Play It! Game Space Crusade

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Help your little astronaut win their first space race with the Play It! Space Crusade game. Work your spaceship through the galaxy by solving equations. But watch out for the black holes! They can move you ahead or take you back in time! Learn fun facts about the solar system as you visit planets and stars. Be the first astronaut to reach the satellite to win!  Suitable for 2-4 players, ages 3-6 years. 


TammyG 07/13/2023

Fun learning

A great interactive game or space lovers. Fun way to practice math facts and learn about space

Rebecca Newberry 06/20/2023

Perfect for any space fan!

If you have a space fan, then this is for you!!<br /> This fun space game teaches space facts while learning math.<br /> You work your spaceship through the galaxy on the board, while solving math questions along the way.<br /> My 5yo wants to play it every day after dinner. He is hooked, It’s such a fun concept. <br /> We love it!<br /> There are other themes in this series to pick from too.

Saira 06/17/2023

Space board game

My kiddo loves board games. He loved playing and exploring the space-related cards. He found Space aliens funny when they jump. The clue cards helped a lot with counting. Picking the cards and reading helps the child to improve their reading skills.

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