Match It! - Who Am I?

Match It! - Who Am I?

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This set of three-piece puzzle pairs features familiar characters and professionals. Children will learn to recognize many different people, such as a police officer, ballerina, and wizard. The colorful puzzle sets are self-correcting - only cards that belong together will fit together. Recommended for ages three and up.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years
Jina Naude 08/27/2020

used in speech and occupational therapy

My coworkers and I use this puzzle in both speech and occupational therapy. On the speech side, I use this product for both receptive (understanding) and expressive (producing) language tasks. The occupational therapists use this for motor coordination, visual discrimination, and more.

Ashourina 08/15/2020

Love these puzzles!

I have been using The Learning Journey's puzzles for years in my classroom. I now have a toddler and she absolutely loves this one! This puzzle allows us to talk about the different jobs people can have and she loves the different clothes they are wearing. I love that the puzzle is self-correcting. She can independently work on this puzzle and figure out which pieces go together. I definitely would recommend this!

Shelby Whitney 08/09/2020

Great for diversity and development!

I love this puzzle game! It is inclusive of all races & the careers/people dressed up are non-gender specific. I believe this to be crucial to teaching acceptance. The puzzle pieces are durable for any toddler and small messy hands. They are self-correcting which makes it less frustrating for little ones. The added bonus it’s reasonable price!

Sara Phillips 07/31/2020

Cutest puzzles ever! Tons of fun and learning with these!

I am a pediatric occupational therapist, babysitter and teacher and I absolutely adore these puzzles! I have used them for all 3 jobs. The kid’s love them and we can use them over and over again for fun and educational purposes. They are sturdy and hold up to many uses over and over again!

Diana Spoor 07/27/2020

Love Love Love

I teach K-Prep and my children absolutely LOVE this game! It falls into so many different elements of our curriculum, and the children never want to put it away! They are so proud when they are able to complete all the people!

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