her class. I believe us playing this game helped.

Michelle in Mo 12/27/2016

Bingo is a good game

Fun game for young kids

Lesley Holmes 11/21/2016

I like the fact that you can use words or pictures

My granddaughter loves the Bingo game. I like the fact that you can use words or pictures.

SAM 11/15/2016


BEST Bingo ever!! has clear, child-friendly pictures that children can associate with! great for all ages, ranging from 2-8. My kids love it! would order again!

Alyssa Trejo 11/11/2016

They love naming or matching the brightly colored pictures and p

I use the bingo for speech therapy with young 3-5 year old students. They love naming or matching the brightly colored pictures and picking/calling the cards out themselves! My only complaint is that I had to buy some chips seperately. I don't really like the concept of putting the actual card itself on the board. Other than that, a total staple for anyone involved in education type activities with little ones!

Lnptrl 11/08/2016

Five Stars

Grandchildren ages 2-6 all love this game!

Renee Armstead 10/25/2016

Great for matching

My 4 year old loves this. Great for matching.

Karen Kitchen 10/23/2016

Great for learning words

My 2 1/2 year old son loves matching the pictures with the bingo boards

Kindled 10/05/2016


This is exactly what I needed for my Pre-K classroom. It familiarizes the students with common objects. Believe it or not, some students don't know many of these objects.

Meike LoRe 10/04/2016

It is made out of thicker carton and works fine. I like the vari

At 2 years my son doesn't understand Bingo yet. As of now I use it as a matching game to practise his words and motor skills by picking up the cards and placing it on the matching picture. It is made out of thicker carton and works fine. I like the variety of items and the pictures. If it is used a lot more often like daycares, preschools and kindergarten a washable surface would be great.

Grandma CJ 08/24/2016

A good time for the smallest!

Wonderful learning tool for preschooler

C Haston 08/23/2016

Five Stars

My three year old loves this game!

Jenn 05/04/2016

Five Stars


mechele 05/02/2016

Four Stars

My 6 year old loves this game!

Tom 04/29/2016

Five Stars

My son loves this!!

Made2mom 03/31/2016

Well made, bright pictures

None of my five and unders are reading more than cat, dog, fish so far. Iove that the names of these animals a written in bold, clear lettering, and the cards allow for picture identification or names. The cards are have proves far. In addition to bingo, I have my 4 yr old and 2yr old do picture match, and identify the animal before matching. I look forward to thinking up more activities as homeschooling progresses. Would definitely buy again.

Elaina 03/02/2016

Fun and good for language!

Bought this for 2 kids trying to learn English. They love it!

olun81 02/29/2016

Five Stars

My 2 year old loves it.

Jim McCain 02/28/2016

Fun for my Grandson

This was a great gift for my grandson. It was a good learning tool for him and he enjoys the game.

Kyle 01/29/2016

Five Stars

my two year old loves this!

Diane Malley 01/25/2016

Grand daughters absolutely love playing this Bingo - even the tw

Grand daughters absolutely love playing this Bingo - even the two year old caught on immediately how to play! BINGO!

Kenz 01/10/2016

Great for preschoolers

My 4 year old loves this game!! Great for learning. We have used it to help teach him simple words in Spanish as well.

wsukellie 01/05/2016

Great Bingo game!!

My kids love this game. I bought it for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas but her 7 year old brother likes to play too. Every card has different pictures and each picture only appears once. Very easy to play and lots of fun.

LindaB 11/22/2015

Kids loved it!

Bought this for the little ones for a family reunion. Only 4 could play at a time. That was the only drawback. But they took turns and loved it. The older kids wanted part of the action so started helping the littlest ones. I gave it to one of the kids after the reunion. Now I wish I had it back for thanksgiving. I'm going to buy another one!

geegee623 10/11/2015

Not what expected, nothing really special or unique about Pictur

I must have misread description, thought it had enough playing cards for say a group of 8. Only has 4 playing cards, and since I also thought it was like bingo in the true sense, had the kids use popcorn as place markers when the item on their card was called or viewed for our non readers (party was for a 5 year old). Haven't had it long enough to say if it serves a purpose of further enforcement of site words for pre-readers, will update as more evidence comes up. All-in-all, could live with it or without, no real conviction either way.

sailingchef 10/03/2015

Highly recommend these games....

Well made, fun game perfect for grandkids. My 4 and 6 yo granddaughters love Farm Bingo so I bought this for them too. Heavy cardboard pieces with bright colors and words. The box has a handle which makes it easy to transport in the car, etc.

Kris 09/23/2015

Five Stars

Excited every time we play it

S Kahegas 09/02/2015

The quality of the bingo cards and the small playing cards with

My 2 1/2 year old nephew loves this game we play it every day. The quality of the bingo cards and the small playing cards with the picture on one side and the word on the other is great, they are made of heavy card board and have not bent as yet. My 6year old niece came over and we all played. She played using the words side and he played using the pictures. Nice game that can be played with different ages at the same time.

Harrison275 08/18/2015

Five Stars

excellent game for 2-5 year olds. They can even play it together.

Monideepa Dey 08/11/2015

Four Stars

Very good

Nancy Santos 06/26/2015

Great Game for Grand Parents and Grand Children

I purchased this game for my granddaughter, and she loves it. It's a Great game for Grandparents to play with their grandchildren. It's a Great way for kids to start learning how to recognize animals as well as how to play with family members.

E Wilson 06/18/2015

Five Stars

Great game for my 31 month old who likes to math everything.

Teena 05/18/2015

I wish

it had more bingo cards. But it's nice overall

Jessica Blanton 04/18/2015

Five Stars

Very good game.

Nani 03/06/2015

Five Stars

Use it in the classroom a lot.

JSW 01/23/2015

Not traditional Bingo but a fun game for a 3-4 year old

My 3 1/2 year old has fun with this game but I wouldn't call it "Bingo". It can't possibly be played like Bingo and that was what she wanted this for, based off a preschool Bingo game - however this isn't it. It's cute, fun for toddlers, and probably helps alot with words but it's nothing like a traditional Bingo game using images (instead of numbers). But we'll keep it since she enjoys it and that's what matters.

Karen S. Lynch 12/29/2014

... played it with the grandchildren and had a really good time.

We played it with the grandchildren and had a really good time. Easy to play, was shipped quickly and looked just like the picture on Amazon advertised. Pleased with my purchase

barbara 12/27/2014

5-year-old grandson LOVED this!

My 5-year-old grandson loved his Bingo set. Would highly recommend this game.

Jennifer 12/23/2014

Five Stars

great for my 4 yr old

Jacky h 12/20/2014

... five year old play this together had so much fun.

3year old and five year old play this together had so much fun.

Pratima Patel 12/14/2014

wish it came with more boards then 4 but for what's there is wil

Really we'll made, wish it came with more boards then 4 but for what's there is will last as made out of super thick cardboard. Tends towards being made for girls then boys.

Fran 11/14/2014

Nice learning game

This will be a Christmas gift for a 5 year old and a 20 month old. Looks like it will be great

Mr.Williams 09/22/2014

a great way to learn a variety of words

a great way to learn a variety of words. all you need is a compartment to hold the cards so they don't get lost.

Lizzy 09/18/2014

Five Stars


Emma 05/22/2014

Love this!

Great quality and good range of pictures/words. We bought it 4-5 months ago and have had so much use form it (4 year old & 2 year old). Play with it weekly and it's wearing well.

Amy Newman 05/02/2014

Great Game!!!

I love to play this game with my 3.5 year old. Fun for a rainy day or any play time in the house. The material is very durable for many ages. I would recommend this to my friends!!

AntoninaBecker 04/12/2014

My 3 & 4 yo love it. Perfect friday family night

My Wondertwins love it. Age 4&3. perfect for Friday family game night. Simple instructions and pictures are beautiful. Kids learned word associations

Kenny Bolser 04/08/2014

A peasant for my son's birthday

This is a peasant for my son's three year old birthday. He is enjoying it a lot! He is also having a lot of fun playing with all the toys I got him.

J. Macachor 04/02/2014


It is a fun game to play with my 3.75 yo son and his friends. We only played a modified bingo so far but they really love it. There are only four cards, but that hasn't been a problem for us yet. Seems like it will be a nice adjunct to developing his reading.

Theresa Huggins 03/19/2014

Great for Vocabulary!

This picture bingo game is excellent! The children can find their match by looking for the same picture. Great for 2 and 3 year olds and it also helps to build their vocabulary by asking them to locate the same picture. They learn new words with this game and things around them.

4fam 03/12/2014


I love this Bingo game! The cards are well made and have colorful pictures. I love how there are pictures on one side and words on the other. I bought some colorful mini poker chips from Amazon which the kids love playing Bingo with. Lots of fun!

OnlineShopper 02/27/2014

Love it!

Suitable for ages 2 to 3+..While 2 yr old catch match pictures to picture, 3 yr old can match word to picture or words to words.

Cliente Kindle 02/11/2014

I love it

I bought this game for my baby boy he doesn't speak English and he is 3 years old we are from Venezuela and it's perfect playing he its learn new words every time and he start like the new language

Oluf Kongshaug 01/27/2014

It's what we were looking for!

However, it was too few cards and chips. Had expected it to be for all my 7 grand kids and it was too brief.

Jessica 01/22/2014

Even dad will play this game with us :)

Nice sturdy pieces and boards. Big, colorful pictures and easy to read words. My 3 year old LOVES this game.

cely809 01/03/2014

very good quality

my daughter is 2 years old and she loves this game, its double sided for more of a challenge for when they grow.

traveler/bakery chef 12/25/2013

Kids loved

Bought this for a 2 and 3year older , they enjoyed learning and playing with this. Helped them to learn by pictures

Megan Brown 12/17/2013


I have 2 toddlers ad they absolutely love being able to play Bingo. This is perfect for them as it gives them a few cards to pick from and they know the pictures and can learn the matching aspect of picture to their card.

DS 10/25/2013


Very good product for a toddler! My son is 3 and love it -- is a good activity to do as a family

R. Sahr 08/23/2013

Fun for my 4 year old

The game is durable and well designed. We bring this game with us camping and on trips. My 4 and 6 yr olds love it.

L Sach 08/15/2013

For all ages

Grand-children ages 3-12 played at the same time and loved it! The younger children play using the pictures and the older children flip it over and use the words. Great for spelling.

Cristelle Fox 05/31/2013

Fun learning game

Fun learning game with different levels available for play - pictures, words and pictures or just words. Fun for ages 3+

Anne F. 04/17/2013

Fun and educational

Got this for my 2 year old granddaughter - she loves, loves to play it. Easy enough for her to play on her own. She gets so excited when anyone get to cover a picture! The game is short enough to keep her attention thru several rounds. Recommend to anyone who loves to play games.

Diet With Us 02/03/2013

Great quality!

I used this for teaching ASL to my granddaughter. The pictures are bright and clear and the cards are very sturdy.

A. Rhodes 03/08/2012

Great first game!

My 3 year old can't get enough! We've played it every night since Christmas. Great fun, fairly educational (word association, early reading) and doesn't last too long.

ClevelandMom 01/13/2012

Great Beginner Bingo

I bought this game for my 2 1/2 year-old daughter. It is a great first game for a toddler. The game can be played using pictures or words-one side of the smaller game cards has pictures, the other side has the word. This will allow the game to grow with her and will be a fun way to begin introducing sight words. She is also learning to take turns, an important skill to have once she begins preschool. It comes with four different game cards with completely different pictures/words so there is also variety. The materials are thick cardboard so it's durable, as is the box it comes in. My toddler is very busy and easily distracted (aren't they all), but she loves to play this game over and over. Overall great game!

Ann 02/12/2011

Picture Bingo

Played this with a large group of children and it was great success - sturdy and with good pictures. They enjoyed it.

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